Thursday, April 28, 2011

The equation of my college life and its Parameters...........

As my college comes nears towards its end. My affection toward college has increased but toward classes has decreased. I do not know how to explain it but just you can say classes are sound like hangover time.

It is just that when your first semester starts you see classes as a time to learn and to be comfortable in new world. You always see this is your chance and you should make best use of it. Teachers seem to be your friend and you try to hear each and every word said by them. You go library in search of the entire new book related to you subject to gain advantage over other student. You always ask the difficult question in the class, even if it not directly or indirectly related to your subject. You don’t bunk the class or even try to do it.

The first semester of any MBA college seems to be so scoolish, but that’s what it is all about. After the first battle, then comes the second semester.

This is always different from first semester. You attendance dips a bit. The last bench is booked by few good fellows of class (like I used to have one for myself). Even though you know the answer, you are not first to raise your hand. Visit to library decreases like temperature in winter but it is replaced by canteen visits. Your assignments are either copied or submitted late. You even stop making subject wise note. New funda is to just get a photo copy of your friend notes.
In second semester you are more interested in which of you senior is placed where instead of focusing on your own summer internship. You are more worried about your job prospects even if it is one year away.

How could I forget, the new bonding in class. Some love birds are found and some jolly good friends. Friendship has an all new meaning in life. Living 24/7 is just becomes part of your life. Late night parties, some drinking and dancing all seems so good. Expenses surpass your bank balance. Phone bill rises to a new level and yet you think you talk so little in ratio of others.

Hey, still I am missing so many things. I think this will continue to come in. after all I can now only remember my college days like this.

Finally I want to just dedicate this note to all the student and faculty member of MBA in IEC. But the person who told me to write about college life and incident, I want to especially thank him. One of my friend DEEPAK.

A sher in my style
Likhne ke ek tum h ustaad nahi ho “SAIFI”,
Kahte hai issi zamane ek “DEEPAK” bhi hai……