Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me in my memories

First of all this Saturday was the best day of my life. Till morning I was quite happy with all of my best achievement in my life but what gives me more pleasure was the news about our blog. It was around night when my friend and culprit in writing and updating the blog send me that our blog is taken noted by Google and there are some topic which are searched and our blog s on first page. Now that is what we call Awesome.

Today I want to share one of my past life experience when I was student in class. At that time I was thin and small boy who have lot of insecurities and lots of fear inside his mind. One of my friend who used to be lot fitter and little bit healthy than me, He suggested me to do exercise in morning time. My school was a private school in my village but still it was nice school (Don’t go by name of Village school). I was more so thinking about his suggestion about doing morning exercise and one day I decided that I will go for morning walk and will do little bit exercise with little bit of running, jumping and some stand up and down.

That whole night I could not sleep properly, whole time I was asking my Pita ji
“Pita Ji what is the time?” and he said “So jaa abhi to bahut raat hai”. And yet I could not sleep at that time, all I was thinking about was my morning exercise. I wake up early in the morning around 4 am. As my family member don’t knew about my this plan so I have to do some makeup for it, I made clone of myself by putting cloths of me and walked out of home slowely-2. It was bright sliver night; Half moon was bright and night was towards its end. I could hear the voice on my every step as there was pin drop silence in the street. I was so happy that finally it is my first day of exercise but deep in my heart there was a fear of darkness and the animal that can make run faster than bullet.

Yes I was afraid of “DOG”, but I said to my heart they will not hurt you. They were barking but still I made a good face to think that they might be barking on something else. As I started walking towards the field the dog started following me and barking more and more. They were just behind me; I decide to run otherwise it will be my first and last outing at this time. I ran and all the dogs were behind me, I thought I out run even sprinter that day but still dogs were following me. As the dogs were coming near I decided to jump the Big dig that was there in field to save and I think that was my last option. Either I will cross that and will be safe or I will be in it broke one two bone but still then also I will be safe from dogs.

I jumped the dig and thank to god the dog stopped, finally the stopped and go away. My heart was still beating like a bullet train and I could hear each and every beat of it. This was my first lesson while seeking for health I learnt about life. It is good to have health but life is all that matters. Today I am happy to be thin boy but I learned it is all about living. Even great Darvin said “In this world only fittest survive, no matter you are thin or fat, powerfull or weak. Only the best wins in the end”.
For whom we fear these things come first in life.

By Deepak “Rousa”

Sunday, January 29, 2012


In the History of mankind, whenever man has opened the shutters of his mind, healthy new ideas have breezed in. And he has vigorously steeped out of his narrow confines to discover continents and oceans, planets and galaxies.

But whenever man has shut out new ideas and gone into hibernation in the safety of old, rigid norms and human civilization has been shrouded by the gloom of dark ages. Now shake yourself out of your slumber. Step out of the den of stagnant thoughts, into the open field of bold new ideas. Soar high on the strength of an exploring mind to reach unknown heights of achievement & success.


Prerna Singh

Mentor- II Yr

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Few people to thanks for this blog

As one post of my blog came on the first page of the Google search, I think it time to say proper thanks speech for making this blog readable.

So for this research i opened Google:
typed: Are sips in mutual funds beneficial in short term
And my blog was on first page of Google and i could not believed it. So i did same with Private session with same result and just took the screen shot so i could have the proof with me.

See yourself to believed me.:)

1. Deepak Rousa these days he writes in this blog more than me and more better than me. He made this blog more interesting with his Hindi poems and more so with his emotional note. We all loved your note. So please keep writing more regularly because we love it.I also forgot about this blog until one day I had a chat with him and he encouraged me to write again about our college life. This was why I started our series of college life note.

2. Raj Tripathi I know he don't write these day but he was the catalyst behind and Mastermind behind this blog and how it should work. though lately his is limited to reading only but i know with our his support in starting days i would not have been able to create this blog. We were disappointed when our blog didn't got the response as we would have thought to but still we change it so many times to survive. Now I know why my blog is there and what I am doing with it and all with help of this fellow.

3. Prerna Singh ma'am for believing in our idea and writing first post for our blog. I know as a mentor she have been supporting as but to believe in our this concept was the thing i can't forget. No body knew what we are doing but still she believed us, helped us and more so encouraged us do these type of things. I can only hope one day these type of activity will take over the books in IEC. 

few other without whom this blog would have died years ago...

Nisheeth Khare for just being there and reading blog and making some valuable comments ,
Kshama Goel for her critical thoughts and ideas though me and raj never followed them but still idea is all we care for,
Jayant Singh for just being subject of my many articles about his life and his style ( u r truly rockstar material) but he loves me for being that after all i received party after writing each article on him.
Most impotantly to my sweet sister Nazia Shahid, who has been real inspiration to me. I don't know why she believe on me that I can do anything, We fight, we hate each other likes but still when we need each other she is there for me. thanks sis..:D

Hope our blog can make more journey like this. But you realize with each part that there are no dreams that are too big and each and small things make and path or success.
Meanwhile till next time this is saifi saying good bye to all of you.

chaand taare bol padate hai......

I picked these sher from on of my all time Favorite Shayar...

Have a look at his sense of writing...

sadaa detii hai Khushbuu chaand taare bol padate hai.n
nazar jaisii nazar ho to nazaare bol padate hain

tumhaari hii nigaahon ne kahaa hai ham se ye aksar
tumhaare jism par to rang saare bol padate hain

mahak jaate hain gul jaise sabaa ke chuum lene se
agar laharen muKhaatib hon kinaare bol padate hain

zabaan se baat karane mein jahaan rusvaa_ii hotii hai
vahaan Khaamosh aankhon ke ishaare bol padate hain

chhupaanaa chaahate hai.n un se dil ka haal ham lekin
hamaare aansuon main gam hamaare bol padate hain

terii paabandiyon se ruk nahin sakatiin ye fariyaaden
agar ham chup rahen to zakhm saare bol padate hain

Orginal sher of:  Manzar Bhopali

Friday, January 20, 2012


Today I really want to thank someone whom I will always respect, remember and I do not have enough word to explain about my thought.

Not many of you will be able to guess the name. So, let me tell you I want to say special thanks from my side and from whole class and MBA department side to our one and only MENTOR PRERNA MA’AM….

In first year I didn’t had any direct interaction with ma’am. I just had known her as a one of the many faculties in my department. Our first interaction happened in second semester when she taught us subject named POM, as we famously called it. At that point we just started to interact with ma’am as a student.

POM was one of the most boring subject in MBA 2nd semester but still due to ma’am teaching way we were always attentive in class but not so in the subject. One thing I want to mention that there are teachers who always ask the question from few set of student but PRERNA ma’am used to still ask questions to the entire student in the class even if she knows that they will not answer it.

SCM and entrepreneurship subject provided me time to always get late in class in 2nd year. Ma’am also provided us the NOTES of the topics. But I don’t want to revel the attendance part just because its TOP SECRET.

Till this period she was only one of many faculties but you can always see why ma’am is different from others. In third semester she became mentor of our class. To be frank till that point I was not sure of mentor role and its need. But in the first interaction class only ma’am made sure she conveys her message to us about being mentor role and what she expects from us in future.

I never believed in the thought that you need good teachers in the MBA in my opinion far from teacher you need more of a motivator and mentor in the MBA who can guide you rather than putting more focus on teaching. I have seen both type of mentor in my MBA life. In first year I never had a single interaction with my mentor at that time but in the second year I had a mentor whom we used to interact daily and tell our though and problems daily related to college, life and profession.   I never believed in the thought that you need good teachers in the MBA in my opinion far from teacher you need more of a motivator and mentor in the MBA who can guide you rather than putting more focus on teaching. I have seen both type of mentor in my MBA life. In first year I never had a single interaction with my mentor at that time but in the second year I had a mentor whom we used to interact daily and tell our though and problems daily related to college, life and profession. 

She always encouraged us to do thing which we thought we will never be able to do. Either it be to participate in debate, quiz contest and helping us matter of studies. As a mentor she has always helped us. Ma’am took personal interest in our MBA BLOG concept and believed in it. She was first to give me her post on the blog which is still on my blog. Though it was not successful for which i wanted but it was good experience. I am still continuing blog with diff. name with help of my friend Deepak. Maybe one day more people will turn out to write and express. I cannot say about other but for me she proved to be the best mentor I had ever after school days. Ma’am pushed me to take part in national summer training competition when even I was not sure about it. I gone to the competition  and won the prize. I still fell it was the better achievement in college life. Now i realize it is not about pushing you to perform better but as a mentor she knows that we can do it even if we doubt ourselves.

I tell you it’s hard to say the entire good thing about GURUS but still I believe a good mentor can be a best thing a student can get. PRERNA MA’AM may not be the teacher in eyes of many students but I will always say she is the one of the finest teacher and mentor in MBA department. In our time at IEC we lost few good faculties but at least ma’am remained.

 I can only say these lines in end of my note……..

Note: I written this note some what a year back but i not on my blog. It was time to make this a Grand entry in my blog. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

In my memories (PART 2): First day in IEC

As I have been thinking about where to start my part, I realized it should be from the first day of the college. So let my memories take over this blank page and present you few fading memories from my mind.

When first time I went to my college i.e. IEC in Greater Noida, I could only admire the city, Infrastructure and all the facilities available in the city. It was most organized city you can see in the modern India in term of Infrastructure. As I reached near the college there was buzz near the college, thousands of student where in front of the college gate shouting and demanding lots of things. I asked someone what is happening, he replied, “The student are on strike can’t you see, Idot”. I didn’t know how to reply to that person so I kept my mouth shut.

Somehow after college administration promises and few of student leader fast paced work make sure strike is off for the day and I entered in the college for the first time. It was the only time when I entered from the front gate because after strike that gate was abandoned.  I was not able to figure it out my department in the college so I asked one two person and luckily they told me right direction to reach my department. Here I was just landing in the department that I seeing to fulfill my dreams and hundreds of others as well.
As I entered the class there was pin drop silence and I think this was first and last time. In course of next two year I never heard a silence in our class that was the beauty of our batch. They all loved to shout and I never understood why?

As I have been always simple looking I think it confused all those stylish guys in my class. I was not very expressive in the class either. In our class there were two more simple looking guys and they become my good friend. One was Sumit and other was Ankur Chaudhary. As far as ankur is concerned there was his one desi dialog which I miss most and I can never forget, “Iski athani khoo gayi hai”. But there was one more person who caught my imagination in the first day. He gave a super bore lecture about himself, MBA and about his future plan. He name is Mr. Haider (Syad) and after this day no one in our class gave him chance to speak. Either they clapped when he started to speak or they never gave him chance to reach on podium to speak. I still remember most of the first day event and that was some day in my life with so much of happening.

There was a discussion in whole of our department about Mr. Lakhagvadorj Sangidorj. Everyone from student to teacher was discussing about his English speaking. He has his device where he sees general word meaning so he can understand the meaning of the words. In our class one teacher said to me, “I can see you are quite, do you want to say something?”. I went up there and said about this guy what I felt at that time was right. For the first time whole class was clapping for me. It was nice to remember those clapping sound in my ears. Then there was one more thing I can recollect, Mr. Ashish or a boy with specs as teacher said to him when he spoke to him. Ashish in own style I would be more happy if you say sit down sir and whole class was filled with laughing sound.

That was the day to remember after all it was my first day to remember.

By : Deepak " Rousa"

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Emotions and Love….

As I have talking to my sister yesterday and I realized how things have changed in past few years. I just forgot his wedding anniversary date. I realize it and just wished her and just asked few question from myself after sitting in my room. Where are all those little happiness and emotions have gone these day in all the relations as I see my sister complaining me for forgetting his anniversary.

As I started analyzing the last one year of mine and people around me, I didn’t find the answer or I was just looking for more question rather than answer. Funnily enough I have in this situation before. Well being youngest child in any family always helps. You are exempted form lots of responsibility and even your mistakes are not taken as seriously as it should have been. So I led me to a situation where take lot of things granted and think it will happen automatically. I forget lots of friend’s birthday, anniversary and party timing. But the best part is that they never complain and I never explain.

If you ask me, love is most difficult part in any emotion or relation either with friends, family or with anyone else, and it does play havoc with ego, emotions. But, to truly be happy, one must be able to love someone taking away the good, bad and ugly from than person. And that requires that I am able to do some good amount of thinking, re-assess what decisions I took and how differently I could have done things. They might be the smallest of small things, but if it has affected me, and warranted a look over it in these times, then it sure is important.

Understanding people around is again something which requires time for me. I have noticed that many a times, I end up assuming what the other person would have wanted to me understand rather than just understand what they said. And if they do not say anything, I have learnt to ask. I think this is one of the most important things which I need to instill in myself. It is a tedious process, I have begun the same, but I know analyzing my thinking and actions are the only way to go about it

life sometime shows diff. color....

Friday, January 6, 2012


When I first started to write, the most difficult part was deciding about the title or say headline of my article. I hope I got that right once again.

This is again a series where I want to talk about my friends who have been part of my life in past 2 years and I hope it may last till my last day of life. It’s always hard because last time somebody complained to me you always say good words about your friends. I think they are right; I am biased towards my friends and who would not.

Now let cut the crap and enter in little world of JAYANT SINGH.

Jayant and I first met on first day of my hostel when I entered into this new world. I never ever and even he would not have thought we would become such a great buddies. We are almost of same age group with lots of things in common. We both are single boy in house and in jayant case add single child, both are pampered by our respective NANI and are more close to our mother then father.

There are few things about which make him so different from others. his laughing sound is so high that he can even beat archana puran singh in that respect, he can crack jokes at will, he is a macho man but BP in higher side (sorry to disclose it), he is a poet, dancer, actor, singer, painter on walls (particularly where he sleeps) and an upcoming DJ (this I have added from my side).

 Let’s go back to our time in hostel where we have shared so many good things. When jayant was in first semester he was one of the most studious students of our class. I still remember he used to study in midnights for the sessional exams. He used to make subject wise notes and used to study daily. Now the difference is he uses to start his course on midnight rather than finish it on midnight. He is more comfortable with enjoying life rather than reading course book.

I have been beneficiary of studious jayant on most of time. When our end term exam started in first semester he used to daily come in my room and used to ask the important topic for the exam. My reply used to be simple, “it is peak hours and charges will be there”.  I have eaten lots of Maggie and nisheeth bhai have been beneficiary of many cup of tea in midnight canteen meeting. Guess what, my prediction used to always somehow use to go opposite. If I say papers will theory, it was full of practical question. So in second semester jayant prefer not to ask from me.

One of the hidden talent he had was he used to participate in RADIO FM Contests and most of time he used to win. He won so many prizes in front of me. He used to remember every contest time in every radio channel. Whenever jayant comes in my room with smile in his face and ask for to switch on radio in the phone you can easily guess he has won something.

In between I just want to mention my favorite line which jayant used to say always. Jayant used to say, “AVOID UNNECESSAY RISK”. I have never agreed to that part but I do admit that sometime it helps. Like in crossing road and reaching on time to any place. Jayant rocks you know.

It’s hard for me to stop writing about you. I know you say you are not so emotional person; personally I do not buy that concept. You are emotional but you choose not to show many people who are you and sometime people don’t understand also. I still remember your words that in your whole life only two people have been able to know you properly. One is myself and second let’s keeps that secret with us only.

I personally want to say something to you that never think that I am not with you just because I am not with you every movement or say I am not treating you as I used to be. Just be assured situation may change in our life, time may change but I will always keep our friendship away from it. It cannot be changed just because I am not with you. It will grow just because I will never let you forget me.

So jayant enjoy the little space of your own and keep waiting for my next part. You know I have lots secret to tell about you. Till then keep commenting.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life & etc………..

For me last few days have been most disorganized days in my life. I don’t know how to describe this part but in the reality it is simple to put your thought in words. I was thinking, it has been almost first six month in job what I have done, how much I have learned and where I want to go in my life?

These are the some question which usually plays the hockey match in mind. I am not able to decide which side I am in the life. There is one side which is happy go lucky attitude I have been carrying my whole life from my birth till day. It does not mean I am not serious about life and profession but it just that I don’t want to be a person who live his life only for earn money and realize how I have missed small things in life. But there is other way of this coin also, if you have achieved something in life or want to achieve to become successful, you have to become some sort of serious person regarding your personal and professional life. You can never assume because you do all you work people will notice your work, that’s not the case these days.

There are days when I find more motivation to work hard but there are also days when I want to run away from this hard and fast city. The balance which I have been able to maintain to get the best out of me is just seemed to be missing for a movement. Even this whole blog was just because I was not able to figure it out what I will write about.

“Kuch alfaz khoye hai maine kahi bolne me,

Kuch soch meri ruk si kahi gayi hai kisi baat pe,
Koi baat bhi thi thodi si uljhi meri dimag me,
Kuch mere dil bhi tha kisi jajbaat me,
Kuch to baat hai iss mausam me,
Main bhi samajh nahi pa raha ho mere khayalat ko”

Just trying hard to maintain the balance about love, life and etc…..

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost Somewhere Something.......

I woke up one day to realize that I had had no “me” space in a long long time. I had completely lost touch with so many things that I enjoyed doing. Like this blog for instance, was lying in a corner with absolutely no attention from me. I hadn’t clicked a picture in a very long time. I even had no clue when the last time I had a full blast of love, life and laughter with my friends and more so with my family. Even i was surprised to here with my roommates what happened in the room in my presence and even i didn't notice. It made me very sad. I wanted to do something about it. This putting up a post was an effort to reclaim something of what I felt I had lost. The few posts that I will put up it just to make me feel nice. But then again when I was beginning to feel like I could finally write something again and make some sense of it, I lost the flow.

I tried to do too much at the same time. I was trying to regain my virtual life when my personal life and professional life itself overlapping each other so many time a day. Last couple of weeks has been very demanding both physically and emotionally. I have woken up almost every day wishing I could go back to sleep for another few hours when I know I have to drag my feet and get going. Weekends haven’t exactly been very rejuvenating either. I have been staring at my laptop screen so much that I even stopped lurking on Facebook over weekends. With what little enthusiasm I have left during weeknights and weekends, I have hung out with the friends and tried cooking ( It is lie) and more so some good thing to eat something tad more interesting than my daily day routine.

I just found new respect for those entire married woman who are working.  As my Mother was working women who used to cook for us, give time to our nonsense talk and even used have time to do his office work in the home. I think only difference I can see from that time is that she had a 9 to 5 job but now days there is a rare commodity even more than honest people in the earth. There are days when I feel like none of this worth it. Today is just one of them.