Friday, January 6, 2012


When I first started to write, the most difficult part was deciding about the title or say headline of my article. I hope I got that right once again.

This is again a series where I want to talk about my friends who have been part of my life in past 2 years and I hope it may last till my last day of life. It’s always hard because last time somebody complained to me you always say good words about your friends. I think they are right; I am biased towards my friends and who would not.

Now let cut the crap and enter in little world of JAYANT SINGH.

Jayant and I first met on first day of my hostel when I entered into this new world. I never ever and even he would not have thought we would become such a great buddies. We are almost of same age group with lots of things in common. We both are single boy in house and in jayant case add single child, both are pampered by our respective NANI and are more close to our mother then father.

There are few things about which make him so different from others. his laughing sound is so high that he can even beat archana puran singh in that respect, he can crack jokes at will, he is a macho man but BP in higher side (sorry to disclose it), he is a poet, dancer, actor, singer, painter on walls (particularly where he sleeps) and an upcoming DJ (this I have added from my side).

 Let’s go back to our time in hostel where we have shared so many good things. When jayant was in first semester he was one of the most studious students of our class. I still remember he used to study in midnights for the sessional exams. He used to make subject wise notes and used to study daily. Now the difference is he uses to start his course on midnight rather than finish it on midnight. He is more comfortable with enjoying life rather than reading course book.

I have been beneficiary of studious jayant on most of time. When our end term exam started in first semester he used to daily come in my room and used to ask the important topic for the exam. My reply used to be simple, “it is peak hours and charges will be there”.  I have eaten lots of Maggie and nisheeth bhai have been beneficiary of many cup of tea in midnight canteen meeting. Guess what, my prediction used to always somehow use to go opposite. If I say papers will theory, it was full of practical question. So in second semester jayant prefer not to ask from me.

One of the hidden talent he had was he used to participate in RADIO FM Contests and most of time he used to win. He won so many prizes in front of me. He used to remember every contest time in every radio channel. Whenever jayant comes in my room with smile in his face and ask for to switch on radio in the phone you can easily guess he has won something.

In between I just want to mention my favorite line which jayant used to say always. Jayant used to say, “AVOID UNNECESSAY RISK”. I have never agreed to that part but I do admit that sometime it helps. Like in crossing road and reaching on time to any place. Jayant rocks you know.

It’s hard for me to stop writing about you. I know you say you are not so emotional person; personally I do not buy that concept. You are emotional but you choose not to show many people who are you and sometime people don’t understand also. I still remember your words that in your whole life only two people have been able to know you properly. One is myself and second let’s keeps that secret with us only.

I personally want to say something to you that never think that I am not with you just because I am not with you every movement or say I am not treating you as I used to be. Just be assured situation may change in our life, time may change but I will always keep our friendship away from it. It cannot be changed just because I am not with you. It will grow just because I will never let you forget me.

So jayant enjoy the little space of your own and keep waiting for my next part. You know I have lots secret to tell about you. Till then keep commenting.