Saturday, June 29, 2013

The moods on a rainy day...

On a rainy day, what do you do? Well this question has multiple answers; with different age group you will find that person opinion change and also how he sees things also change. For me rain what was few year back now it is not the same. So let’s see how people age effect the opinion about rainy day.

School student: With the word only my eyes get lightened up, the joy we used to have on the rainy day in school. The day rain used to happen in the morning I used to pray that it should be long at least till our school timing start so that my mom would not send me to school, but in case I manage to reach school we all used to pray that the teacher should be absent, class attendance should be low so teacher will not take full class, there would no morning prayer. List is endless of school time rainy days, but one thing was good that time that we use to enjoy the rain, we were not scared to get wet because of book in the bag. Ahh that was time I miss most, but then school ends and we move on to more freedom time in college.

College student: This is something more philosophical, in college rainy days means party, outdoor games, date with some special, Chai of Lambu, Getting wet in rain with someone, singing song and so many more things about college life which relate to rainy days. We all love rainy day we know we can bunk the class and stay in canteen, we can enjoy the freedom more. Rainy day in college life depict the freedom from all the rules of life, school, family and it show us the new found love, friendship in life. 

Working class: Well I am in this class right now, I am working and frankly I hate rainy days. I hate rains when it start pouring while I am leaving for office, also it irritate me when it start raining when I am leaving from office. Why rains do have to come only in morning and evening, it can come in afternoon and in the evening.  I hate rains because it just makes mess of everything from traffic to office, from dress to laptop. I have to admit, if I have to just make sure rains don’t happen I would say yes. 

I wanted to also write about people who retire how they feel about rainy day, but my boss has just transferred me so much work that I have to quit right now, so I am not sure my interpretation of rainy is good or bad, but I am happy to write something. Basically my boss just told my English is like rice plate eating so stop blogging and start working. Poor me working class, Mango Man. :(

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Friday, June 28, 2013

The problem of choice making

Well what you do when you two friends force you choose something when you don’t want to choose anyone one of them. I know it becomes hard and also it become impossible to choose and in the end you want to choose the thing which hurt you least. I am not good not good at making choice for someone else and my friends know that so they don’t rely on me, they just tell me to do this thing. 

So for this weekend, Arun one of my school friends (it sound so good to say school friends) and Kshama (One of my college friends), we three decide to watch movie this weekend. So the first problem we faced was too decided about which movie to watch. And this was the first conflicting point between us, Kshama was interested in watching Ranjhaaana and me and arun was interested in Ghanchakkar. We had to debate, fight and in the end no solution was reached. So we had two option to choose, for me both of them were not good because ultimately I have to pay for movie ticket. They always force me to pay, the good boy I am, and often I agree to do so. 

So in the end we found a very economical solution of this problem, Economical because it will hit my purse less then out earlier idea. We decided that the movie which will be in between 10:30 to 12 AM and with ticket price of 100 per person we will go for that. I am not sure how many of us used to watch early morning show because it is always economical, but I and my gang still follow this routine even though we are earning. May be some good habits from college are never leave you. In that time and budget only one movie comes on and that was Ghanchakkar, Me and arun was happy but Kshama was not. She first fought with us that we both cheated with her, because we knew about timing of show that is why we made such a condition. 

With some more effort and some freebee offer of shopping with her, she agreed. The problem is that she will agree on anything if you agree to accompany her on shopping, which we never do. Because last time we did go with her on shopping we spend 6 hours in mall searching each shop and each brand for a top which she didn’t found and later on she blamed us that because of you both I am not able to purchase. You two don’t help in shopping, so we always try to avoid the shopping part. But for movie we have to let go our poor ego and go with her for shopping. 

I am still not convinced by paying for movie ticket on bookmyshow, not because of trust, but due to extra charges. So I try to avoid them but again they will not agree because last time I made them sit on front seat to watch the movie so they don’t want that experience. So in the end I have pay the extra as well to get this ticket.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

We lost again in Hockey

Once upon a time there was time in India when we were like unbeatable in the hockey; the only way we used to get defeated is either by fixing or super human effort by or neighbor hood country Pakistan. So this was time I think in 80 or in early 90, after that a different trend started in our hockey, We kept on loosing with every nation and today we have a reached a situation where we are outside I think top 15 in hockey ranking and our hockey team is pathetic. 

Recently when World Series was going on I was watching the few games on TV and find it amusing how other country has outsmarted in the field of hockey. We can’t control the ball; other teams are out running and outperforming us in the hockey. New Zealand, Spain and other country that learned hockey from us are able to beat us with ease, I don’t know how to say this but our hockey standard has dropped to very low level that it will take at least few years to get back to the top.

So does it hurt anymore loosing in hockey, I don’t think so, most of people will not know even India hockey team actually played in some tournament. We don’t know about our captain, team and coach also, and most funny thing I found is that the games we teach the world is now teach to us by someone else. That brings the point why we are so much down and out in hockey. I think because we have lost our principle, Indian hockey was always about players, pass and about skill. It was never about power and speed, we have lost our originality and also we are not able to bring modern expect of the hockey in our game. We are just like nation a lost cause in hockey, because we don’t know what we are doing. There is no plan for the juniors at least I am have not heard of it apart form babu buchi, but that is also an old tournament. 

People always say that hockey don’t have sponsor that is why hockey is bad, that notion is wrong. In India there are no sponsors in hockey because we are losing nation, if we start winning in hockey also believe me there will be sponsor for team, player and media as well but for that team has to win, I still remember Jugraj singh and his drag flicks against Pakistan. Those inspired games of Dhanraj pillai, but since then hockey has changed and I also. I have found new sports to watch but hockey has not found there new hero at least in India, may be it will change or maybe it will not, but one thing is for sure in India we love only sports once we are winning, we never like a losing team.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The cold, cough and some other little health issue

If anyone ask me about the most dangerous disease in the planet, I will definitely say in my case it is cold and cough (I know apart from AIDS, that I the obvious one). For record, from last few days I have been down to cold and cough, include some amount of viral as well in it. From my experience it is really painful experience to have cold and cough. You can’t breathe properly, you lose your taste for food, you feel sleepy all the time but you could not sleep also, your eyes seem to be burning. This is what I am feeling right now, for me there could not be any worse feeling. 

Today it the time when I am missing my mom most, after being away from home for so long it is really hard to miss something because there are lots of changes in your life. But today I am missing my mom hand; she had the magic in her hand. She just put hand in your head and you feel relieved automatically. No need of Vicks, no need have Doctor either, in my home I am worst in eating medicine. I hate eating medicine even if I am in pain. I don’t know why you have to eat those things to get alright when there are other options as well. She always knows how to keep me away from doctor and medicine. 

Well currently there is one small river flowing from my nose, which I am trying to control, but as they say it hard to control anything related to water. So true, let them flow and go to sleep. Someone just messaged me that it’s time to sleep, because it better to take rest rather than right in this situation. God please make me better asap. I do not like it anymore. 

I don’t know when I will be fit again, because it takes time to recover, and with life officially I ma proving that I don’t know what I am writing anymore.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Boom Boom Afridi

There are very few cricketers in our generation who has divided opinion more than this gentleman, Boom Boom Afridi. Some say he is great all rounder, some say is bad batsman who can ball and other say he is a bowler who can bat. But all agree in one point he is a entertainer, he is most popular cricketer in the Pakistan, even though I am Indian fan but this is the only cricket player when he enter the field I watch the match, because he will either hit the ball out of ground or he will get out. There is nothing traditional about him that he will wait and leave the ball or play sensibly. For him if ball is balled, hit it as hard as possible. 

When I first saw Afridi was I think after his famous fastest 100 in the ODI, he was an opening partner of Saeed Anwar. He used to come smash few six and four in first few over, as you about to think he will play big today he used to get out. That was the way he used to play, and his bolling was not that good either. For one thing he was very much famous or Infamous for was his looks, A clean shaved, hair flying all over the face. His hair style is even famous today with people, and lots of my cousin used to love him. He was poster boy, I would have loved to keep his poster in my room but due to my cousin’s love I never did so. 

I always admired his passion in the cricket; even I thought he was the best captain after Imran Khan who has the charisma to pull the unlikely. He can pull up anything, if It comes out it is great but if It doesn’t you can never complain about his effort. But there is also problem of frustration seeing him over the year, He is one player who could have been Pakistan cricket savior, but he becomes none. He still takes on people nerves when he came up to bat and get out on first ball by playing a needless shot, but that is Afridi for you. He will take his chances, He is not a batsman, and he is hitter of ball. He likes to hit the ball not to play the ball. He could have been a great baseball player, because he hits so hard. 

I think every team needs character like him because they make the sports so much more interesting to watch, even if team is losing he will ball with same intensity as they do when they are winning. People might only remember him only for the fastest 100 but he was the reason behind Pakistan win in 2009 t20 world cup. He was the player who ball, bat and even took great catch to change the course of the match. I think we should not question his ability yes, execution is the problem some time. 

For me if you want best of Afridi just give him a free hand, define a role for him, which is not done in the current team of Pakistan. For me he will be always the player when he enters the field I will watch him, love him, hate him but you can’t ignore him. He is the best of his generation.