Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy father’s day

 Do we have to really celebrate the father’s day to show our love to him? I am not sure about that, we live in complex world today where thing has become more economic oriented, from mother day to father day. 
Somehow we Indian has also adopted the same, we are also now more commercial oriented, We celebrate the day as like there are no other day for this. But still if we can bring happiness in our fathers face on this one day then I don't have in issue in this day or any other day. For me personally all the days in the year is the father day or mother because they are the real reason behind what we are today.

Consider this, if we call around midnight to our fathers to say, “Dad, Happy father’s day”. I know what my dad will say, he will first ask is everything ok or not for thousand time. By the time I will convince him that yes I am ok and I called to wish you father’s day, for him days are from Monday to Sunday not like father to mother day. My dad is more of an old school thought where he don’t like to celebrate things, until and unless you give him something sweet to eat.

If you could ever remember one thing about dad, just think of a time when you were small kid and your dad used to take you school in his cycle, bike, car or any other transport and used to wait for you outside school. While returning home he used to always give you candy and ask you about your school days. I was fortunate that my dad has enough time for me, and he always visited me in school for parent meeting or any occasion when I was asked to bring him because I did something wrong in school.

If you ask me what we can do for our dad if we are outside of home like I do, you just call you dad every other day and just ask him about his health, life and just talk to him. There is no better give for any mom and day when you talk with them and hear them what they want to say. Someday we all will realize word is more precious than material things in life.

I can simple say that don’t call you father to say Happy father day, just call him to say dad we love you. Let’s fill our father life with word, joy and not with any other product which he might not need. Just he needs us in his life 356 days.