Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chote pankho se lambi Udaan By Deepak “Rousa”

After writing some blogs I realized that I am missing something, and I was not able to figure it out. Then one day somehow thought of this poem came in mind and I know what I was missing. Before I start my poem I just want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and Happy new year to you and all your family.

Before I begin with my poem just want to give a brief you about the poem so you can understand it. As I am thinking about the nature and we learn from nature I think it’s quite a unexplainable thing. This poem us a part of that search and I hope you all like it.

"Chote chote pankho se, lambi udan hoti he.
Zindgi har kadam pr, ak imhtan hoti he.
Ankho se na bhene do inhe pani ki bunde samajhkar,
tumhari khusi bhi kisi ki zan hoti he.

Chote chote pankho se, lambi udan hoti he..
Har kar hosla,deh gya jo raho me.
Girta rha wo umr bhar, bas apni nighao me.
Itihas le jata he,
hr usko apni baho me.

manzilo pr jiski, zindgi kurban hoti he.
girne k der se agar, wo panchi ud pata nhi.
chorta na ghosla, to asma pata nhi.
bas smajhna hi to he, in hwa k jhoko ko.
jo kabhi dhimi mandi si, or kabhi tuffan hoti hi.
chote chote pankho se lambi udan hoti he.
zindgi har kdam pr ak imthan hoti he.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The EQUATION of my college days And Its PARAMETERS.........PART 3

There was one incident in my college life which change my whole college life. That incident was first semester result in which I topped. From a zero in Allahabad university to batch semester topper in IEC.

Frankly I was the last student expected to top the class. To be fair I was also never expected that result from myself. I screwed 2 or 3 papers in examination badly and still end up getting highest marks.

In my friends group I was with least attendance, my assignments were always late and apart from economics no other subject was my favorite. I hated organization behavior and stats, both papers I screwed badly. My aim was always to pass with decent marks not a single time this thought came in my mind. In my whole life I have always thought that scoring highest marks is not good for health. Maybe I never wanted to reach on top and I was happy in my own space.

After result it was whole new experience for me. Just everybody start thinking you are intelligent, which I am not. Friends and people who know you start thinking, how the hell he can top when he was least studying and one of the laziest persons in the world. I think they were right at that time. That made them think had he has been studying while we were sleeping. In reality I was the one sleeping most and studying less.

The most irritating part was when everybody started calling me SAIFI SIR. I used to think, hold on man, I am just 21 year old and SAIFI SIR Sound makes me feel like 31 year old. But to be franks I enjoyed every bit of FAME in that period. Now everybody knows me for right reason and in my whole life it has been rare.

My stint at top was short one but one of the memorable one. I didn’t deserve to be there just because I never that hard to be there. Others have work hard and believe me very hard. They all studied late night, attended full class. Where was I all that time, sleeping and relaxing?

But this incident taught me one thing. Never ever in life underestimate yourself in whatever you do. Some time underdogs also perform well and just believe in you. Yet I exceeded my all expectations.

Lastly I would like to thank all the friends because of whom I achieved that thing. Nisheeth bhai ( a bade bhai, roommate and one who know all about how I topped),  jayant ( he was one the deserving candidate of topping the semester and I toppes just because of his questions), raj( he has similar story to me just he topped from down), smita( only friend whom I have irritated most in first semester) and most important my family.

the EQUATION of my COLLEGE life and its LOST PARAMETERES.................PART 5

Writing next part of any situation or any story is always difficult just because it always demand a better motivation and more compelling story to tell. I hope I get this one right.

My college life has just ended. Just few formalities I have to complete and I will be free from all the papers and exams tensions. No more last night fight, no more copying of notes and assignment, no more waking up and thinking shit I missed the important practical or class, and the best we are free from college life now.

Let me tell you what has changed in last two years in my college life. Well matter of face everything have changed. It’s hard to believe that these all event had happened in last two years. Life has gone to 360 degree sometimes in these situations.

The change in name of university:  I never thought that in two year there will be so many name changes in university. I applied for UPTU, got admission in UPTU, give first semester exams in UPTU but then there was a change. It was changed in GBTU i.e. (GAUTAM BUDDH TECHNICAL UNIVERCITY). I was doubt in whole year that which university mark sheet I will get. Finally in 4th semester I received mark sheet of GBTU. But there is still a surprise for all of us. Our juniors are giving exams under MTU i.e. (MAHA MAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERCITY)  and believe me after seeing their examination paper I can say they are not loving it.

The teachers change: there has been more change than I have expected or say I wanted in my college life. The most teachers we liked left us in the midway. First ajay sir after first semester, then faiz sir followed him after second semester, vaishali mam in last semester and in between many more teachers. Personally I would pick faiz sir any day to back in the college just because he is a type of teacher who boosts you confidence to do all the things that you can only think. Like, we did in SAP presentation in the college.

Friendship equation change: this is the thing which cannot be defined. Personally my equation has not changed with my friend. My friendship with my friends are same be it kshama, jayant, ruby, nisheeth, neelam, raj, vikas, varun and mahaveer. My equation do not change with them, it only have grown in number. But there have been times when these people have been affected by some other people who do not deserve to be there friend. It could only be because they have given them too much importance but in reality they do not deserve that.

I have to admit that sometime nothing go according to your plan in life. It is most difficult part in life when you want to do something else and you end up doing something else. I have to edit my lines so many times so that it may not be actually have a feel of targeting someone. There are few people out there who always say that we all have changed as a friend and I do agree with them, but have they ever thought how much they have changed in life.

In my two year of college I have seen all the ups and all the downs to know how cruel life is sometime. Someday you are friend with someone and other day they turn out to be your enemy, the bitching part, the breakups between your friends and most depressing of all the changes you did not expect in your life. It stinks but I am getting use to it.

Hey but still good friend’s sticks together like my good friend have done with me. They stick to me ever though I am not that good. I love you all my friends to just being my friends without you all my life would have been not so good. Just stick with me as I hope I maintain my bag full of happiness..:)

My EIDEE and Happiness I found in it

As a Kid I always used to wait for Eid time to come around. It was the most celebrated festival in my house; it is the only time when you see everyone with brand new cloths and Eating lots of SEWAI. Personally speaking I used to wait for Eid day since the start of Holy month Ramadan. This was the only day when I use to get EIDEE form all the elders in house, family and relatives.

Those who are not aware of concept of EIDEE let me tell you. EIDEE is given to the children in family either in form cash or by any other way. Please note what I am saying may not be accurate but this was my interpretation as a KID.

I think now everybody would know why I used to wait for EID so much, simply because it was the only time when I used to get the money from all the elder people in my family and relative. I still remember my highest collection of EIDEE was around 200 Bucks but was the most cherished money I have ever collected in my life. Just to get involved in competition that who has the highest EIDEE in all of the cousins gives you a felling that you are most loved one among all. And being the youngest one in family always give you chance to get more EIDEE than the elder ones. But sad part is, it might be taken away from you by mom or any elder one you trust.  The pet dialog they will use is,” we will safeguard you money otherwise you will lose it”. And believe me you will never ever get the money back.

It was more about enjoying the spirit of the EID. As the time had passed, my love for EIDEE has dipped a bit but not gone. I still take EIDEE from my Nani and try to make sure that I do not spend that money for whole year.  Some time I have been successful and most of time I haven’t able to stop my tendency to buy something from that money.

Now in my family all of us do not meet often and the free spirit to celebrate is gone but still EID is same and so is EIDEE. It has been the best part of my life to live the EID in the best possible way and enjoy the movement in it.

For me personally last two EID has been different. Now I am also one of those who may have to give EIDEE rather than take it. How strange it may sound but that’s the reality that someone younger than me is now there in family. So it is time to give the EIDEE rather than take it and let them feel the same joy  that I used to get even in 10 bucks at my childhood. It is hard to forget those days. Maybe this EID will bring more happiness in life so we could just one again remember the good old days.

P.S.: All the elders please do not forget to give the EIDEE to all of your younger ones in this EID. Drop us mail if you want to share your sweet memories with us.

By: Saifi Shahid

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

“In My Memories: PART-1 (Deepak)"

Dear friends it’s a Monday night and I just want to tell you all about one of the most memorable incident of my life, which to be fare I can never ever forget. Maybe what I thought was not accurate but then also it sounds funny to me.

I just want to tell you all about an incident relate to my friend Anil. Now lots of people will immediately remember him and for those who have not, let me enlighten you all. Anil was our batch mate, full name Anil Gangwar. Now he was one of my good friends but still there is one thing in him that makes me think and laugh more about it. If you ever thought of a competition about Lazy guy I think he will be perfect for it. He is one of the laziest guys I have ever been with.

I still remember the first day I saw him college. It was our first day in college and introduction class was going on. He was giving his introduction in front of the faculty and what he said I am trying to recollect from my remaining memory. He said, “I belong to a business family and I have a big business”. But as I analyzed his body language and his way of speaking was different. He even makes most smart student sound dumb with his style. He takes time to speak but when he speaks I think even he don’t know what he is saying. I remember one time even made one of our teachers to say, “It is better to sleep rather than to expect you to speak and act fast”.

As I was one his friend one day he called me up in the weekend and said he wants to visit my Village. I was amazed and told him to come any time. He made me wait 1 ½ hour for him on nearest bus stand for my village, which is far away from village. I thought he was very excited to visit my village and his expression said it all to me.

He sounded quite happy when he entered in my village. While entering in my village he saw a buffalo and asked me about it. So he asked me what this is. I thought he might not know about it so gave him a brief introduction about the buffalo. He lived few days with me and it was quite nice experience to live with him. As the last day arrived and he was ready to leave I just had one final question for him. I asked him, “Tell me truth about your business, what you do?”

He remained silent for few minutes and then he answered. Even today I remember each word of his answer and maybe I will never forget that answer in my life. He said, “My father is also farmer and we also purchase and sell buffalo”.

P.S.: Never ever judge a book by its cover, there may be more content inside rather that what you perceive.

Written by: DEEPAK KUMAR

Monday, December 12, 2011

Love : "End of perfect story"

Last Sunday I watched “Rockstar” and it was super movie by Imtiaz Ali. Sometime I feel he is the only one who has been able to define the changing face of romance in Indian cinema. Well let’s go back to my original point, “the end of perfect love story”.

In the 80 and 90’s there was a time when a love story used to be perfect in movies. Whatever you do in 2 ½ hours of movie it didn’t matter but it should always have the happy ending and right should win. I am not saying it was wrong but my point is doing all the time same thing make it boring. Does the entire love story have to perfect then only we can call them as love story?

I don’t think so and most of would agree with me on that point. I like Mr. SRK to fight all the odds in DDLG to win his love in the film and I think that was the last perfect love story I have seen on the big screen. Now we are seeing change in the movies, every one life and even in love story.

If you look at now day’s cinema I think it has left behind the days of perfect love story. Look at All the movies of Imtiaz Ali they all have not been perfect love story. Let’s take the example of Rockstar it was unusual love story. Both were unexpressive about their love, they know about their love, likes and dislikes but still they were not ready to believe in it. I don’t know how people realize it love but I do know either its love or it’s not. It didn’t mean love is all about getting what you want sometime you also love someone whom you cannot get in life. There is also love for my friends, family and others also.

Love is not measured on the time they spend together; they care for each other but something beyond that. I know it is not a perfect definition for love story but yet it is quite close. If you love someone you are more than happy to see her or him happy even if that make you cry. I know it sound filmi and bookish but that’s how love works in the end. You will never know the reason.

I know some people might be upset by the end of the perfect love story but I am happy. Now love story is beyond the things you want to do. It is more about the thing you like to do in the end. In my life I have seen quite few love stories as a perfect love maybe one day I will find that. But still I think one day the trend of perfect love story will come back.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What about Online retails store, FDI opponent.....

Yesterday night I was watching some English news channel and a quite aggressive debate was going on FDI in retails. I know everybody has his own opinion and they are entitled to have it. But justifying it with wrong answer is not correct.

Let’s check out the major argument against FDI in retail sector. The first argument is it will kill the kirana shop in the neighborhood, they will monopolize the retail and it will affect our economy. But nobody noticed the increasing size of online retailers. I will give you a small example, I used to go to my neighbor shop for mobile recharge but now I do it online myself because I can recharge my mobile and also I get the free discount coupon of same amount of various Brand like Mcd, pizza hut etc.

There are distinct advantages to couch shopping – and forget about the kirana shop, even the largest brick-and-mortar retailers are affected. “You don’t have to camp out in front of the stores itself only to be trampled upon the minute the gates open by eager shoppers who like you are trying to get the best bang for their bucks. Worse, you run the risk of being pepper-sprayed by a ‘competitive shopper’, just like what happened at a branch of Walmart in Los Angeles.
Second, no long lines at check-out counters no matter how many items you buy. All you have to do is click, click, click. Third, you save on gas and on precious time,” says News Veteran.
None of the discussions that one has heard and seen on TV or read in newspapers, magazines and websites has debated or discussed the increasingly important role that e-commerce is playing in India.

The Internet and e-commerce has already made the traditional ‘mom-and-pop’ travel agency redundant in India – and they’re making others redundant as well.

“Ecommerce portal has said that the website’s consumer electronics products are expected to contribute as much as 50 percent of the company’s revenue run rate of Rs 500 crore for financial year 2011-12. The company also expects electronics and appliances to contribute around 30 percent of its total revenues in the next two quarters,” says Alootechie.
That’s Rs 500 crores of revenue which, hitherto, went to mom-and-pop and Indian (organised retailing) corporates with brick-and-mortar bookshops, appliances shops, electronics shops and so on.

And that’s just one company, Flipkart. “According to the study titled Indian Digital Consumer Industry by financial services firm Avendus, the number of people transacting online is expected to touch 39 million by 2015. The estimated online transaction will further boost the Indian e-commerce market which is estimated to grow to $24 billion by 2015 from the current $6.3 billion. Currently 8-10 million people in India transact online, which is about 11 percent of the 80 million internet users in the country, which represents a penetration of 7 percent of the population and 17 percent of the urban population,” reports Jagran.

All this business (the majority, admittedly, from travel) has moved away from traditional retailers. The major factors that spur the growth are the price, the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home or office and convenience of delivery.

So what will retail FDI opponents do about this phenomenon? Ban e-commerce in India? Reserve e-retailing for Indian companies only?

Why haven’t they done so already? Any Indian can be shopping on 100 percent foreign owned sites such as, to name but one site, legally and there’s nobody asking for a ban on amazon.

Why not? Perhaps because there’s no political dividend?