Monday, February 25, 2013

Few things I want to this year

With start of each year, I always prepare a list of things which I want to by the end of year. This year also I have prepared the same list and hoping to do most of the thing from this list. It is not the most difficult things to do but surely what is required is time and more so a dedication thing to do it.

Visiting Ladakh and Leh: I am not too sure about this thing, but if ever I want to visit some place in India it would be without a doubt will be this. Being a part of travel Industry I have still not visited one single place in last one year so this will be one place which I am planning to visit by this year. Some friends are already in the plan so this might be all boys trip this year which we are planning. This I will do some were in the middle of year after June, but surely this is one the top things to do this year. 

Learning a new Language: I have been always fascinated by the new languages; personally my preference would be Arabic language but will be open to learn any new language like Spanish, German. I think this would be an Ideal thing to improve your learning process, being in field where you have to always add something or other to just reinvent yourself, I thing this would be again a good learning thing for me.

More focused blogging: Till now I have been blogging about the entire thing that I can think of in my mind, but this year I want to make this a more focused process of blogging. I want to blog about travel, life and also about my personal interest. One thing I want to make sure that I don’t lose the blogging focus, I just want to continue it till the end of my life. It is some time funny to your old post and think about how you used to perceive the things in past. 

Reading more books: This year I want to read book of more different genres, till last year I have only read most of romantic fiction but now I just want to read book all around the world. The top of list would be Khalid Husaaini next, waiting for that book to come. Also I want to read some of Salman Rushdie work to know about it more, but definitely want to more books from different type of writer.

Most important

Finishing some unfinished work: There are lots of work in my life which is pending, I don’t know how to finish them but need to plan a work around on which I can finish the task. Some exams need to done with, some pending college work need to finished even though I have passed from college few years back and last need to give some more time to my life.

P.S: Most of things which are written here are the most important things in my life which has to be done this year and apart from this I have an unfinished list.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Varun Dixit : A man with smile :(

Uff !

It was very shocking news for all of us that we lost to Varun. :( Varun was the only guy of my life who talks to me with the words of abuse. It was the time of master degree and I was so serious about my study due to my bad nature. Every day he say to me “ Sale tu rota hi rhta he ‘’ he was the master of economics , He knows the answers most of the questions but I know in very rare matters he tried to stand up. I was very close to him & he say to me don’t be so much serious for small things.


Many times he solved my problems in accounting & finance, He teach me many concepts of economic after college only one or two time I called him and describe my situation he simply say “Tension mat le yar’’ . In college we ( I & Ankur Chaudhry ) make his fun and in class room we saw his mouth “ dekh bhai muh khula hi hua he abhi bhi varun ka'' . Facebook was the only way from where I communicated to him.


It was very sad moment when I read the wall of Saifi and then call to Anil. Within very few time I was a man with madness. Vacey me I have not a little bit trust in life after the day. My 24 Years passed in Study in core study no enjoyment in life ……Books, Exams, Result and teachers  are  the only point where my life stand and yes now career……Is this the way to live ? While you don’t know the time of your life.

I saw the peoples in very hurry, on road, in life and other peoples who see them also comes in the same process. Very few peoples know why they run. Friends Maslow's hierarchy of needs is not a theory only for marks it is the conclusion of life. All of we are make our role as per drama for as per need theory. Varun I learnt the real and rare chapter from you. Neither I have any expectation from the peoples of my life nor any comp lends because it harts me a lot and feel me alone.


We pray for you & never ever forget ur smile and talks. My friend a single person of my life is very special for me…..and yes are & will be :(

Few Lines from the farewell of 2010-11 which I sing for all of u………….!


“Lagja gale se aj fir, Ye bat ho na ho ,

  Sayad fir ish janam me, mulakat ho na ho……:(’’


With pray                                                                                                       

 Deepak Rousa

Monday, February 18, 2013

The tribute to varun dixit

I have stopped writing about people way back after my college was over, but today what I heard shocked me from my core of heart. One of my class mate and close friend in college days died because of heart attack. It was shocking news not only for me, but to all of our class mate and teachers. Last time I met him near sector 18 in Noida, when I was going for my metro. It was a short meeting but a really warm one, I never saw this one was coming and it has left me feeling how unpredictable life is.

There is so much to write about any person that a small blog or note seems inappropriate to describe him. I came in touch with Varun only due to Jayant, because Jayant used to talk to him. Later on we became good friend and also spend lots of time discussing about lots of thing while in MBA. He and I had few things common as we both were commerce student and knows how tough it is for commerce student to make to good MBA College.

Varun you can see on the top left hand side... RIP Varun

One Incident which I remember quite clearly about him was of first semester, when we needed laptop for preparing the presentation. He was the student who used to live most near to our hostel and we asked for his help. He gave us his laptop for the work and we used for our presentation preparation. Sometime your word can’t define the any person good or bad work but you have make sure you give right respect to everyone in the end. 

We all could recollect so many memories spend with him over the 2 year in college and it will be always in our heart. I still want to say so many things about him but could not be able to do that, because some time you are not able to find right word to define your feelings. I often wonder why we all friends after college lose touch with other, may be because we are too busy in our professional life or maybe we all not share equations but sometime some situation arises when you realize it is better to be in touch rather than away from all of them. 

After my facebook update about this news, I received calls from my college friends who have not called me for years to just ask about this news and that what friendship is all about, you care for your friend even you have not talked to him for years and the way every one has just given their response to this news might have done good to soul to varun that we still remember him and we will always.

P.S.: May varun soul rest in peace. We will always remember you as one of our dear friend.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Let me go if you can move on

CCD around 8: 30 PM

As I entered the CCD (cafĂ© coffey day), again the same smile on the face of the counter boy can be seen. I have been regular in the CCD for last 6 months since I have moved to new job. After office hour this has been the best place for me to do things I love. A cup of cappuccino can make you feel refresh even in the night. I signaled for the order and they knew what I need, that is the benefit of being regular customer. As I scanned the CCD on that day, it was Thursday so crowd was quite less at 8:30 PM, people where busy in each other. In whole CCD there where only three couple where there, and each one was totally different from each other. One was I think college going couple, because there were more interested in the photo taking rather than taking. Second one was an elder couple I think having a relax time over there. Third one was Interesting couple, they where seem to be newly married couple and just chit chatting with each other and little bit smile on other talk. Oh gosh, again the same old boring day in life. What is happening to my life? 

“Hello”, suddenly some sound breaks my dream word.
“Finally, you are here. I have been waiting for you around 30 min., gosh at least start coming on time If you are calling me at this time. I hate waiting for people”, I said in a serious tone. I know it would not affect her, as my 1000 screams have gone in waist. But still you want to say I Hate Waiting.
“Ok, whatever you are saying. Seriously just bear me for few more days after I will be busy”. She said in a sarcastic tone. I knew what she want to say but chose to avoid it. I tried to change the topic, “So all planning is done.  At least I deserve a better party then this Coffey”. She looked at me in a strange way and said. “Look I will give you a grand party, but you have to do a last pending work over this weekend”.

I know what she means by that, let me tell you about her something. She has been my friend since college days. We were not friends from first but yet we lasted the most. We never call each other on good thing happens, when we are happy but we know whom to call once we are down and need to cry hard. From starting I knew she was committed so hitting on her was way out of my idea. Any was none of this matter as she is getting married, that to arranged one. Someone would have told this to me a year back I would have laughed back at him. But that is life, strange but true. 

She forwarded me the Envelop, I opened it and saw and took a deep breath. “What you want me to do with this”, I asked him. I was impatient by the way it was all going on.
“Just give it to him and tell him to come on my marriage”, she said without looking at him. She was busy in adding Sugar to her Coffey. I find it hard to read her face but I knew girls can always there emotions and never let you what they are going inside. 

I have to invite her ex to the wedding of her. How strange it sounds, we all wait for our friends to get marriage so we can have a full party. I know in this case very few will be invited and more less will come. Personally I would also like to skip this wedding bash because it just remind him how good life it was and how unlucky my friend it is. I took the Envelop and moved on; I know have to do the toughest job in the word for my knowledge.  How he would reach, will he is still angry or normal? 

“Any message for him”, I asked her before leaving. “Just say to him, some question can only be answered by time so stop looking for it”. I know what she means by that. I moved out of CCD, took my metro to be ready for a journey, for first time I was really not liking the face I am meeting some old friend of mine. Strange how life changes in just few minutes and few decisions you take.