Monday, February 18, 2013

The tribute to varun dixit

I have stopped writing about people way back after my college was over, but today what I heard shocked me from my core of heart. One of my class mate and close friend in college days died because of heart attack. It was shocking news not only for me, but to all of our class mate and teachers. Last time I met him near sector 18 in Noida, when I was going for my metro. It was a short meeting but a really warm one, I never saw this one was coming and it has left me feeling how unpredictable life is.

There is so much to write about any person that a small blog or note seems inappropriate to describe him. I came in touch with Varun only due to Jayant, because Jayant used to talk to him. Later on we became good friend and also spend lots of time discussing about lots of thing while in MBA. He and I had few things common as we both were commerce student and knows how tough it is for commerce student to make to good MBA College.

Varun you can see on the top left hand side... RIP Varun

One Incident which I remember quite clearly about him was of first semester, when we needed laptop for preparing the presentation. He was the student who used to live most near to our hostel and we asked for his help. He gave us his laptop for the work and we used for our presentation preparation. Sometime your word can’t define the any person good or bad work but you have make sure you give right respect to everyone in the end. 

We all could recollect so many memories spend with him over the 2 year in college and it will be always in our heart. I still want to say so many things about him but could not be able to do that, because some time you are not able to find right word to define your feelings. I often wonder why we all friends after college lose touch with other, may be because we are too busy in our professional life or maybe we all not share equations but sometime some situation arises when you realize it is better to be in touch rather than away from all of them. 

After my facebook update about this news, I received calls from my college friends who have not called me for years to just ask about this news and that what friendship is all about, you care for your friend even you have not talked to him for years and the way every one has just given their response to this news might have done good to soul to varun that we still remember him and we will always.

P.S.: May varun soul rest in peace. We will always remember you as one of our dear friend.