Friday, February 15, 2013

Let me go if you can move on

CCD around 8: 30 PM

As I entered the CCD (café coffey day), again the same smile on the face of the counter boy can be seen. I have been regular in the CCD for last 6 months since I have moved to new job. After office hour this has been the best place for me to do things I love. A cup of cappuccino can make you feel refresh even in the night. I signaled for the order and they knew what I need, that is the benefit of being regular customer. As I scanned the CCD on that day, it was Thursday so crowd was quite less at 8:30 PM, people where busy in each other. In whole CCD there where only three couple where there, and each one was totally different from each other. One was I think college going couple, because there were more interested in the photo taking rather than taking. Second one was an elder couple I think having a relax time over there. Third one was Interesting couple, they where seem to be newly married couple and just chit chatting with each other and little bit smile on other talk. Oh gosh, again the same old boring day in life. What is happening to my life? 

“Hello”, suddenly some sound breaks my dream word.
“Finally, you are here. I have been waiting for you around 30 min., gosh at least start coming on time If you are calling me at this time. I hate waiting for people”, I said in a serious tone. I know it would not affect her, as my 1000 screams have gone in waist. But still you want to say I Hate Waiting.
“Ok, whatever you are saying. Seriously just bear me for few more days after I will be busy”. She said in a sarcastic tone. I knew what she want to say but chose to avoid it. I tried to change the topic, “So all planning is done.  At least I deserve a better party then this Coffey”. She looked at me in a strange way and said. “Look I will give you a grand party, but you have to do a last pending work over this weekend”.

I know what she means by that, let me tell you about her something. She has been my friend since college days. We were not friends from first but yet we lasted the most. We never call each other on good thing happens, when we are happy but we know whom to call once we are down and need to cry hard. From starting I knew she was committed so hitting on her was way out of my idea. Any was none of this matter as she is getting married, that to arranged one. Someone would have told this to me a year back I would have laughed back at him. But that is life, strange but true. 

She forwarded me the Envelop, I opened it and saw and took a deep breath. “What you want me to do with this”, I asked him. I was impatient by the way it was all going on.
“Just give it to him and tell him to come on my marriage”, she said without looking at him. She was busy in adding Sugar to her Coffey. I find it hard to read her face but I knew girls can always there emotions and never let you what they are going inside. 

I have to invite her ex to the wedding of her. How strange it sounds, we all wait for our friends to get marriage so we can have a full party. I know in this case very few will be invited and more less will come. Personally I would also like to skip this wedding bash because it just remind him how good life it was and how unlucky my friend it is. I took the Envelop and moved on; I know have to do the toughest job in the word for my knowledge.  How he would reach, will he is still angry or normal? 

“Any message for him”, I asked her before leaving. “Just say to him, some question can only be answered by time so stop looking for it”. I know what she means by that. I moved out of CCD, took my metro to be ready for a journey, for first time I was really not liking the face I am meeting some old friend of mine. Strange how life changes in just few minutes and few decisions you take.