Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some beautiful memories

Last time I wrote on college life, it was a really reflect my mind at that time. At that time I was a person who was trying to cope with the working life, and missing his college freedom. I still do to some extent, some morning I love to stay back in the bed for extra hour but I know I have to wake up and join the office on time. No longer I can take the freedom of missing first hour and join for the rest day. I was the last person who would have missed college because I never missed my school when I left it, I never missed my graduation days but now I missed all of it.

Few fading memories..

I know this is a human nature, you start missing those thing which you can’t repeat. I know once my freedom days will be over, I will miss this too. It is a complicated process in the mind, we never accept what we have, we always desire for better thing and in the end up no realizing the best thing we have or could have. Well life is like that, we move on in life fast and forget most of thing of past.

Sometime you keep the memories of beautiful past with you, but you can’t keep those memories for all the time. As time passes, with your memory and new things coming in your life, it keeps on fading away no matter how good memory it is. I have become used to this, I have forget lots of people from my school time, college time but what I could not forget is some fading memory which I have of each of the place. It is scarce thing to hold on; your heart will always be looking for those good memories in bad times. I have been fortunate to have such good friends who take care of me like a family; they have made me so comfortable in this city that I miss my family less. But I know it would not last long, some day we all will get separated. We will move on in life, time will change and it would be hard for us to relive the beautiful time we are having right now in life. Sometime making friends are easy but keeping hold on to them become difficult as you learn about them because not all the things about them are good and acceptable to you. But it will be never about the accepting good thing about your friends but also knowing about their shortcoming and never let them feel about that.

Today I look back at my life last 4 years, I think about how different it would have been if Nisheet, Jayant, Raj, varun and Vikas would not have been in my life. Some have already moved on in life and other will soon but the memories of this time will be always there. I still remember how good time I had in hostel with all of them and then in the rented flat we used to live in greater noida. It was all about taking care of each other and also living life to full, and yes I have lived life with them fully.

For me there are very few movement in life in last 4 years in which they not been involved, from my college topping day to my national level competition wining day, from my worst day to my best day in college they all have there with me, not only supporting me but also taking care of me in the hard time. I know people always miss their family but sometime you create your own little world with friends which can never be replaced by any other thing. My these movement could have never become special if they all would not have been there, I could not get so much famous with there so much PR, I learned so much from each of them, that it would be hard to thank them each of them for that. I never thought about this kind of life, but now I know why people are scared to live alone, the worst thing you can have in world is being alone without friends.

I want to thank them all helping me in making me what I am today, my family told me the path on which I have to go but my friends walked with me on that path and made my journey memorable.