Monday, February 25, 2013

Few things I want to this year

With start of each year, I always prepare a list of things which I want to by the end of year. This year also I have prepared the same list and hoping to do most of the thing from this list. It is not the most difficult things to do but surely what is required is time and more so a dedication thing to do it.

Visiting Ladakh and Leh: I am not too sure about this thing, but if ever I want to visit some place in India it would be without a doubt will be this. Being a part of travel Industry I have still not visited one single place in last one year so this will be one place which I am planning to visit by this year. Some friends are already in the plan so this might be all boys trip this year which we are planning. This I will do some were in the middle of year after June, but surely this is one the top things to do this year. 

Learning a new Language: I have been always fascinated by the new languages; personally my preference would be Arabic language but will be open to learn any new language like Spanish, German. I think this would be an Ideal thing to improve your learning process, being in field where you have to always add something or other to just reinvent yourself, I thing this would be again a good learning thing for me.

More focused blogging: Till now I have been blogging about the entire thing that I can think of in my mind, but this year I want to make this a more focused process of blogging. I want to blog about travel, life and also about my personal interest. One thing I want to make sure that I don’t lose the blogging focus, I just want to continue it till the end of my life. It is some time funny to your old post and think about how you used to perceive the things in past. 

Reading more books: This year I want to read book of more different genres, till last year I have only read most of romantic fiction but now I just want to read book all around the world. The top of list would be Khalid Husaaini next, waiting for that book to come. Also I want to read some of Salman Rushdie work to know about it more, but definitely want to more books from different type of writer.

Most important

Finishing some unfinished work: There are lots of work in my life which is pending, I don’t know how to finish them but need to plan a work around on which I can finish the task. Some exams need to done with, some pending college work need to finished even though I have passed from college few years back and last need to give some more time to my life.

P.S: Most of things which are written here are the most important things in my life which has to be done this year and apart from this I have an unfinished list.