Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some time I think too much

I am my only last option in my own admission to do anything about life. The problem with me is I think too much and talks too much about it but I do nothing. Nothing about the thing I want to change in the life. Ultimately I lose the chance and the option I have at that time to do anything and later on I regret about it.

So my problem is what I can do about it, it is really hard to change anything in your system when you know it is bad but is now rooted in your system so deep that you can’t change it. It needs really a great will power to do anything, which obviously I am not blessed with. I am very week often when I come to take decision and some time emotional too, it hurt my chance to make anything work in my favors. I don’t know sometime how to express it, but slowly I am learning it from other, how they do it, how it should be done, but still I have to find my perfect blend of them.

Meanwhile my Ramadan are going great, I have done some amazing thing this week, staying away from music, video or any type of activity which might not be done in Ramadan, but the most difficult thing is not to lie, well the work I do, often I have to lie and something it need to put in right prospective but I didn’t do that this week. I choose not to speak or rather leave the statement unfinished rather then lying. Again like I said earlier, this Ramadan I decide so many things to do, but most of them are still pending and I know for record I am not doing it or will not be able to do it.

And before I finish this blog, I like to take this time to say something to all my friends, I miss those day when we used to talk so much over phone or while we meet about life, other and gossips. Now it seems we all are so busy in our life that we don’t have time for other and also for ourselves. We have become another bunch of that mechanical man who only does what is written them to do, but we could not find any other way to do things. I like to talk to people but I don’t like talking, I like listening most of conversation. I am good at it that is what I think. But now it seems there is so less time in a day, and I have so much to do. God give me a break.

P.S. Already planning for a week break around eid, I don’t know what I am going to do in this time, but I need a break from all the things which I do. It’s time to meet the peoples whom I have not met in last 4 year.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Emotionally confused

What I should write today, I am not sure. When I opened my laptop today, I had 1000 of thought in mind to write about, but there is one very strong emotion in my mind which I want to truly express, how it is like to be live away from your family?

What I feel like at this movement of time if I describe it, I feel like emotionally missing something in life, a backbone of your life which is supported by your mom, a movement of joy which is provided by your sister, a movement of smile which we all share on small joke, a movement of emotion which we can share with our grand parent. I feel like missing that thing in my life. I know people always had to be emotionally very strong to do something in life, you have sacrifice so much in life, then someday you become what you want to become but at what cost?

In economics I read a concept called “Opportunity cost”, it define how any action or activity you do in life or business it has a cost which you ignore to choose the current one. For example I am living here in Delhi with my friends for my job, so I have the opportunity cost of living in home with my family. It gives me an idea how we have changes so much in life for the things which might not be needed in the end by us at all. Generally I don’t like to give into my blog about my what I am thing inside my mind about emotions but today is exception, I will tell what I am thing right now.

As I talked with my mom today, I feel like they have all the things in life and in my home. But they don’t have anyone over there to help them and take use of it. like in my home there is car standing in the garage but no one is there to drive it, my dad don’t drive it and I am here in Delhi. It makes me confuse about the way I should be living my life, I should be here or there with them. I have made a decision and now I am living with it, but there will be a day when I will be back with them very soon. I don’t want to live my life full of regret, as I have till now. I will do what is right at that no matter what my future will hold for me. 

In out today culture what we ignore most is our family; we always take them for granted. Mom, dad and sisters we always thing they will be on my side no matter what happens. Especially me I am unable to show my emotions to them, because while growing up I was always told mans today cry. But often I feel like crying by putting my head on my mom lap, and he just put his hand on my head. I just wanted to talk to him so much but not on phone, I wanted to eat so much of good food from my sister hand, but as it said rightly, “Har kisi ko mukmaal jahan nahi milta, kisi ko jameen aur kisi ko asmaan nahi milta”..

 I am emotionally confused today, maybe tomorrow I will be normal and better but till then I am missing everything in life.. L

Friday, July 19, 2013

The second year completed in

First of above all I want to thank myself for lasting so long in which I never expected when I joined 2 year back on this same day. It has been a great learning journey for me in last two years, as I have faced lots of up, down and challenges in work. But one thing that has been toast of my last two year has been the team with whom I work. Before you ask what we do, is a market place for the travel where we help traveler to connect destination expert agent and also help them to customize the trip and get best deals. 

In last two years I have work with some of the brightest mind in the Industry, and this is the time I would like to thank them all for the help they have given me in this time. I still remember my first day on, it was my first job and it was my first day on job. I was pretty much nervous about what I will do, how I will manage in my job, but after initial one hour everything easy out. Sankalp sir helped me at that time very much because initially I worked with him. At that our team was very short, me, Sahani and Alok Sharma. But later on our team grew in number and I got a chance to work with Jayant singh, Abhishek Sobti, Billu Yadav, manish Sahu, Gaurav Gupta, Atendra Yadav, Paridhi, Setu, sahil, arvind, shruti mam and few other who name I could have forget. 

For me it has been wonderful journey for last 2 year, and I am not sure how long it will go, It has become for me a passion to do good for I don’t want to talk much about my work but just enjoy this movement in life.

हिंदी है हम

मैंने आज तक कभी भी कोई भी ब्लॉग हिंदी में नहीं लिखा था, और ये मेरे लिए एक बहुत बड़े चैलेंज की तरह था की मैं इस ब्लॉग को लिखू, वैसे आप सोच रहे होगे की अचानक से इस अभोध बालक को हिंदी में लिखने की क्या सूझी, तो मैं बता तो हुआ कुछ यू की पिछले सप्ताह मैं अपने एक स्कूल मित्र से मिला, हम दोनों स्कूल में काफी अचे दोस्त थे, पर कॉलेज टाइम में वोह किसी और शाहर में था और मैं यहाँ दिल्ली मैं था, फिर जब वोह यहाँ शिफ्ट हुआ तो हम मिले और अपनी स्कूल की यादो को तजा किया। उसमे से एक ये बात बी निकली की किसको निराला जी कविताये याद है, उसको तो याद थी पर भूल चूका था निराला जी की कविताये। वोह हिंदी में लिखना पढना और हिंदी में सोचना, मैं ये सब भूल चूका हूँ, अब तो हिंदी की कोई बी चीज़ अजीब सी लगती है की ये क्या है।

निराला जी ने हमारे स्कूल के दिनों में काफी ही महतवूर्ण किरदार निभाया था, उनकी कविताये, उनकी जीवनी याद करने का जो अनन्द था वोह फिर कभी नहीं आया, शायद अब तो स्कूल में हिंदी को बाहर की ही भाषा माना जाता है, तभी तो हिंदी की हालत हमारे देश में इतने बुरे है। मैं भी उनमे से एक हो, जो हिंदी को कभी तवझॊ नहीं देते है, हमे बचपन में सिखाया जाता है की इंग्लिश पे धयान दो नहीं तो पीछे रह जाओगे और हिंदी को तो हम टेक इट फॉर ग्रांटेड लेते है, वैसे जो मैंने अभी लिखा है उसमे एक बड़ी ही मुश्किल है, हमने अब इंग्लिश में सोचना भी शुरू कर दिया है, पहले हम सोचते हिंदी में थे और लिखते इंग्लिश में थे और कभी-२ उर्दू भी आ जाती थी हमारी बात चीत मैं, पर अब हम बोलते भी इंग्लिश में है, सोचते भी इंग्लिश में और लिकते तो इंग्लिश में ही है। अगर सायद कोई मुझे ये ब्लॉग मेरे को कॉपी पे लिखने को बोलते तो सायद मैं माना कर देता, पर ये मेरे ट्रांसलेटर की हेल्प से मैं आराम से लिख पा रहा हूँ।

अब तो वैसे भी हिंदी लिखने और समझने वाले भी कम रह गए है , मैंने भी आज तब कभी हिंदी में ब्लॉग लिखने की कोशिश नहीं की थी, पर आज हिंदी में केवल लिख के बहुत कुछ याद आ गया, मेरे हिंदी से नाता क्लास ११ से ख़तम हुआ था, उसके बाद ना मैंने कभी हिंदी की ज्यादा किताबे पढ़ी और ना ज्यादा लिखा कुछ हिंदी में, अब तो हिंदी एक खास तबके की भाषा बन गयी है, वोह जो इंग्लिश में नहीं बोल सकते या पढ़ नहीं सकत।

मैं आगे कोशिश करोगा की अपने ब्लॉग में हिंदी में लिखता रहो, शायद ये उन दिनों की याद दिलाता रहे जब हम कुछ करने से पहले ये सोचते की ये हमे कैसे लगेगा ना की बाकि सब को कैसे लगेगा

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The great sporting comebacks

Well I am sports lover, no matter what sports it is, I always enjoy it if I am in the mood. Be it cricket, football or even baseball, I enjoy it all. But in each sport there are few great stories that caught you attention at some period of time. Let me share with you some people I admire due to only for there never to die attitude.

Andre Agassi: I first saw him while in 1996 Altanta Olympics while he was playing with Leinder pase, and I like him a lot since then. It is amazing once I read his story, how he was the daring of America one time and greatest rival to pete samaras, but then it went bad for him. His failed marriage and his ranking dropped to below 100 for some time. He was written off by most of critics and fans about his career, and then made the one of greatest come back in the tennis history. He just not only after that won all the majors but he dominated that period before the arrival of Roger Fedrrer. For me before Nadal he was my favorite tennis player. I always like the way he played and the way he now carries himself off the court. No one match him in the flamboyance that he shown on the court for the long time to come, he was the apple of the eye for crowd. They all loved him included me also.

Yuvraj comeback in 2011 World Cup: It there was any person because of whom India won the 2011 world cup, it was Yuvraj singh. He just played the gem of tournament to make India world champion. There were doubts and people where against him playing in the world cup because he was out Injured and out of form before that. But boy he just proved in the world cup he belongs to the big stage. He just made sure India wins the world cup, he only failed again Pakistan otherwise it was flawless tournament for him. He was man of tournament, but after that his career went downward, but don’t count him out of 2015 world cup yet, he can make a comeback at any stage. He is fighter and I like that thing about him. The only difference between him being great and all time great has been his injury and life style. He is the most gifted player of our generation who graced cricket. 

Ronaldo ( Origanal from Brazil) comeback in 2002 world cup: I remember of being crying when I saw his playing so badly in 1998 world cup final against france. He was the apple of my eye; I loved him so much and being biggest fan of him. That world cup was about him, but it was stolen by Zinedin ZIdan, and Ronaldo graph went down. The failed final, the mysterious injury, the conspiracy theory about that final, it had all. After that Ronaldo spend nearly 3 year in Inter Milan on Injury hell, out of form, all that injury and critics writing you off. It took lots of courage from Scolari to include him in the squad. Even one written him off in 2002 world cup, but he just took the center stage by storm. He just proved how big player he is in the center stage. He scored most goals, including both the goal in the final. He just started his second part of story where it ended in first. For me he was the greatest striker, who can score goal even when you say him slow and overweight. 

P.S.: I only choose 3 different story because they all inspired me somehow, my pic of story is Ronaldo one.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get On the train (Slow train)

Recently even Mr. Shahrukh Khan said in a song, “Get on the train baby”. I am also getting on the train after 1 Hour 50 minute of delay. Seriously waiting for train is the hardest thing to do, you hate it because you know there was other option which you could have chosen but your bad luck given you this. Well in case me I have a long running bad luck with my train journey, most of time I book the ticket any train which I travel usually end up running late, and today this trend continue. 

Well there is one thing for which we all will remember Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav apart from fodder scam, he started the Gareeb rath train. Well if you don’t know then let me tell you what the difference is in the Gareeb Rath, it is fully AC train but at very economical cost, like for example if a trip to Allahabad in normal 3AC would cost you around 100o bucks then in this train it would cost you around 700 or 600 Buck. You will find most of the train running in Bihar route, well I don’t need to tell you why this is the case. Seats are normally the same as in 3AC but difference is like side berth usually have two sleeping seat, but in Gareeb rath you will find one extra seat i.e. for 3 people sleeping in side berth also. Seats quality will depend upon the train and the people who travel in it, but usually two times I have travelled they were both good. 

In around my seat one family was there, and one young person who is preparing for SSB (We didn’t talk but he was reading book of SSB interview so I guessed), and in side berth there were three friends who were talking about from all the range of topic, from films to home town gossip, and me I was busy in my laptop writing, finally I was loving this part. 

Train journey always become interesting if there are some interesting people around you, they keep entertaining you, well anyways in this journey there are none of those character. I am again preparing my mind for this dull journey, God please run my train little fast so I can reach home little early. 

P.S: Just keep something to eat in each journey because when everyone near you is eating you are bound to feel hungry.