Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My first School

Whenever I am at home, often I take update of my old school i.e. Air Force School Manauri from my sister, my niece is right now in the UKG in the same school, so she often turn into source of information for me about my old school. It turns me in the nostalgic mood about my school days, the time I have spent there and the fading memory I have about my school life.

I am not blessed with superhuman memory which my some friend has, they remember lot about school life, seniors and juniors but I hardly remember anything about school life apart from few very good times I have spend with friend. I don’t remember the first day of my school, but what I do remember is Air force school Manauri was not the first school I went into. Before that there was one school, in which I went to for KG, but I don’t remember the school name, I hardly remember anything about that school, apart from few punishments that I received in school. I remember the garden of that school which was maintained by student itself, and also the ground in which we used to eat lunch. I don’t remember any student from my class of KG, any teacher name, any special incident at that time which happened to me.

I only went in that school for one year, before I shifted to Air force School Manauri, but I hardly remember anything about that time also. If I force my memory the only thing I remember is that in punishment I used to stand outside of class on the knees from half day. Apart from that nothing else, few year back I went to see that building so that I can see if I remember anything about that. Now that school is close by the couple which used to run that school, they have made that place as there farm house, only thing that remain there unchanged is garden and in garden sunflower. 

Yes, that was the specialty of the garden, the sun flower. I have never seen more beautiful sun flower than that, might be because that was the first image of sunflower I have in my mind, and mind you I have given water to that flower as well. So for me that flower is special, most beautiful flower among all. But apart from that no other special memory I have about that school. Well life is like that you could not remember all the things, but you should always remember the good memories of your life.

P.S.: I love to hear stories of mahi from his school life, she is so much like me, If anything I miss while living in Delhi, it is spending time with her…