Friday, July 12, 2013

The Journey in Train (Part 1)

No matter how much I try, I knew that there will be something happen in my trip. Well I got the confirm ticket so that part was good, but when you enter in New Delhi railway station and don’t find any information about your train, you do feel for worst. But at least my train was not cancelled like Bihar Sampar kranti, my train was only late by 1 hr and 40 minute. So today I totally believe that there is something between me and railway because of that I am used to get in trouble like this. There is no journey of mine which get complete without any major event. 

So after hearing heartbreaking news of train late, I don’t have any other option then to wait for the train. I decided to go to the waiting room, so last time I went into AC waiting room was 5 year ago when I was travelling alone in the night and I have to catch the train, but this time it was different because now I am forced to use this option because my train is late. Thanks to my dear laptop and my phone at least I will not be bored. So as I walked past Sleeper waiting room seeing the crowd in I was happy because I don’t have to go there, I am going to AC waiting room. As I enter the AC waiting room, I was shocked, if you ask me why, then you should have seen that seen. In AC waiting room there was no room to even stand let alone expecting to sit on the seat. 

Somehow I braved the crowd and managed to enter the waiting room, but inside it was more shocking, half of ac was not working, some ac was leaking the water so you can’t sit under that, people don’t have got any space to sit even on floor, washroom was worst than you expect, but you expect more from Indian railway, and to some extent we the people are also the culprit party here, we can’t blame only the government. I see people there eating and throwing everything on the floor, but have you ever seen this thing in delhi metro, It is one of the most amazing question to me. Daily 10 Lakh people take ride in metro yet it remain more clean the railway station. And frankly I don’t expect it to change the trend in near future as well.

Back to my journey, somehow I managed to get seat in the heavy crowd because of my better fielding and better luck. As I see people while sitting on my seat, I see one uncle in front of me chewing pan and spitting on the floor, one young couple who is the attention point of all the crowd, including me, one small kid who is crying because he need something to eat but his hitler mom is not giving him that, one Bengali uncle who is blaming everything to Mamta Banarjee because he is CPI supporter, on old aunty who is silently waiting for his train because no one talking to him, and I amazed by the crowd. I never thought like this before about the crowd while sitting anywhere. Sometime you need time to analyze thing, and once you do that, you can connect to the people.

Here I am waiting for my train in the platform no 1 waiting station in New Delhi Railway station and hoping my train just reach on time, oh god please no delay in that.