Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Get On the train (Slow train)

Recently even Mr. Shahrukh Khan said in a song, “Get on the train baby”. I am also getting on the train after 1 Hour 50 minute of delay. Seriously waiting for train is the hardest thing to do, you hate it because you know there was other option which you could have chosen but your bad luck given you this. Well in case me I have a long running bad luck with my train journey, most of time I book the ticket any train which I travel usually end up running late, and today this trend continue. 

Well there is one thing for which we all will remember Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav apart from fodder scam, he started the Gareeb rath train. Well if you don’t know then let me tell you what the difference is in the Gareeb Rath, it is fully AC train but at very economical cost, like for example if a trip to Allahabad in normal 3AC would cost you around 100o bucks then in this train it would cost you around 700 or 600 Buck. You will find most of the train running in Bihar route, well I don’t need to tell you why this is the case. Seats are normally the same as in 3AC but difference is like side berth usually have two sleeping seat, but in Gareeb rath you will find one extra seat i.e. for 3 people sleeping in side berth also. Seats quality will depend upon the train and the people who travel in it, but usually two times I have travelled they were both good. 

In around my seat one family was there, and one young person who is preparing for SSB (We didn’t talk but he was reading book of SSB interview so I guessed), and in side berth there were three friends who were talking about from all the range of topic, from films to home town gossip, and me I was busy in my laptop writing, finally I was loving this part. 

Train journey always become interesting if there are some interesting people around you, they keep entertaining you, well anyways in this journey there are none of those character. I am again preparing my mind for this dull journey, God please run my train little fast so I can reach home little early. 

P.S: Just keep something to eat in each journey because when everyone near you is eating you are bound to feel hungry.