Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The pan pizza : Jayant ultimate fight for pizza

It was again the same boring Sunday in the horizon after the stressful week in the office. It has been long time since I have been out with my friends in the weekend. Sorry only on Sunday because I officially work on Saturday as well. Well it only gives you one day in life to plan so many things and also to complete so much in just only Sunday.

I picked up my phone officially on the Sunday with low battery sound. Now that is nothing new for me it happens to me every day. I often tend to forget to put the phone at charge in night and end screwed up in the morning. At least my other phone saves me some time. I dialed few friends who were all busy whom I wanted to meet. It left me with Jayant and varun in the room.  And we don’t know how we are going to spend our Sunday. About after noon time we were starving for food. We were almost screwed as varun has refused to make a Sunday meal for us and unfortunately or fortunately I and Jayant don’t know how to cook.

So finally around 3 we decided to order pan pizza for have something to eat. We tried to order thought Internet but we didn’t succeeded as it didn’t show our area in delivery zone. So in the end Jayant decided to call the pizza hut call centre for the pizza delivery.

1st call: Jayant called there call center and tried to order the pan pizza. He told them our requirement of 4 pan pizza. They noted the address but after doing that they told us, “Sorry sir we could not deliver you pizza because your room is out of our delivery centre area”. But jayant refused to hear this he continued his argument that he lives in Delhi so he needs pizza in his room. They continue their argument for more than an hour. Then came jayant next argument, “Please connect me to your senior, I don’t want to talk to you as you are unable to solve my query”.

2nd call: The second call was from his senior who tried to solve query of jayant. But in the end even he was not able to solve query of him and also not given what he wanted. So again he called him to connect to his senior. This call also lasted about 30 min. or so. Then again they said there seniors will call up in 5 min. to help him about.

3rd call: Jayant again received call after 5 min. they had a word for about 30 min. again. They repeated same thing that they can’t deliver the pizza because it is out of there service area and Jayant stuck on one point that we need pizza in our room.

After that few more call happened between them and finally there area delivery manager gave us our wish. He said we will deliver you the pan pizza to you room on two conditions:
  •     It will take more than 30 min.
  •     We can’t guarantee the services on pizza hut.

We gladly accepted those terms. We were just waiting for our pan pizza but we learned something form pizza hut awesome services.
  1.  They never let their customers down even if they know that is almost impossible to do as like our request but then also they tried to solve it fully.
  2.  The customer service is most important thing in today word. You can offer whatever quality but if you can’t listen to your customer then you will lose them in the end. Some time you have to go out of the way to make someone happy even if they need to go out of normal way.

P.S.: We gained our 4 pan pizaa after 3 hours of long talk with pizza hut. They have given special services to us and in the end they got the life time customer who will talk about them and their services.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cost of life - 3.50 rupee

Yesterday I was passing by a street, I saw a shop selling cigarette & tobacco there. A policeman was also standing besides the shop. Suddenly a boy aged about 10, appeared. Within seconds, he asked for a cigarette, lit it and ran away. I was amazed to see that, the policeman was laughing and saying to the shopkeeper 

"आज कल के बच्चे होशियार हो गए हैं|"

( Kids of younger generation are getting smart).

"Are they smart enough!!"

They do not know what is good or bad for them, and they are doing what is even worse for the big ones. Many small children see their elder ones doing the same, and they find it very interesting. Smoking or chewing tobacco is status symbol among them in now a days. They start using these products in curiosity which ends into addiction. After getting addicted, they do not even care about ethics, they can just cross any limit to satisfy their addiction.

Another question is that what government does? Government says that we have nothing to do with that, we have written warning on these kind of products to stop people from taking it. But what about adolescents? Our ministers also say that government should not manufacture any thing. Government should only create platform where other private players can develop goods and regulate them to avoid any misconduct. "That's It". Is that so simple, government has sold many companies, that was incurring losses and creating burden on Government Exchequer. But government has so far not sold his stake in ITC, biggest manufacturer of cigarette in India. On one hand, Government is manufacturing from cigarette, and the other side, they are saying we have regulation to put warning, and we are not encouraging smoking by any means. They have banned all smoking advertisement to telecast on television, and earning profit.

Government per year shows that how much we are spending on cancer awareness program and to tackle menace of tobacco & cigarette. The fact is true they are spending very much on these awareness programs than what they are earning from ITC. A government is supposed to do whatever is good for citizens, but if they are manufacturing cigarettes some say, if it is bad then why government is making and selling them. If they stop selling cigarette first, then may be some people believe on that.

What do you think, is government correct to risk our lives for making money??

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Backbenchers: The summer surprise

It was April time in the school. This is generally time for the new secession in the school. Everybody in the school is happy about entering in the new class. We miss some friend who either moved on to the new school or remain in the same class for one more year. We care less for studies and start more enjoying or time in the school as we know that before summer vacation there will not be any exams in the school.

I was always one of the backbenchers student form my school days. I think only when teacher used to get irritated with our activity then only she or he used to shift me from our seats. Well that used to only happen in once is 3 months. Back to original story.

It was before the summer break time in the school so we all were in new class and enjoying it fully. On one such day we had our games class in the 6th period. It was the only class which every student wants to happen daily or many time in a day. But the cruel school people only used to give us 2 or 3 class in a week for games.

We were enjoying our sports class by playing various games in the group. I don’t know why but that day I, vivek and two other students who I can’t remember were back in the class early. I was early because vivek was my seat mate and next period was of math’s his favorite subject. He used to love that class. It was the first time we were studying maths from Chote lal Sir. I heard about him from our seniors and my sister also how strict he is and how he teaches maths and also how strict he was at that time.

So after the bell rang fortunately or unfortunately I was in the class. Only 4 students were in the class. He entered in the class; we greeted him and sat on our seat.  He asked, “Were the other student from your class”.

One of us replied, “Sir it was games class so I think they will be back in the class”. It was not the time of cell phone so we can give a miss call or msg form class so everyone can be back. By the time everyone was back in the class it was about 10 min. late. We were happy that atleast we are saved from the punishment from the Chote Lal Sir. He was ready for his special treatment to student which was very infamous in the school. If you think why his name was Chote Lal? maybe because of his hight. But then also how come their parents know how short he will be.

Suddenly he asked, “Who is the monitor of this class”.

Reluctantly our class monitor Kushvendra came forward. He has been our class monitor for last 3 year and before there was Awdesh. He was one the brightest student in our class and always used to top in our class since last few years. He was one of my close friends at that time.

Chote Lal sir continued, “How can a class be discipline, when his monitor is so indiscipline. How come you can’t come on the time to class. Didn’t you hear the bell of time or you are not interested in the class. This is really a disgusting thing. You don’t deserve to be the class monitor from now onwards. You are not class monitor in my class and even in the other class as well. I will talk to your class teacher as well.”
It stunned us all. How can this happen, he is one of the best monitor in the school and a bright student. Even if we look at the option that else can be made the class monitor. There was no option in my mind at time. I admit secretly I wanted to be the monitor of the class but I knew always that I don’t have the chance of being so because of some reasons.

Chote Lal sir declared that of these four students will be class monitor. Now that was more showing. I don’t want to be monitor and vivek you can’t imagine it. A thin boy, whose voice is not been to even audible to me and here he can be made the class monitor.

Then came the shock, I was made the class monitor. I never expected that in my wildest imagination. It was like getting gold medal without even running in 100 Meter race. I hated that, and my expression said it all. It was dumbstruck, nor happy and not sad. But there was surprise in my mind. Pinch me because this can’t be possible. I can’t be class monitor.

As the Chote Lal sir class was over it was heavy exercise for me. Some of class mate were congratulating me and other were thinking how come he be monitor of the class. He knows nothing about it.
Indeed it was one the best memories of my school day when I was class monitor. I used to have fun, you are free from the punishment zone and from the fear that you might get smacked down, and you get more attention in front of teachers. The best you can make of the school days are those days.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

muhabbat nahin miltii

This is one of the most famous Ghazal written by Nida Fazli. He was one the most know urdu Shayar of the mordern Era. His simple lines can make you think and also enjoy the Ghazal at same time.

dil mein na ho jurrat to muhabbat nahiin milatii
Khairaat mein itanii badii daulat nahin miltii

[jurrat=courage; Khairaat=charity]

kuchh log yuun hii shahar mein ham se bhii Khafaa hain
har ek se apanii bhii tabiiyat nahiin miltii


dekhaa thaa jise mai.n ne koi aur thaa shaayad
vo kaun hai jis se terii suurat nahin miltii

hansate huye cheharon se hai baazaar kii ziinat
rone ko yahaan vaise bhii fursat nahin miltii

[ziinat=beauty/adornment; fursat=leisure time]

Poet:  Nida Fazli..

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Learning to Be Contentedness..

If you are in a bad place in your life, and are unhappy with everything about it (job, relationship, yourself, house, habits, etc.), it can be a miserable thing. But here’s something interesting: it can also be a happy thing.

I’ve been in situations where you might think things were bad, and sometimes I was very unhappy, and other times I was happy. The difference wasn’t in the external circumstances, but in my mindset — I learned to appreciate what I had, instead of focusing on the things I didn’t have or didn’t like. I was grateful for my health, for the people in my life, for having food and being alive.

If you can learn to develop the right mindset, you can be happy now, without changing anything else. You don’t need to wait until you’ve changed everything and made your life perfect before you’re happy — you have everything you need to be happy right now.

The mindset of waiting for happiness is a never-ending cycle. You get a better job (yay!) and then immediately start thinking about what your next promotion will be. You get a nicer house and immediately start looking at how nice your neighbors’ houses are, or the faults in the house you have. You try to change your spouse or kids, and if that works (good luck), you’ll find other things about them that need to be changed. It keeps going, until you die.

Instead, learn that you can be content now, without any external changes. Here’s how to start:
  1. Take a moment to be grateful for something. What in your life is amazing? Even if everything seems to suck, there must be one good thing. It might simply be that you have beauty somewhere nearby, or that you are alive, or that your kids are healthy. Find something, and give thanks for that.
  2. Catch yourself thinking, “This sucks.” It’s amazing how often people think this thought. “This sucks!” “My co-worker is the worst — he sucks!” “My GF doesn’t understand me — this suuucks!” It might be in different words, but if you catch yourself thinking something like that, pause. Reverse the thinking. Find a way to be thankful for the situation. “My GF is a caring and sweet person — maybe I should give her a hug.” “My co-worker might be annoying sometimes, but he has a good heart, and maybe I should get to know him better.” “My room might be messy but at least I have a roof over my head.”
  3. Find the little things that can give you simple joys. What do you need to be happy? I love simple things, like taking a walk, spending time with a loved one, reading a book, eating some berries, drinking tea. These cost very little, and require very little, and can make me very happy. Find the simple things that give you similar happiness, and focus on those rather than what you don’t have.
  4. Find the things about yourself that you’re happy with. We tend to criticize ourselves easily, but what if we turned it around and asked, “What do I do right? What am I good at? What is loveable about me?” Make a list. Start to focus on these things rather than what you’re unhappy with.
  5. Do the same with others in your life. Instead of criticizing them, ask yourself, “What is good about this person? What do I love about them?” Make a list, and focus on these things above all else.
  6. Assume that you, others, and life are perfect. You are great, and don’t need improvement. You aren’t a piece of clay that must be shaped and molded into something better — you are already perfect. Other people are also just as perfect, and don’t need improvement. You just need to appreciate them for who they are. The moment we are living in is not a stepping stone to something better — it is exactly wonderful, and we have already arrived at the perfect moment.

P.S.: It will do to lots of good to us if we start living with what we have and just live with the movement...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer of Broken Dreams: The Art attack (Part 2)


“So whose period is this”, I was asking to vivek. He was sitting next to me in the last bench of the 10th class. I was expecting his answer sooner as our social studies teacher left the class. But before he can speak up from his mouth there was shouting from front bench. “It is art class”.

“Shit, don’t tell me that. How come this class comes every day”, I said to vivek. He was looked little bit more worried than me. It was horror look on his face. I could not stop myself from asking, “what happened yaar, why are you so tense”. I could see his nail biting. “I have forgotten my drawing note book in home today”. He replied to me.

Now that was new news for me, Vivek missing his drawing note book. Well let me tell you in my class from about 32 students only 3 boys and all few girls used to bring drawing note book. How can we forget our drawing note book when we have not made the note book for almost 3 years?

We all have been learning same old thing in drawing for last 4 years. In every class we wither make Lotus or some more crappy plant on our note book. Then also you have to make it to perfection otherwise in next class you might end up again making the same old crappy plants again. Majority of class has lost their interest in the drawing classes. While from the last I can see the whole classes busy something or other thing.

“Good Afternoon ma’am”, it was one of the most sung songs by every student in his life. Every day eight time you have to wish your teacher and with same energy. And if you miss it then you might end up saying it thousand times again.

“Sit down, everyone”, it was our drawing teacher voice. But no student was sitting down. Apart from few of us, I was also standing up in the last bench. “I said sit down, everyone”, Ma’am said. This time it was more of a frustrating sound. “Why you all are not sitting can anybody take the pain to explain me?”

So it was time for Mr. Ankit to step in. If you don’t know him let me explain you, He was one of outspoken gyus in the class. He replied, “Actually ma’am we all have not bring our Drawing note book and we all knew you will say to stand up in you class. So that’s why we have decided to just stay in this way, because ultimately we have to stand up in the class”

Well there was not reaction from the ma’am. I think for a movement she was also stunned by the way he has spoken. And the reaction that was followed, it was the most usual rant that we expected in out class.

“You all don’t fear any more teachers.  What you think of yourself, that you are in 10t class so you can do whatever you want”. Personally we all knew in our last year at this school we can do whatever we want in our extra activity. I hated painting and other too, so we dropped it from out plan.

She continued, “I will take you all to principle and make sure you all will not get the admit card”. Now that was the most heard blackmailing you hear in the class 10 and 12. How the hell art is related to our admit card.

She went out of class fuming. Half of the class was stunned and feared for some trouble. We all were trying to see how much there is strength in our group. Nobody backs off that was the main thing.
Then she returned after 5 min. We all were expecting some type of punishment, we might end up in the office of principle I thought. She said, “This is last time I am leaving you all. But you all who have no motive to do art please leaving my class and stand outside. Let your juniors see what you all have done”.

Now in the school group punishment means more fun than the normal one. There is no better punishment then group in school days. At least there are few more friends who are with you in your crime.Those where the days and those were the punishment in the school life.

Today I want to say, I miss drawing class...and what about you...

The best class mates I have had...I can just get and try to recollect all the name as they are...

P.S.: This blog is for all those 2004 batch mates who never used to bring the drawing copy in the class. Either it be saifi (myself), mohit, ankit, sanjay, farhan, vivek, arvind sharma, lawlesh, anandita (she used to bring the drawing notes), reshama(she used to also bring the copy). Well the list is endless and i missed few names here only because I am in hurry to post this blog.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother of All Indian Languages: Sanskrit

I heard recently from a very good friend of mine about a University that they are discontinuing course on Sanskrit language. Though I found Sanskrit quite hard to learn and always struggled to do so. But the respect of Sanskrit and its importance speaks a very different story. I want to tell you that mostly people know that Sanskrit is referred to be a holy language, but some of them know that it is the mother of all Indian languages, even some of English words are also originated from Sanskrit (Source: Movie Namstey London and Purab aur Paschim don't take it seriously but the fact is true).Recently Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut has decided to discontinue its program of M.Phil in Sanskrit. It is quite surprising as our government is creating a lot of brouhaha over the integration of higher education whereas a government affiliate institution has no qualms over government's effort. The reason University stats that we do not have qualified teachers. Here one question arises - Whose responsibility is to arrange adequate infrastructure and teachers for a healthy learning environment? And the answer is University, who has failed to do so. But why they are making students suffer! If student won't get chance to pursue M. Phil in Sanskrit, then how come they will intend towards research process. the apathy and lack of plan of government and administration leads to the result of poor quality of education.The most disastrous thing is that even after lot of objection and concern raised by National Sanskrit Organization, University is not willed to cancel his decision, even after National Sanskrit Organisation has promised to provide aid of Six lakh rupee annually.

Many manuscript and classic creation which are in Sanskrit language which tells us about our  glorified and immortal culture and its importance from ancient times. From garland of Kalidasa till classic of Saint Bharat, it has given a lot which need not to be proved. There is no doubt that in comparison to Hindi and English, Sanskrit has limited scope, but in recent years, a lot has been done for Sanskrit. At such time, when government is focusing so much on development of Sanskrit, University's apathy is simply untolerable. The decision of discontinuing the program can't be justified in any situation, instead it reflects lack of  will and idleness of University's administration. They should make a move in wake of student, our own holy language Sanskrit and its contribution towards our society.

There is a very famous saying in Sanskrit:

"काममय एवायं पुरुष इति। 
स यथाकामो भवति तत्क्रतुर्भवति। 
यत्क्रतुर्भवति तत्कर्म कुरुते। 
यत्कर्म कुरुते तदभिसंपद्यते॥"

English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:

You are what your deep, driving desire is
As your desire is, so is your will
As your will is, so is your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny

Are we doing really what has to be done??

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

East Bengal: The End of Morgan Era

Trevor Morgan will be missed in Kolkata. The Englishman took over East Bengal's helm after the dismal 2009-10 I-League season where the Red and Gold's finished 9th out of 14 participating teams. For a team of East Bengal's vibrant history and rich footballing culture, a 9th place finish in the national league was pathetic. Trevor Morgan's admirable management style has transformed them into the top team in Kolkata and a formidable I-League force. In his first season, he won the Federation Cup, the Kolkata League and also finished runner-up of the I-League. This season alone, the manager has steered the Kolkatan club to another runner-up finish in the I-League and Federation Cup and also won the IFA Shield, Super Cup and Kolkata League.

One man instrumental to this success was the Australian - Turkish footballer Tolgay Özbey. The striker has easily been their best player for the last two seasons scoring 17 goals in the 2011-12 campaign and 18 in this season. Now that he has decided to do 'a Carlos Tevez' and move to arch-rival city neighbours Mohun Bagan, we can expect some fireworks in the Green and Maroon side of Kolkata.

It is still not clear where he will coach in next season. He might make a dramatic comeback to east Bengal but few things are sure about the next season in East Bengal. The thing they did right with Morgan was they bought the right manager in charge. Who can deal with the ego, who can convert all the wana be footballers to start them playing football. See the rise the mehtab in that cental role. He was almost forgotten men in the Bengal football but Morgan made sure he reaches his potentials.

I think the most important player for east Bengal was never Tolgay, It was always mehtab and he will be. He just needs good support from his team.

The main thing now is not who will replace the Tolgay, believe me he can be replaced with some other good striker. But who will replace the Morgan, which will be the key to east Bengal success in the future. They should replace him either by Karim Bencherafa or some other manager form Outside India. Karim has a proven record in India and he has always developed team from these positions. Look at his work in Churchill or even in Goa right now. He may be best suited candidate for the East Bengal right now.

Also they have to keep their Indian player all in places like of sanju, robin singh, nirmal and other young players.


This is great chance of East Bengal to show the Other Bengal side that success is not build on money but it is on the solid foundation building. In the end the winner will always be remembered not the star studded loser sides.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Few beautifull Minds....(Deepka "Rousa")...part one..

From a long time I was thinking how the interview session works. Not for the job part because I have also give them but the Tv, radio or say print media interview. I was thinking what I can do about it. I decide to take it on, and get interview of few people who are rare to find but they have been quite influential in my life. “The last few good people”…

In first part I decided to take interview of one of my friend Deepak “Rousa”. He is man of many mood, sometime poet and sometime the reader, writer and even working also on his own job. But there are few things that only he knows about himself. So I decided to take the interview of him first to know about him more and let other also know. Initially he was little bit skeptical about interview but he got over his fear and ready to give me interview. It was such a beautiful to have a work with him over a Coffey and uncover lots of things about him.

Meri awaz meri pechaan hai ....agar yaad rahe...

Me: hello, Deepak bhai. So finally you are ready to give a full fledged interview to me.
Deepak: Saifi bhai, it is always a pleasure to give you interview. I think you will never writer what I will tell you but you will always end up writing what you want to. Don’t get it wrong but that is issue with all the blogger.

Me: I will try to stay true to this one as much as possible.
I took out a pen, paper and start writing few questions before stating. I knew once it is started, it will be difficult to stop and in the flow I will forget lots of things.

Me: So Deepak, let us know something about you early life in school, what type of student you were in the school?
Deepak: I thought you will be asking about my family first. Ok getting back to you question, my schooling was done from my school in the village. It was not so tech. savvy or say modern school but yet the education I received there was very important. Daily I used to go on stage and sing the Morning Prayer song, other child used to dance and some used to make the sounds also to disturb. It was strange but it was interesting. I used to study daily three hours in the home when I was in school. Personally I loved the stage from early age of my life. I am cleaver boy with simplicity in me. When I used to go to school my father used to look after my hair that it is in order or not. Till date I never abused anyone in my life till date with foul language because it is never taught me. The best part was I topped each class from 1 to 12 in school. I was not good in math’s and history but still I managed to top. Might be that was the reason why boys were not my good friends due to my marks but girls used to care for me as a friend. From them I learned how to more caring towards your friend. They are the best source of learning that has been my experience.

Me: It seemed you enjoyed your life in the school, how your family helped in life at that time. They were supportive what you do?
Deepak: Firstly I lived in the joint family so it was not the small family. I was always loved by family and best part I know I am the soul of my family. But saying so they have given everything that they have to me. They never rejected any of my demand from childhood in any condition either good or bad.
Today I would like to confess one thing that without the love of my family I would have been nothing. I hope I could do something for them.

Me: You father is farmer but then also he does not want you be farmer, why is that so. I am asking this because my father also felt the same way. Can you pin point what is wrong with being farmer in India or just this generation is seeing end of farming.
Deepak: It is tough question answer saifi Bhai. Well first thing Come in my mind after your question was “Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan”, these days both the profession are not any more attractive to our generation. People become Jawan by mistake and Kisan by accident but sayint that realize these both jobs are really tough. If I talk in a broader sense look everyone knows there are not good policies of government related to the agriculture. Even if they would have some policy that will also benefit the middle man in these field.

See the point is they are still following the English time rule in the agriculture field. Take a example of Land acquisition, it is still from the English laws and also it benefit hugely the govt. in term of revenue. They don’t want to change it and try to buy the land from farmers forcefully. Why is the question if you think, then there is economics involved. They purchase land from farmers in small price and sell to developers in large profit. Look if you purchase land in 10rs and sell it to 1000rs then there will be some issues. The only truth in this county is by being farmer you can only live on two time food. that’s it.

Saifi do you ever heard any leader son was killed or any leader was killed in any fight? Answer will be no. In India at basic level there is no democracy only a mask of democracy. Autocracy is always in power and authority. I saw these drams on the grassroot level. I think in the end us and only we can find the answer for the problem of farmer. Nor the govt. and nor the leader.

It was turning out to fascinating discussion and interview with Deepak “Rousa”. In next part he will tell about his college life, his struggler, belief, life and other things like poem…

Saturday, May 12, 2012

faasale aise bhi honge ye kabhii sochaa na thaa ...

This is one of finest Ghazals that you will hear.
It has the soul and also the pain of love. This Ghazal I heared in my school days when 
I was in school and I love this one in the voice of Gumlam Ali Sahab.
Once you hear these you just can’t forget the pain a lover can have ..

This ghazal was written by Adeem Hashmi. 

One of the finest Ghazal by one the few remaining masters of Ghazals….
faasale aise bhi honge ye kabhii sochaa na thaa 
saamane baiTha thaa mere aur vo meraa na thaa 

vo ki Khushbuu kii tarah phailaa thaa mere chaar suu 
main use mahasuus kar sakataa thaa chhuu sakataa na thaa 

raat bhar us kii hii aahaT kaan me.n aatii rahii 
jhaaNk kar dekhaa galii mein ko_ii bhii aayaa na thaa

aks to maujuud the par aks tanahaa_ii ke the 
aa_iinaa to thaa magar us mein teraa cheharaa na thaa 

aaj us ne dard bhii apane alahadaa kar diye 
aaj main royaa to mere saath vo royaa na thaa 

ye sabhii viiraaniyaaN us ke judaa hone se thii.n 
aaNkh dhundhalaaii huii thii shahar dhundhalaayaa na thaa 

yaad karake aur bhii takaliif hotii thii "Adeem" 
bhuul jaane ke sivaa ab koi bhii chaaraa na thaa 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's all Mom ...

It’s that time again; time to honor the woman who is responsible for your very existence, your Mom. Moms are our first teachers and set us on a path for our lives. Their day never ends. It goes on for 24 hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Even when you weren’t with your mother as a child, she was still responsible for you and your actions, your successes and, to some extent, your failures. Like the song says, you were always on her mind. Even when we are grown we are never far from our mother’s thoughts and prayers.

"This song is dedicated to my lovely mother" :)

My thought for my Mom is, “My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all of my successes in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.”

I never had to ask anything from her anytime in my life. My all wishes were used to be already fulfilled before I can ask him for that. Either it has been bicycle or Bike. She has been more excited to buy me bike or say cycle rather than me. I was amazingly lazy to do things and she has to push me thousand times to do things. Now when I think about it how hard must it had been for her to work at office and then also take care of us.

I have fortunate enough not to get the mom scold very often. She used to just say us, “Keep doing what you wanted to do, in the end you have to reach where you wanted to reach not where I wanted you to reach”. It was a brave thing to say, because there is always temptation in the parents to get there dream fulfilled by their child. But I mother never used to think that way. She has given me freedom to choose my career, the way I live my life.

One thing that defines our Indian mom is food of their hand. We never get bored of their handmade food, Achar and also some sweet dishes. Even though my grand mom used to say, “It will be better if I make food rather than your mom”, but then also we always knew she is one of the finest cook. Well feeling the huger by just talking about her food.

Some time I used to wonder how she can do so much with any other help. May be because of that mothers are knows are as a superwomen. The most amazing power in the word, no other can match the love, affection of mother.

This Sunday when mother day arrive, I think all of us should thank out moms to be the best mom. Because of them we are today what we are. And though they will say our success is our biggest price (this is favorite line of grandmother) but don’t miss them to give a hug to tell them how much you love them. I may not give a hug to my mom but defiantly she will be wishing good for me and will be enjoying my mom chat.

P.S.: Even my mom would say happy mother day to his mom, how lucky she is to have her even at this age..Missing my mom...:)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Deepak “Rousa”…Ek kavi, Ek dost

There was a Guy in my class who was so simple that some time I wonder who simple a person can be. He was not special in his looks, he dress up normally and his language was simpler. He was one of those gyus who you will miss out if you don’t interact with him and once you get in touch with him believe me you will not get bored and you will want more for him always. He was “Deepak Rousa” one of my class mate.

I don’t remember when I first met him in the college, also I don’t remember when I first time I noticed in the class. I came into his contact because of Jayant singh one of our close friend. From that point on I am obliged to have such a friend. He has his own qualities which is rare to find. He is poet and a very good one. In today world when everyone is running after the English here you find a guy who loves his language. The first time I heard his poem was in the class was about story of son and his mother. It was a classic story of our Rural India but the only difference is he was showing courage of family in the poem and other we’re seeing the sad part in rural Indian and their inability to do things. The emotions he brings in the poem are rare to find.

His first stage performance was in the farewell of our seniors. And he exceeded our expectation over there. I don’t know who recommended him but his whole part was once of the best and it was beginning of many such performances that we have witnessed in the stage. He was every regular in every event in the college after that.

But those how think his English is not good, you are wrong. He speech in the our debate competition was one the emotional touching description of the rural India and failure of PDS. He will never show how much it means to her everything that he do. You give him any work he will do it with his full dedication. Even he was regular in the class. If you meet him first time you will even never know that he is guzzar, I don’t know it is good or bad thing but you can never judge him with his looks.
He has his friend group where he was more comfortable. He never left them alone in college life. He used to sit the 3 or 4 seat of left hand side. And he made it own because nobody used to sit there. He never bunked class, His assignment was always on time ( And he used to write not copy from somewhere else).

There was a time when I have forgotten about this blog and used to be busy in facebook update only. One day he had a word with me who we can again restart this writing this part. I somehow started writing because of him and it was thing I love most after that.

Few line for Deepak “Rousa”..
Ek kavi ki talash me na jane hum kaha bhatak gaye,
Who paas khada tha hum door nikal gaye,
Usne ek lambi si awaz di hai kahi se,
Sayad woh ussi ped ke neecha to nahi khada hai,
Jaha hum sham ki chai piya karte the,
Par Woh ped ab kisi aur ka hai aur ab chai b waha nahi h,
Sayad who ab kahi se bula raha hai”

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer of broken dreams

Somebody was shouting in my ears to get up. “Mamu utho na, please”. It was my niece Mahi, she was getting ready for her school. I was in no mood of getting up so early. Well 7 AM is too early in my dictionary after my school life. Mahi is in the same school in which I did my schooling. So it was all over again visiting those places where my best part of childhood was spent. I decide to drop her in the school.

Well lots of changes have come in the school. It is not the same school in term of structure and also in term of schooling. I could easily recollect the road which I used to travel, the auto, gate, lots and lots of thing which I could not explain here. It took me to memory lane of my school days. My initial years in school life.

It was easy for my family to choose school for me, as my two elder sisters were studying in the same school. I joined the school in the first class. So I never went to use less class called K.G, Nursery and worst prep. I have very few memory left of my first class. Few things I do remember is when we joined our school has only the main building in which all the classes where there. But after few weeks we got our expansion and our first class was divided in two parts, A section and B section. And after that we never saw eye to eye, we were always rivals and still are in terms of classes.

My first ever friend of school life....

In my class few things that clicked with me instantly was I found one friend on my first day of class. His name was Sankalp, Our friendship was simple because her sister and my sister were in same class and they were friend. So it was easy to become friend as we knew lot about each other. We used to sit together in same bench from first class; we used to share lunch box and lots of things. My roll no used to come first and then his, so in exam also we used to sit behind each other. It will be so hard to explain my friendship with him; I could not be done in words. We are still connected but not as great as we used to be, because times we have spend away from each other. He has grown in own man and I am in my own league. But we are still connecter that is important. But right now there are few more important people who come to know me in first class.

The whole Indian Oil group, this was there group name because they used to come from bus which was of Indian Oil. So in our class they were all famous as Indian Oil group. There are very few people who was in the school from the first class they were in the few batch student. Our first Class teacher Mrs. Bhalerao Ma’am, she was the first person who knows how naughty I was in the class and yet I always got saved somehow.

If I could still remember few more things then Awdesh was our first class monitor, he was always class monitor stuff. He used to know what he does. Then there was topper of our class Yogendra, He was more obsessed with topping class every year than anything else. He always came first in initial few years and then we all gave up to come first in the class. We all were fighting to come second in the class.

Talking about Girls, how we can forget about them. There were two best of friends Anandita and Richa. They used to be best of friends. One of best things they did was “Dance”, they used to dance on some song which I could not remember at this time of movement. There was ever laughing Nazmi in the class. If you ever could associate with her, then her laugh was it. She used to start anything with her giggle and also end with the same.

I am missing so many people in this note, brijesh only Indian oil group person who was in our gang, and then there was Lawlesh, Vivek and lots of other. I could not remember all of them at this time. I am still touch with lots of them. I hope this summer is not turning out to be “Summer of broken dreams”…