Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer of Broken Dreams: The Art attack (Part 2)


“So whose period is this”, I was asking to vivek. He was sitting next to me in the last bench of the 10th class. I was expecting his answer sooner as our social studies teacher left the class. But before he can speak up from his mouth there was shouting from front bench. “It is art class”.

“Shit, don’t tell me that. How come this class comes every day”, I said to vivek. He was looked little bit more worried than me. It was horror look on his face. I could not stop myself from asking, “what happened yaar, why are you so tense”. I could see his nail biting. “I have forgotten my drawing note book in home today”. He replied to me.

Now that was new news for me, Vivek missing his drawing note book. Well let me tell you in my class from about 32 students only 3 boys and all few girls used to bring drawing note book. How can we forget our drawing note book when we have not made the note book for almost 3 years?

We all have been learning same old thing in drawing for last 4 years. In every class we wither make Lotus or some more crappy plant on our note book. Then also you have to make it to perfection otherwise in next class you might end up again making the same old crappy plants again. Majority of class has lost their interest in the drawing classes. While from the last I can see the whole classes busy something or other thing.

“Good Afternoon ma’am”, it was one of the most sung songs by every student in his life. Every day eight time you have to wish your teacher and with same energy. And if you miss it then you might end up saying it thousand times again.

“Sit down, everyone”, it was our drawing teacher voice. But no student was sitting down. Apart from few of us, I was also standing up in the last bench. “I said sit down, everyone”, Ma’am said. This time it was more of a frustrating sound. “Why you all are not sitting can anybody take the pain to explain me?”

So it was time for Mr. Ankit to step in. If you don’t know him let me explain you, He was one of outspoken gyus in the class. He replied, “Actually ma’am we all have not bring our Drawing note book and we all knew you will say to stand up in you class. So that’s why we have decided to just stay in this way, because ultimately we have to stand up in the class”

Well there was not reaction from the ma’am. I think for a movement she was also stunned by the way he has spoken. And the reaction that was followed, it was the most usual rant that we expected in out class.

“You all don’t fear any more teachers.  What you think of yourself, that you are in 10t class so you can do whatever you want”. Personally we all knew in our last year at this school we can do whatever we want in our extra activity. I hated painting and other too, so we dropped it from out plan.

She continued, “I will take you all to principle and make sure you all will not get the admit card”. Now that was the most heard blackmailing you hear in the class 10 and 12. How the hell art is related to our admit card.

She went out of class fuming. Half of the class was stunned and feared for some trouble. We all were trying to see how much there is strength in our group. Nobody backs off that was the main thing.
Then she returned after 5 min. We all were expecting some type of punishment, we might end up in the office of principle I thought. She said, “This is last time I am leaving you all. But you all who have no motive to do art please leaving my class and stand outside. Let your juniors see what you all have done”.

Now in the school group punishment means more fun than the normal one. There is no better punishment then group in school days. At least there are few more friends who are with you in your crime.Those where the days and those were the punishment in the school life.

Today I want to say, I miss drawing class...and what about you...

The best class mates I have had...I can just get and try to recollect all the name as they are...

P.S.: This blog is for all those 2004 batch mates who never used to bring the drawing copy in the class. Either it be saifi (myself), mohit, ankit, sanjay, farhan, vivek, arvind sharma, lawlesh, anandita (she used to bring the drawing notes), reshama(she used to also bring the copy). Well the list is endless and i missed few names here only because I am in hurry to post this blog.