Wednesday, May 16, 2012

East Bengal: The End of Morgan Era

Trevor Morgan will be missed in Kolkata. The Englishman took over East Bengal's helm after the dismal 2009-10 I-League season where the Red and Gold's finished 9th out of 14 participating teams. For a team of East Bengal's vibrant history and rich footballing culture, a 9th place finish in the national league was pathetic. Trevor Morgan's admirable management style has transformed them into the top team in Kolkata and a formidable I-League force. In his first season, he won the Federation Cup, the Kolkata League and also finished runner-up of the I-League. This season alone, the manager has steered the Kolkatan club to another runner-up finish in the I-League and Federation Cup and also won the IFA Shield, Super Cup and Kolkata League.

One man instrumental to this success was the Australian - Turkish footballer Tolgay Özbey. The striker has easily been their best player for the last two seasons scoring 17 goals in the 2011-12 campaign and 18 in this season. Now that he has decided to do 'a Carlos Tevez' and move to arch-rival city neighbours Mohun Bagan, we can expect some fireworks in the Green and Maroon side of Kolkata.

It is still not clear where he will coach in next season. He might make a dramatic comeback to east Bengal but few things are sure about the next season in East Bengal. The thing they did right with Morgan was they bought the right manager in charge. Who can deal with the ego, who can convert all the wana be footballers to start them playing football. See the rise the mehtab in that cental role. He was almost forgotten men in the Bengal football but Morgan made sure he reaches his potentials.

I think the most important player for east Bengal was never Tolgay, It was always mehtab and he will be. He just needs good support from his team.

The main thing now is not who will replace the Tolgay, believe me he can be replaced with some other good striker. But who will replace the Morgan, which will be the key to east Bengal success in the future. They should replace him either by Karim Bencherafa or some other manager form Outside India. Karim has a proven record in India and he has always developed team from these positions. Look at his work in Churchill or even in Goa right now. He may be best suited candidate for the East Bengal right now.

Also they have to keep their Indian player all in places like of sanju, robin singh, nirmal and other young players.


This is great chance of East Bengal to show the Other Bengal side that success is not build on money but it is on the solid foundation building. In the end the winner will always be remembered not the star studded loser sides.