Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The pan pizza : Jayant ultimate fight for pizza

It was again the same boring Sunday in the horizon after the stressful week in the office. It has been long time since I have been out with my friends in the weekend. Sorry only on Sunday because I officially work on Saturday as well. Well it only gives you one day in life to plan so many things and also to complete so much in just only Sunday.

I picked up my phone officially on the Sunday with low battery sound. Now that is nothing new for me it happens to me every day. I often tend to forget to put the phone at charge in night and end screwed up in the morning. At least my other phone saves me some time. I dialed few friends who were all busy whom I wanted to meet. It left me with Jayant and varun in the room.  And we don’t know how we are going to spend our Sunday. About after noon time we were starving for food. We were almost screwed as varun has refused to make a Sunday meal for us and unfortunately or fortunately I and Jayant don’t know how to cook.

So finally around 3 we decided to order pan pizza for have something to eat. We tried to order thought Internet but we didn’t succeeded as it didn’t show our area in delivery zone. So in the end Jayant decided to call the pizza hut call centre for the pizza delivery.

1st call: Jayant called there call center and tried to order the pan pizza. He told them our requirement of 4 pan pizza. They noted the address but after doing that they told us, “Sorry sir we could not deliver you pizza because your room is out of our delivery centre area”. But jayant refused to hear this he continued his argument that he lives in Delhi so he needs pizza in his room. They continue their argument for more than an hour. Then came jayant next argument, “Please connect me to your senior, I don’t want to talk to you as you are unable to solve my query”.

2nd call: The second call was from his senior who tried to solve query of jayant. But in the end even he was not able to solve query of him and also not given what he wanted. So again he called him to connect to his senior. This call also lasted about 30 min. or so. Then again they said there seniors will call up in 5 min. to help him about.

3rd call: Jayant again received call after 5 min. they had a word for about 30 min. again. They repeated same thing that they can’t deliver the pizza because it is out of there service area and Jayant stuck on one point that we need pizza in our room.

After that few more call happened between them and finally there area delivery manager gave us our wish. He said we will deliver you the pan pizza to you room on two conditions:
  •     It will take more than 30 min.
  •     We can’t guarantee the services on pizza hut.

We gladly accepted those terms. We were just waiting for our pan pizza but we learned something form pizza hut awesome services.
  1.  They never let their customers down even if they know that is almost impossible to do as like our request but then also they tried to solve it fully.
  2.  The customer service is most important thing in today word. You can offer whatever quality but if you can’t listen to your customer then you will lose them in the end. Some time you have to go out of the way to make someone happy even if they need to go out of normal way.

P.S.: We gained our 4 pan pizaa after 3 hours of long talk with pizza hut. They have given special services to us and in the end they got the life time customer who will talk about them and their services.