Friday, March 29, 2013

My song of the week: yaram ek thi dayan

The more I listen to this song, I am loving this song more. Really Amazing song written by Gulzar sahab..

Yaaram Lyrics

Hum cheez hain bade kaam ki, Yaaram
Humein kaam pe rakh lo kabhi, Yaaram
Hum cheez hain bade kaam ki, Yaaram

Ho suraj se pehle jagayenge
Aur akhbaar ki sab surkhiyaan hum gungunayenge
Pesh karenge garm chai phir
Koi khabar aayi na pasand toh, end badal denge

Ho munh khuli jamhaai pe
Hum bajaayein chutkiyaan
Dhoop na tum ko lage
Khol denge chhatariyaan
Peechhe peechhe din bhar
Ghar daftar mein le ke chalenge hum

Tumhaari filein, tumhaari diary
Gaadi ki chaabiyan, tumhaari enakein
Tumhaara laptop, tumhaari cap
Aur apna dil, kanwaara dil
Pyaar mein haara bechara dil
Aur apna dil, kanwara dil
Pyaar mein haara, bechara dil...

Yeh kehne mein kuch risk hai, Yaaram!
Naaraz naa ho, ishq hai. Yaaram!

Ho raat savere, shaam ya dopehari
Band aankhon me le ke tumhe ungha karenge hum
Takiye chaadar mehake rehte hain
Jo tum gaye
Tumhari khushboo soongha karenge hum
O.. zulf mein phansi hui khol denge baaliyaan
Kaan khinch jaaye agar
Kha lein meethi gaaliyaan
Chunte chale pairon ke nishaan
Ki unn par aur na paanv pade

Tumhari dhadkanein, tumhari dil sune
Tumhari saans sune, lagi kampkapi
Naa gajre bune, juhi mogra toh kabhi dil
Humaara dil, pyar mein haara bechara dil
Humara dil, humara dil
Pyaar mein haara
Bechara dil...

— by Gulzar

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why I can’t write these days

I have been trying to write something for a long time, but due to something or another I was unable to do so. It has been really frustrating for me because I know what to write but still could not pen it down in laptop paper or anywhere in length.

I start to write on any topic but after first line, my mind become blank or get confused. It just started questioning why I am writing this, I could not write beyond one line in most of time. It became the process where I would just write, edit, delete and rewriter the whole thing again n again in my laptop.  It was totally opposite to my earlier self, where I would love to write about anything from football to books and sometime about myself also, but then everything seems to me that It is again the same repetition I am doing on my blog. I become more complicated as writer and also as a person, I started to find deep meaning in everything and ended up finding nothing, but it was really great process and it made me realize of few thing in the end by a simple thing which I can came across by my friend.

Why I have reached a situation like this, where I could not think and write about anything.
Life is lots about questions and finding its answer. But the problem is, we sometime over think about a lots of thing, from love, family, friends and career. It takes lots of time, energy and also matter of fact you mind also. There was story I read few days back that if the bottle is already filled with old things, you can’t filled it with new details. As I see today, I have in my mind lots of things, from football, love, life, work and family also. But I could not write anything because there is too much in mind.  

I want to take a break from blogging because it just now fun part anymore to me, I am missing the enjoyment in process which I used to have. I don’t know when I will write again, maybe tomorrow or may be after one month. But this time I am not setting any deadline for myself, It will come back to me once I feel fully involved in it. May there is no problem and I am over thinking about everything, but I have no solution either this time.

P.S. the best I can do is taking a break from everything around, and hope for something new to happen….

Thursday, March 14, 2013


जज्बात बहुत से हे दिल में,
किसे भूल चलु किसे याद करू ....

कुछ खुसियो के दीपक जलते हे,
रोशन जो दिल को करते हे,

और दर्द की गठरी भरी हुई.
"रौसा" किस किस के पास रखु ?

जज्बात बहुत से हे दिल में,
किसे भूल चलु किसे याद करू....

उमीद के आंचल,
गम के बादल,
आँखों में मोती भरे हुए..

कुछ जख्म भरे हे अभी - अभी
कुछ घाव अभी तक हरे - हरे,

किससें करू में दर्द बया ?
में खुद से खुद ही, संवाद करू...

जज्बात बहुत से हे दिल में,
किसे भूल चलु किसे याद करू....

दीपक रौसा

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Don't Ask for Help

In your day to day life how many people you meet daily, have you ever though that and from those how many people you talk. I don’t know but answer would be very less, as we are always to remain in our own self. We try to not be open toward anything which is going to change our life in anyway.  Why I am writing this blog is because few days back one really interesting thing happen to me and it just bought one very basic thing back in my mind. We are not in this world to only live our life but we are in this world to make our life better by helping other also.

So back to the incident, it was one of those days I was coming back from office and I exited from metro on my destination.  When I came out I saw a very interesting thing, there was two people from where the road was starting, one was the beggar and other was a well suited man. Beggar was asking for the money from every person who was walking from In front of him and few people were helping him with money and other were just passing by, and the well suited person was also asking for help from each of the person who was just walking but no one was stopping to help him. When I walked in front of him, he asked for help from me also. He said, “Please man help me, I have to make a call to my friend as my phone is in his car only” I thought for a second and gave him my cell to make a call. I don’t know why I did that, may be because I thought he was looking a genuine person but in the world of today we could not trust anyone.

He called his friend and confirmed about his friend, finally he was relieved once he heard his phone is with his friend. After cutting call he gave me my phone and told me few things. He was a software engg. In a big org (I don’t want to name it), he just purchased a new phone of 30k and he forget that in his friend car but was not sure about that. His heart was really beating fast because if that phone was lost it would have just broken his heart out. He told me one interesting thing about life and people, he said, you know I was here for last 45 Min. and I asked for help from almost 100 people but every one answered that I don’t have BAL, some said I don’t have phone and some said I could not help you. They could not trust me because they were not sure about who I am, I could get them in trouble. That is the biggest tragedy in life, we want everyone to be good to us but still we could not want to help others.

After I left him to walk toward my rest of journey, I realized how we have become too insensitive to others and try to avoid this kind of situation. That day I learned, some time you don’t have to do most difficult thing in life to help others but your single help to anyone when he need can change their life.

Friday, March 8, 2013

वो मेरा हो न सका

 प्रस्तुत कविता निराशावादी भावात्मक अभिवक्ति हे. सच तो ये हे की इन्सान की परछाई भी उसका साथ छोड़ देती हॆ...मगर दुःख  ज्यादा तब होता हे जब खुद की परछाई से भी ज्यादा कोई प्यारा उसका  साथ छोड़ दे.....मेरे ये बिखरी सी कविता मेरी उस  इन्सान के हर्दय में चल रहे विचारो का प्रस्तुति  हे.......... :) 

"जो था मेरा,
वो भी मेरा हो न सका I

जश्न की बात थी,
जज्बात   तेद्पाते   थे मगर,
सब देखते तो "रौसा" रो ना सका..

बड़ा खाब था,
उनको बताएँगे हाल ए दिल ,
वो मेरा ही रहा जो खवाब  उनका हो न सका .......

जो था मेरा वो भी मेरा हो न सका,

के   उनसे शिकवा कैशा ?,
क्या गिला !
अकेला छोड़  कर गया ,
हमें तो जो मिला,

जाने कहा खुद से भी ग़ुम हो गया ?
दर्द बस गीत बनकर बह गया !
हर रिश्ता एक रस्ता सा बनकर रह गया ,
कोई नही बताता मेरी मंजिलो  का अब पता I

जो था मेरा वो भी मेरा हो न सका ......".

                                                                      दीपक रौसा