Thursday, May 30, 2013

The broken Friendship

If you don’t trust anyone, never make him your friend otherwise you will lose chance of being friend with some who you can trust. I have never understood why people have to fake the friendship for the sake of it. 

There is one friend of mine, who used to be my good friend and frankly I thought he is one of my close friend. I used to share most of things in my life with him and also I used to think that he is one of them who are good person and truly a good friend, but when I look back today it all seems to be an illusion created by me. I never expected him to do anything for me, but just wanted that person to be true with me. I guess that never happens, what you expect from other and what they expect from you are always different. I just asked myself why it made me so upset. Why do I still think about that failed friendship?

The answer was simple, I have been so open to him that I expected the same from him, but it don’t happen the same way always, you can never govern the other people life and the way they are thinking, the way they behave with you. You can always do you part but you should not expect other one to do their part perfectly. There are so much human emotion involved in each relationship that you don’t know which one is true, some time you hate something and other day you love it. But people say friendship is above that, I thought so but it could not hold true in my case. I still feel angry about that thing why he has to hide from me so many things; I was not a good friend? What made my case more complicated is that he always told me lies but I came to know all things from someone else, and that hurt the most, our relationship changed.

I have questions which can’t be answered, you know if he says that you were not good friend and you never shared you life with me, so I could not do the same. I could understand that, I would have fine with it. Not everything can be shared with everyone I know, but you have to always share some part to the people you trust. Because they will always be with you, no matter what happens in life. I am still with that friendship, hanging in there but not sure when the true nature of friend will be back. I hope it does but not sure it will ever happen.

I always think of blaming lots of people for this, but I realized with time that other people can’t be hold responsible for the thing happen between me and him, It was down the life me or him responsible for this, because we allowed this to happen to us. After writing this piece may be I will feel much better because some time broken images hurt you most in life, no matter how much you try to heal it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Chelsea fc: Movements from Europa League

Well last night I spend whole night watching this match, if your team win then it is well spend night as we say. What a great night it was, seriously.  Here are the few movement from the match which I written when the live match was going on 

Torres movement:
Well it was just a blink of movement in the match, that was why we bought torres to get behind the defender and what a time to get his timing right.
My first reaction when I saw him sprinting was Torres you have to score, but once he beat luciono my doubt start to grow, I was anxious, as he rounded the keeper my memory of him missing those chances started to come back in my mind. As he hit the shot, it was like a movement when I could not see because I fear for worst of him missing the shot, but delivered this time. He scored; Torres 50 Million signing has scored finally in big stage for Chelsea.

Penalty movement:
Not again, Chelsea has done this thing so many time, what was dave you where thinking at that time. Do you realize this; I am going mad at this movement of time. I could not explain what I am feeling a sinking of ship I think. But what a great penalty taken by the Benefice player, he was so calm in his buildup of play that you could doubt he will not miss.

Torres penalty Movement:
For me it was not a penalty, even though I am a Chelsea fc and I would have loved if referee would have given that, but the thing I loved in that part was how Torres was fighting for the ball and he was looking eager to take on the ball and score which was not visible in first half. We all have said too many times that torres is back, maybe now he is more motivated and keen to score more. 12 minute to go look who score the next one, or it goes to penalty.

What a safe by chech:
That is why he is first on team list every week, what a save made by him and he do it week in week out for us. He is not mention is PFA team or other team because we all take him for granted as his standard are so high in the season that we expect him to keep clean sheet week in and week out.

Anxious faces of fans:
Well five minute to go in regular time, and you look at the face of, ohh my god what a attempt by frankyy fraankyy lampard. It was out of world only denied by the woodwork. What a goal it would have been if scored. But as a fan in last 5 min. you don’t want De ja vuu movement thrown at you.

Corner in last few Min:
Can it be a late late show by Chelsea fc.  Yes it is, yes it is…..
Woooohhhhh we have won…. What a goal by Ivanovic, scorer who missed last year final. The script could not have been written better for Chelsea, this is a great goal. Just god makes it final action. Ohh noo what a sramble in the box finally saved. What a tackle by Chahill.
Final .. It ends.. we have won … fainlly we have won the game… we have won the game… we have won….
Great game but we won that’s all matter.

Note: Nathen Ake in the after celebration look as he has lost in the big squad, he seems to not knew what to do in this situation.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Song of the week: Baba Ji ki Booti

 The day I have learned the song, I fell in love with this song, Especially the line said in the end. The way he says Baba ji I love you concluded this dope song, but overall what a song. I give 4 out of 5 and really a chill song. And mind you it suits the whole Goa mood as well.

Hmm hmm hmmm... (Coughs...)
Hmm hmm hmmm..

Le maar
Babaji ki booti
Babaji ki booti
Babaji ki booti lala la la...
Babaji ki booti lala la la...

Jo bhari chilam bane hum hero
Life lage film, samasya zero
Daaru - bandon ki gandi harkat
Booti - upar waale ki barkat
Babaji ki booti lala la la
Babaji ki booti lala la la

Baba ji ki jai hoo

Oh o o..
Let me take you to the Babaji
Sukh ganjan babaji, dukh hanjan babaji
Aye aye Wonderful babaji powerful babji
Booti-ful Babaji

Ho agar kisi ladki ka chakkar
Ya ho boss tera raawan ka puttar
Booti - har duvidha ka salution
Dhuaan - de frustration me potion
Babaji ki booti lala la la..
Babaji ki booti lala la la..

Woh dekh, woh kya hai? Panchhi hai kya?
Naa re pagle, plane
Arey dekh underwear bahar hai, Superman
Na that is Babaji
Babaji ki booti
Babaji ki booti

Babaji ki jai ho
Jai ho babaji ki
Unchaaiyon ko gehraiyon me leen kar dijiye
Atma k ram se trauma ka spam clean kar dijiye
Yahan ameer gareeb mein koi bhed nahi hai
Baba ke seedhe prasaran mein rukavat to hai
Magar rukawat ke liye sala koi khed nahi hai
Samasya ke middle finger pe
Samadhan ki angoothi - Babaji ki booti
Babaji ki booti
Babaji I love you!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Grand Indian Family television time

I have been in my home after some 6 month, and yet my family and its member have not changed at all. My mom, dad, sister, niece and even my 80 year old Nani has not changed a bit. They all still act in the same way, same nature and they all still watch those stupid serial on the TV daily. 

Since I have been started living in Delhi NCR from 2009 first for studies and then for job, I have been away from home in last 4 years, but still my family do all those thing daily which they used to 4 years back. I have changed a lot, I have lost touch with my football matches, even my few all time hit serial like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but that comes with busy life. But my family seems to have enough time on their hand in the evening to enjoy the show from 7 to 10 PM from Monday to Friday. Even though my mom is working still she doesn’t miss any of those shows. 

They all start there show time from 7, some time if cable is not working then they are joined by uncle also who just live very near to our home. They all seem to so involve at time to the serial that they even curse the villain for bad things and there sympathy always goes with heroine. And as you our know our serial heroine they seems to run their tears daily one time in show, god if they cry at that speed they can also help the state hit by drought. Well but it don’t affect their loyal audience, and my family is one of them.

The most amazing thing I saw at around 8:30 pm was in family that dad left the tv room and went to other room where small tv is there, initially I could not understand but later mom told me that he likes diff. serial and on this time I watch diff. serial so your dad take the different option in the smaller TV. Really my family is so much passionate about their favorite TV serial, but I could not understant what makes them more passionate about their favorite show. 

I too enjoy all the shows with them, because they always explains me the situation to me in such a way that it sound too much interesting to me and I could not stop myself from thinking what will happen. And best part in this whole process is there prediction about shows, what will happen tomorrow. Who will beat whom, who will die, who will beat whom, who will win and who will lose, they can now predict any kind of twist and turn of the show as they have so much experience of Ekta Kapoor serial. Even thought she has lost touch with his favorite K word, but she still rule the small screen like no other has done and might no one will be able to repeat that. 

Well in the small break my family helped me to improve my television intelligence around and it reminded that no matter what happens but we Indian still like the old family drama, because we love that.