Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Grand Indian Family television time

I have been in my home after some 6 month, and yet my family and its member have not changed at all. My mom, dad, sister, niece and even my 80 year old Nani has not changed a bit. They all still act in the same way, same nature and they all still watch those stupid serial on the TV daily. 

Since I have been started living in Delhi NCR from 2009 first for studies and then for job, I have been away from home in last 4 years, but still my family do all those thing daily which they used to 4 years back. I have changed a lot, I have lost touch with my football matches, even my few all time hit serial like F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but that comes with busy life. But my family seems to have enough time on their hand in the evening to enjoy the show from 7 to 10 PM from Monday to Friday. Even though my mom is working still she doesn’t miss any of those shows. 

They all start there show time from 7, some time if cable is not working then they are joined by uncle also who just live very near to our home. They all seem to so involve at time to the serial that they even curse the villain for bad things and there sympathy always goes with heroine. And as you our know our serial heroine they seems to run their tears daily one time in show, god if they cry at that speed they can also help the state hit by drought. Well but it don’t affect their loyal audience, and my family is one of them.

The most amazing thing I saw at around 8:30 pm was in family that dad left the tv room and went to other room where small tv is there, initially I could not understand but later mom told me that he likes diff. serial and on this time I watch diff. serial so your dad take the different option in the smaller TV. Really my family is so much passionate about their favorite TV serial, but I could not understant what makes them more passionate about their favorite show. 

I too enjoy all the shows with them, because they always explains me the situation to me in such a way that it sound too much interesting to me and I could not stop myself from thinking what will happen. And best part in this whole process is there prediction about shows, what will happen tomorrow. Who will beat whom, who will die, who will beat whom, who will win and who will lose, they can now predict any kind of twist and turn of the show as they have so much experience of Ekta Kapoor serial. Even thought she has lost touch with his favorite K word, but she still rule the small screen like no other has done and might no one will be able to repeat that. 

Well in the small break my family helped me to improve my television intelligence around and it reminded that no matter what happens but we Indian still like the old family drama, because we love that.