Monday, May 20, 2013

Chelsea fc: Movements from Europa League

Well last night I spend whole night watching this match, if your team win then it is well spend night as we say. What a great night it was, seriously.  Here are the few movement from the match which I written when the live match was going on 

Torres movement:
Well it was just a blink of movement in the match, that was why we bought torres to get behind the defender and what a time to get his timing right.
My first reaction when I saw him sprinting was Torres you have to score, but once he beat luciono my doubt start to grow, I was anxious, as he rounded the keeper my memory of him missing those chances started to come back in my mind. As he hit the shot, it was like a movement when I could not see because I fear for worst of him missing the shot, but delivered this time. He scored; Torres 50 Million signing has scored finally in big stage for Chelsea.

Penalty movement:
Not again, Chelsea has done this thing so many time, what was dave you where thinking at that time. Do you realize this; I am going mad at this movement of time. I could not explain what I am feeling a sinking of ship I think. But what a great penalty taken by the Benefice player, he was so calm in his buildup of play that you could doubt he will not miss.

Torres penalty Movement:
For me it was not a penalty, even though I am a Chelsea fc and I would have loved if referee would have given that, but the thing I loved in that part was how Torres was fighting for the ball and he was looking eager to take on the ball and score which was not visible in first half. We all have said too many times that torres is back, maybe now he is more motivated and keen to score more. 12 minute to go look who score the next one, or it goes to penalty.

What a safe by chech:
That is why he is first on team list every week, what a save made by him and he do it week in week out for us. He is not mention is PFA team or other team because we all take him for granted as his standard are so high in the season that we expect him to keep clean sheet week in and week out.

Anxious faces of fans:
Well five minute to go in regular time, and you look at the face of, ohh my god what a attempt by frankyy fraankyy lampard. It was out of world only denied by the woodwork. What a goal it would have been if scored. But as a fan in last 5 min. you don’t want De ja vuu movement thrown at you.

Corner in last few Min:
Can it be a late late show by Chelsea fc.  Yes it is, yes it is…..
Woooohhhhh we have won…. What a goal by Ivanovic, scorer who missed last year final. The script could not have been written better for Chelsea, this is a great goal. Just god makes it final action. Ohh noo what a sramble in the box finally saved. What a tackle by Chahill.
Final .. It ends.. we have won … fainlly we have won the game… we have won the game… we have won….
Great game but we won that’s all matter.

Note: Nathen Ake in the after celebration look as he has lost in the big squad, he seems to not knew what to do in this situation.