Thursday, March 29, 2012

College calling ....Again!!!!!! ( Alumni meet)

Recently I received invitation from our college for the Alumni meet. I have yet not decided whether I will able to go over there or not. I don’t know but still I have not made my mind up about this situation. Some of my college friends are super excited about to go back to college once more.
When you leave college, there are thousands of people out there with the same degree you have; when you get a job, there will be thousands of people doing what you want to do for a living. But you are the only person alive who has sole custody of your life and what you do with it. Well so lets check out some my points which I found about Alumni meet.

this is only thing on which I missed out on my college life.

What to expect in the College alumni meet ( For first time visitors like me):
  1.  You meet with all of your college friends, juniors, seniors and faculty. Well ideally this is what is supposed to happening over in the meet but I doubt it because usually these type of function are boring to talk about you fun life. You can talk about good experiences and Blah..Blah….
  2.  Free lunch. This point I thought off after seeing Jayant. If you can ever give him any reason to visit college Alumni meet, there can’t be any better that this.
  3.  A proper weekend with friends. Well those who work from Monday to Saturday can only understand this pain. Well you can’t have a better chance of proper weekend with all your old friends.
  4. One of the major reasons why you should visit alumni meet is to socialize little bit. Well I am terrible at it. I miss birthday date, parties I hate to go; I skip call and now days even I am not found on facebook and twitter. This may give you lot of time to socialize and even to gossip a lot about class, love life of other and you hate towards it.
  5. Time to show off. Well boys and girls this is time to show off what you have got yourself new in the wardrobe since you left the college. How much you have invested of your salary in yourself. Well boys will be focusing on Blackberry suits with a latest business phone. And girls will try new hairstyle and even they will go shopping for this meet. Strangely even if I decide to visit, I will be in my casual best. A jeans, shirts and hopefully someday a Guitar. No shopping, no blackberry suites ( I hate those formal suites, it make you feel like being in the line of retirement)
  6. Well if you love you college and really want to visit but you can’t find the reason. You can visit the college and as per my sources there might be some gifts for you also. So be prepared to take the gifts.
a college pic when every one was on holidays...:)

Well after some of the positive lists why you should visit College alumni meet, let’s make a note why we should we avoid this type of social event:
  1. Well going to back to college after few months it does not sound good. Well even if you reach over there last time I was told there were only less than 50 students last time. So either go in a group of friends or skip the event.
  2. Well how hard you try not to admit it but these events are boring and are only means something once you achieve something in professional life. Well I have just started Career what I can say about my experiences.
  3. Anti social and anti group, well I still remember what will happen if one of My close friend end being alone in the Alumni meet with Dealing king or PK bhai.. Well I think one or other will be frustrated.
  4. Well there will be again same question of where you work, job profile, salary and next. Come on nobody ask these question these day even my Grand ma don’t ask these types of questions.
Even thought there are more pro than cons in visiting Alumni meet (Just because I didn’t wanted to name few more). I am still in confusion about it. Well I hope it end up being a annual event with a fix date so it can be really helpful in planning. 

P.S.: Well while writing this blog I was strictly advice to avoid the controversy, I thought “JALNE DE…oH hooo JALNE DE”……and this called pure "SAIFIZZMMMMMMM"...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It is tear for the love we had

Well this is one of my most liked poem. This one I read in the book few year back randomly. Well I am sure you will also like this poem if you ever had felt a heartbreak.

It is tear for the love we had,
or a tear for the love that left,
it is tear for those fights over milkshake,
or a tear for this ugly heartbreak,
it is a tear for i thought you were the one,
or a tear for by my side there is none,
i understand it didn't go well,
those tree couldn't hold our name for long,
i understand that sitting under the stars,
has lost it magic and its charm,
i understand that all i sought for,
is now shattered to piece like glass,
and so now i have to take it in my face,
and have to walk apart!,

P.S.: After reading this poem I felt how much I hate it but now I'll have to walk away....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The college Equations....

As my college comes nears towards its end. My affection toward college has increased but toward classes has decreased. I do not know how to explain it but just you can say classes are sound like hangover time.

It is just that when your first semester starts you see classes as a time to learn and to be comfortable in new world. You always see this is your chance and you should make best use of it. Teachers seem to be your friend and you try to hear each and every word said by them. You go library in search of the entire new book related to you subject to gain advantage over other student. You always ask the difficult question in the class, even if it not directly or indirectly related to your subject. You don’t bunk the class or even try to do it.

The first semester of any MBA college seems to be so scoolish, but that’s what it is all about. After the first battle, then comes the second semester. This is always different from first semester. You attendance dips a bit. The last bench is booked by few good fellows of class (like I used to have one for myself). Even though you know the answer, you are not first to raise your hand. Visit to library decreases like temperature in winter but it is replaced by canteen visits. Your assignments are either copied or submitted late. You even stop making subject wise note. New funda is to just get a photo copy of your friend notes.

In second semester you are more interested in which of you senior is placed where instead of focusing on your own summer internship. You are more worried about your job prospects even if it is one year away.How could I forget, the new bonding in class. Some love birds are found and some jolly good friends. Friendship has an all new meaning in life. Living 24/7 is just becomes part of your life. Late night parties, some drinking and dancing all seems so good. Expenses surpass your bank balance. Phone bill rises to a new level and yet you think you talk so little in ratio of others.

Hey, still I am missing so many things. I think this will continue to come in. after all I can now only remember my college days like this.

P.S.: This blog is written it when i was in the college...:)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Village Diary (Part 3)

Have you ever thought what mobile did change in your life? Well apart from privacy there are few other things also. Because of mobile phone our grand old Mr. Landline died amateur death.

I was in 6th standard when landline phone came in our home. My Dad told me it took them two year of marathon to get landline phone line in our village. They needed min. 10 connection to get the BSNL landline connection in our village. Somehow they got the magical figure number of application. It was really hard for us as a kid to believe that landline is in our home. At that time only one of my Aunts used to have landline. So after the landline connection was in home we used to think whom to call. We used to rush every time phone start ring to see who pick up the phone first. It used to be fun well these are now good old days.

In my area where my home is located there were only two connection of phone. One was in my home other was in our neighborhood. Well in early days of landline phone we used to receive calls only from relative, some friends and from my mom office. I still remember when first time our phone was dead. The complaint was made and in next day the linesman arrived and corrected the fault. For our surprise they even not demanded single rupees for it. We all were used to give bribe to electricity lines man to get fault corrected.

There were no free calls, no sms days and even caller ID phone was rare thing. We used to talk less and think about when next to talk on phone. My friend used to call me generally after 8 so I used to be on alert to pick up the call. Late night call rates used to be cheaper but it was harder to talk and at that time there were no Vibrate or silent mode on phone.

Well see the use of phone in black and while songs as well :)...
Well fault increased in the telephone line but the other thing that increased is calls for the people from your neighborhood. All sorts of calls in day and night time started to come. Some of them for messages and some call to give them message to talk to them on particular time. Well when someone used to come in our house for calls they used to talk. I don’t know why but it was weird for me to understand all those things at that time. I was just a kid. For me phone was just another medium of enjoyment and still it was the next big thing in our life at that time.

It was till the time mobile phone arrived we used to have landline phone in our home. It came to end but still we have our landline set in our home. It is still placed in same place where it was originally places. Funny thing is now there are no more landline connection is there in our village and at one time our villagers have to struggle for almost 2 year to get the connection.  

Saturday, March 24, 2012

If I’d only known...(One of best poem)

This is one of the poems which I have read in some book. Every time I read this poem I realize how much I miss every one whom I love when they are gone.

If I’d only known,
That this is the last time we’ve met, I would have stopped the break of dawn,
And stopped the sun to set…

If I’d only knwn,
That I wouldn’t ever see you again,
I would have framed a picture of you within,
To end my sufferings, to end my pain,

If I’d only known…
That this is the last time I sit by you side,
I would have told you how much I love you,
Keeping rest thing aside,

If I’d only known,,
That we would never hold hands again,
I would have held them strong,
And never let anything go wrong…

All I can say I missed you…
If I’d only known….

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Accidently In friendship ……..

While I was in my home town one of my friend told me his friendship which I am trying hard to write down. All the time I was sitting idle and seeing lots of stars in the sky. It was all so bright in the sky and I miss those days in Delhi especially in the summer nights.

A boy harry and girl sally met in college (Ideally title should be when harry met sally). They were from different background, different region. Only thing they have common,there dream to make big in college and life. They started their college not knowing each other for.But some time you come to know some one accidentally. First time they had a word about some project was about after 4 month of college and they become the project partner. They know they can’t be friend not because they don’t like each other but they know they can’t be friend as their background difference doesn’t allow this.

Well who care for these things in the college. They met few more time in the college, class and also in canteen. They both made some good friend in the new college and new life. They hit the ground running with new friends. Their chemistry was great but they were not friends. Well the friend in their group were mostly couples. So it gave them extra time to be together. It made them understand each other more but still they were not friends. They went together in few parties and in the fresher party as well. Their entire friend was thinking as they were couple but for them they were still not friends. They used to have late night talk and lots of chat about their problems in college, life and friendship. They share lots of thing but only about college life. Both of them used to trust each other, help each other in notes, studies but still for them they were still not friends.

First semester holidays arrived faster than anyone of them would have thought. They all went away to homes with the promise of be back in few weeks and to be in touch in these weeks. Well exactly opposite happened with harry and sally. Both of them not made any promise. sally said to harry not to call him in these weeks. Not even messages can be sent. Well harry was fine with it initially. All of them left for holidays. And yet they were not friends.

Harry arrived in home after the first 6 month in the college. He was happy to be back in home. He was meeting with his old friends. First night he missed something in his life but he was not sure of what. All his friends were buys in something or other. He wanted to talk to someone. For the first time he was missing sally. He could not call sally and what bother him most was is sally also missing him? He was not sure about that. He wanted to know about her more than anything. How is She, what would be she doing? He picked up his phone thousand times and dialed her number and cut it again. He knows sally has said not to call her and he don’t want to offend her.

He gathered some courage, picked up his phone and type message. “How are you? I am missing my friend sally. Can we be friends?” He pressed send button. No reply was received for next few hours. He  was anxious about the reply. What would be her reply, has she read the message, why has she not replied, at least some reply can be send. Every message received in his phone he was thinking about it should be sally message. At around midnight he received message from sally. “I am fine. Don’t message me again as I said to you till we reach the college”.

It broke harry heart. His all dreams were gone from his eyes. She does not like him as friend? He is so bad. His thought were getting wild. He was only thinking about it has to be me.

He received another message in his phone. He opened the message. His smile was back on face after reading the message. “Well Mr. harry as per your friendship is concern you have to treat me as I am to missing you as my friend but no message OK.”

He was smiling and was on the cloud 9. For the first time he changed his name in this mobile as “Friend sally”. And for the records they were friends for the first time.

He was waiting for the day their college will open again and hoping his new friend sally will also be thinking the same. Friendship can bring lots of happiness in your life.

Felling happy...:)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Journey......

I Love Delhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not just because it’s my hometown. It is because the happenings and incidents that happens day to day over here makes me proud that I am a Delhite……

Well, I would like to share my bus journey which I faced last time. I am very much use to in travelling by Bus. But last Monday journey was little bit different for me.
Actually I left from my house at 9.30 am to catch the bus for my office. As, I have to cover my half distance by bus and half by Metro Train. So, when I reached at the bus stop, there was no one at that bus stop except a person who was selling tobacco, cigarettes, toffees etc. I was waiting from past half an hour but not a single bus came which could be useful for me. In between that time period, I had seen 12-15 people at that bus stop which was unbelievable for me at that day because it was not so much popular among commuters.

After half an hour, a red colored (A/C) DTC bus came over there and approximately 80% people caught that bus including me. So, I gave Rs.5 more than the usual fare I use to give for that distance because of its so called A/C which I have never found in that type of buses.

After 2 bus stops there was a huge crowd jumped over the bus and my nose was stick next to the cheek of the man who was standing beside me. One of the uncles seems 40-45 years was screaming badly because his hand got stuck in the door of that bus as Mr. Driver closed the so called doors due to passenger’s safety. His elbow was outside that bus and remaining body parts were inside that bus. He told to conductor, “@* %$>: open the door”. Then the door was opened and he took a long deep breadth just like his loose motion has been cured with desi treatments.

2-3 girls were standing in front of me having with decent fragrance struggled to find out a support to make themselves comfortable in such a concert [seems that Backstreet Boys were going to perform in that bus after watching that crowd]. Few teenagers tried to stick with them, but got demotivated due to their angry looks.

But a most interesting character was standing beside me. He told that “I am feeling very much hesitation in that bus.” I didn’t understand why he was feeling hesitation but suddenly I realized that he meant to say ‘suffocation’ instead of hesitation.

On that day, I realized if I use to travel with my own conveyance, then I really missed those cherished moments which I enjoyed on that day. It was a wonderful experience indeed.

By : Jayant Singh:)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Village diary...(Part 2)

I looked at my watch it was about 12 noon yet there was so much calm here. I got the mixed feeling in my heart. It has been about 6 months since I visited home. Crossing the road seemed easier as traffic chaos was missing of big city. Everyone seems to be familiar face in the small town.

Usually form road to my home the distance is of about 1.5 Km. either my dad or Jija ji used to pic me up from the outside of the Village. This time it was different as I have decided to give surprise to all of them by reaching on my own. Nobody knew about my arrival apart from my Sister. While walking to the side of road I can see the difference in the village. The biggest change I have seen was to see lots of educational institute around my village. Well from engineering to management and even law college is now in walking distance of village. It feels strange to see these things happen in outside of my village. This was the same village where not a single school used to be there apart from Madarsa (It is place where Muslim student take education usually of religion and also now days it turn out to be full school with all facilities).

I and my sister used to go At least 25 KM for our college and even to 35 KM daily (Don’t think we used to walk that much. We used to take public transport). I had a luxury of bike when I was in college but my elder sisters used to go by public transport. This thing seems to have so little relevance today but it taught me so many things. I never complained in my life that I live in village so I will not be able to that or I am this because of that. Education is one thing only which can change the life and dynamics of villages. Nobody in village used to go to college from here till my sister first started it (I am biased toward praising her). People used to stay either in city or do it by correspondence. She was the one who gone against the trend and started the new trend. Nobody will remember her as first lady to be Graduate from his generation but she broke the barriers that were there in the village. Girls can study and even the higher studies. Well matter of fact in my village girl’s ratio of Graduate is higher than the boys. Maybe because they all know how hard they have to work to go for the education. It could not have been possible if two main points where not there:

College fees: It is quite less compare to what all big college charge to student. I graduated from Allahabad University in less than 5,000 Rs. And it is combines fees of all three years. It gives them option of dreaming that they can also take the education.

College status: Co College may be in trend in big city but if you go in small city there you find all girls and all boys colleges. Well it might be seemed backward to people here in big city. This is only hope for lots of girls whose parents might not allow them to go for college if it is Co College. This is truth but who cares if we can educate one generation we hope next will be more liberal and free in his/her thoughts.

I received the best education that my family can provide me. But when I see there are talented child’s out there but they can’t do anything. They don’t know what to do with life.

Well moving on I just imagined how things can be changed with little effort but will be helpful. I have seen city grow and villages turn into city just because of this education industry. I Hope same will happen with my village. Someday we might get to know it as a education hub of Allahabad.

A noise broke my thoughts. It was horn of car. Well I have given them way as I was walking in the middle of the road. Well walking carrying a big bag filled with all dirty cloth was not easy. I was smiling at every change I can notice. From trees to new homes in the village, new holes in the road and yet it seemed so much the same old like nothing has changed since I was the kid.

P.S.: Well education is one thing which can change your life. Even my grandmother used to take classes from me when I was in school. If she can try I think ever body can. She can write her name in Hindi and English yet she has not seen the face of school (only time she was in school to listen my compliant from teachers).

 By:  Saifi Shahid

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The village diary…. (Part 1)

Well usually I write about lots of my current life and lot about my friend life in this blog. When I was at my home in small village in Allahabad I decided to write about that place from where I belong to and where my roots are. The village diary is a collection of my small memories about my village and life over there, which made me what I am today.

My village is almost 25 KM away from main city of Allahabad. The Village name as HATWA, I don’t know about the story behind the name of my village but I found that name unusual. If you will try to find my village even on Google map, it will be really hard because it does not show over there. Well my village has nothing especial to talk to about. Nor we have any special monuments or nor village has any special talent to talk about but yes if I can say something about my village it has some pure heart people living over there. It is located around somewhat 1.5 KM away from the main road, and to reach my home from main road either take a long walk or have your own vehicle.
Well the road, it has not been repaired for almost a decade. Last time I saw the road to be repaired was when I was in school. This time when I saw the road it has more holes in the road then in the field. And yet nobody ever complained about it. I was about to land in my hometown Allahabad in the railways station and it was little bit weird feeling that how long has been away from the city and yet it seemed like the same. One famous poet said about Allahabad that if you put one basket of fruits in the street of Allahabad and after one year you will find that fruit basket in the same place because this city never changes. Well that was about 50 year ago; only thing that not changed in the city from that time was city name and Sangam.

I walked outside of the railway station from Platform No. 1 to take auto or tempo to reach home. Well if you don’t know Tempo is other name of Shared auto. Allahabad has not changed much I can think on my mind. It was same crowd, people talking to each other about politics even though they might not know each other apart from taking a sip of tea with each other in a shop. Every one asking me about me what I need tempo or taxi, It puzzled me because being lived in Allahabad for so long it was strange to be asked for auto and taxi. I responded in a confused state of mind, “Sorry I don’t need that”. I was looking for the tempo stand from where I can find the right transportation for my home and that to in cheaper way. Well who mind to travel 20 KM in shared auto and that to in 10 bucks? Well surely I don’t.

Some pan shop wala helped me to know from where I can find the auto for my destination. In Allahabad if have to ask for a route usually I ask the Pan wale Bhaiya because they are the best resource to get the right information. For me there were few more surprises over there. The entire autos were standing in the straight line and in arranger manner. It was new thing for me as they never used to stand still few months back and more so fight with each other for getting more and more passengers. But this time they all have formed a union or something in which they all get to take passengers by their number. It helps them to at least make sure all of them get proper business at the end of day. I got myself in the auto which was about to leave and have seat for two passengers. I decided to sit in the right of the driver this was only place where seat was available. This was only my second auto ride in Allahabad in last 7 years. After school my Mom gifted me bike, so I never ever traveled with auto or public transport after that.

From my past experience in Allahabad and what I have heard from my Sis on phone that it will not be easy ride because of two reasons. One was that I was sitting in auto and second was the roads of Allahabad are not in a good condition at this time. My journey started in next 5 min. and it was new experience for me. I was looking after the every change I can notice in the city whether it was in the color of the city or the traffic chaose or the new building and the new shops that I could see. Well for me the journey was getting better and better but not for others. They started complaining to the driver about the slow driving and he could only say, “ Sahab dheeme chalaoob tabhoo log kahaiye aur tej chaloob to jeka lagi osse mar kaaab. Humka to adat ho gaiyi hai, tabhai to itni tej gana chalait hai hum”. He was seemed to big fan of Bhojpuri song and that to Nirhuwa rikshawala. For a change I was aslo enjoying that song.

He asked me again, “Sahab aap naye ho ka sahar ma ki bahut dinawa baad laute ho”. I could only give only slight smile to him and replied. “Nahi humao yahi ke rahe wale hai par aaj kaal bahar raahat hai kaam se”. He was more that amazed to see that I too can speak this language which I think he was not expecting from me. 

“Sahab aapho bahut achi bolat ho apni bhasaa, chala bahar raahat ho par apan bhasa to bol leet ho”. I was faltered by his compliment and by the time I reached to my destination I could say to him, “Bhaiyaa tohar ganwa humka bahut acha laag baa, kehke tu sunat rahoo ba aur paisai kitna bha ihya tak ke”. Now that was the finest I can speak this language.

“Paisa to 10 rupiya bha Sahab aur ganaa to niruhawa ka raha, tohka to kahoo b mil jai”. He said in cheerful voice. I was just thinking well I can get some of these songs from Raj bhaiya but thinking about hearing this song in our room was just not the option I can think off. I gave the amount to bhaiya and just started to my journey to home and I am still 1.5 Km and small distance away from my home.

 P.S.: Well being in village always help you to learn without all the Gadgets. As Electricity is found only for hours over there.