Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Magic Number (Part 2)....

Awaiting........processing.......and the result was out in front of  me.

I cleared all the objective paper but missed the DP i.e. descriptive. Well that to by one marks.

If you can see the result I think even you can have a heart attach after this kind of result. Just few hours back I was having a laugh on my friend while she missed her objective exam by 1 number but now the biggest victim of all time. I missed subjective qualification of say passing IBPS exam by 1 number now that's call "Cruelness by examiner". He or she could have given one number but as thing stands I was on the unqualified students.

Well the positive was I cleared the objective paper but the hardest part is to except this miss. Last night I was explaining my friend about the pain of getting out on 99 runs. It was hard to digest but still I have to do it. Now all the fun part was gone from my jokes. Even my best jokes lost there magical touch but pain of 1 number can be seen.

Well out of all bad thing you always find some positive. I find out importance of single number in your life. Sometime difference between wining and losing is not all but just one number. But still I am happy that i missed it ("dil ko kush karne ko ye kahayal "saifi" acha hai") now at least no more bank exams for me. Well above of my all only my mom was happy that now I can qualify for the "Sarakari Job" which she dreams for me. And raj, Jayant and Varun found new subject for the jokes at least for next few days.

Well my friend who missed subjective exam by one marks has decided she will give me party because of my biggest looser tag. I think if ever that tag can fit on any situation that was this. Raj gave the best opinion that this result is only to make student aware that they are in race so they can try out next time just like MAT or CAT. I don't know about that part but still I think this will take time to heal at least till my friend gives me part in Pizza Hut.

P.S.: Never think what one marks or one small thing can do in your life. Because some time one small thing can make all the big changes in life.