Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So what is your future plan?

Well if you go back home after 6 months the most obvious question which is asked by most of your friend and some of your family members, “So, What is your future plan?”.

Now I am usually found this question annoying and at time out of context as well. After I finished my 12th from that time most of the people whom I known used to ask me, what next? And I could only answer like college, study what else. Well after I finished my college again the same question was asked and I again answered MBA, enjoy my life and may be something more adventure. This question was just turning out to be like Royal segram AD, “Have you made it large” and you think when this thing will end.

This time around when I was at home, again everybody was interested in the job I do, life I live and last but least, “So, what is your future plan”. These questions irritated me most rather than missing electricity and my phone in my home. Well if you have just started working and came back to home for a break you will easily find one or two lady from your neighborhood asking your mom about your marriage plan. All you wanted to sound out to them I am not interested for next 5 years and please leave me alone.

Well as I am not a very good planner about my life. Usually I can’t plan how I can spend my weekend leave alone the future and job. Well I guess something is more enjoyed when they are not planned and planning doesn’t suites me. As I know execution part will be always missing from my plan.

The only best thing about these questions comes when you know what you want to say. You know your relative only ask question to tell their children where they are and where we are. They will have a dinner with you and ask thousand question as if you were invited to chat show of “FOOD WITH COUSINS” and if this is not finished they will make you say all those funny line which are not so funny either but yet you have to laugh on it. The most irritating part comes when they all will tell you some story of your ancient days which you have forgotten but they will remember it every single point of it.

As far I am concern I have rehearsed myself well to give all the answers. I think it better to sleep at home and read lots of books with delicious food rather than wasting your time with answering these irritating questions.

P.S.: Well even if you like it or not these question will never leave you till your retirement. And for marriage question please never smile in front of any aunty otherwise your bachelorhood will be doomed very soon If your mom start hearing that aunty.