Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The passing movement of life

One more year have passed from my life, I am waiting for a new year to come with some more excitement and more buzz, this year might be different from last year. I am not sure about being different part, but yes this year will be most important in my life. From my career point of view, from personal level this year will change lots of thing in life. I still don’t know the extent it will change but yes I hope it bring lots of positive energy in life.

There was a book other day I was reading title as “Wise enough to be foolish”. I have not finished that booked yet, but somehow that book stuck with me, even the first 10 chapter which I have finished seems to me so much better than any other read I have in last few month. What excites me about that book is the journey which I am covering with her, it like I am with her in journey. It is really a fascination book, once I finish that I will update my remark about it. There is once incident that I wanted to share from the book, the incident that changes her life. When saiff (Yes this was also once reason why I am reading this book) gives him a challenge and how that changes her life, her match teacher who goes out of the way to help her, her hostel friends.

Back to that incident, I also had a similar incident in my life when I was in the class 7th, till that time I was average in the studies. Not good to be in top 10 but not bad also, She was my English teacher who told me very basic thing about subject. I almost scared of English because I never understood the grammar part in it, even today when I write, thousand of mistake can be found out in my writing. She told me why you have to fear about others, why you do anything for other and never write what you read, always read, understand and write in your own way. That was the turning point in my schooling life, because after that I stopped pleasing other; I just started doing thing for myself. In English I used to just write from myself, not what is written in the book, and she encouraged me in it. I was really fond of her, but for her there was better student than me, that bothered me till sometime after that I moved on. I stopped complaining from people, I just read, understand and write kind of person. That is sometime what we miss in life; we tried too much to be what we are not actually, so we have to put effort in it.

This New Year I really like to be most amazing person who don’t care and don’t give a dam kind of person. That is hard I know, but at least I can give it a try. You know after being free from your past is the biggest liberty you can get in life. I have got mine, may be few people feel bad about it, but a bitter end is better than a bad relationship. Happy ending are only in novel, because they are written in the end, and my life has just begun.