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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inter personal skills for conducive work environment

“I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other ability under the sun.”

In business, most of the problems are people problems. When we solve our people’s problems, our business problems are substantially resolved. People knowledge, is more important than product knowledge. Successful people build pleasing and magnetic personalities, which is what makes them charismatic. This helps in getting friendly cooperation from others.

A pleasing personality is easy to recognize but hard to define. It is apparent in the way a person walks and talks, his tone of voice, the warmth in his behavior and expressions. You will never lose your attractiveness regardless of age when the path of your personality flows both from your face and your heart wearing a pleasant expression is more important than anything else you wear. It takes a lot more than a shoeshine and a manicure to give a person polish. Charming manner that disguise a poor character may work in the short run, but character reveals itself rather quickly. Relationship based on talent and personality alone, without character makes life miserable. Charisma without character is good looks without goodness. The bottom is that a lasting winning combination requires both character & charisma.

“When you are good to others, you are best to yourself”

Whether it is your thought, action or behavior, sooner or later they return and with great accuracy. Always try to treat people with respect because you will be meeting them on your way somewhere.

“ It is one of the most beautiful compensation of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself”

Keep away from- ego selfishness, lack of courtesy, inconsiderate behavior, rude behavior, lack of integrity and honesty, self- centeredness, arrogance, closed mind, low values, greed. Probably that’s not all, but these factors prevent building and maintaining positive relationships.

“ We see the world not the way it is but the way we are”
Most of the time other people’s behavior is a reaction to our own. If our motives are good, we assume the motives of others are good too. If our intensions are bad we assume that the intensions of others are bad.

The main thing in relationship is trust. Relationship between employer and employee, parents and child, husband and wife, student and teacher, buyer and seller, customer and sales person are all trust relationships. Crises in trust really means crises in truth.

Relationships are like bank accounts, the more we deposit the larger they become, therefore, the more we can draw from them. However if you try to draw without depositing it leads to disappointment.

Be courteous to all, but intimate with a few and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. True relationship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo to with stand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to appellation.”

Ms. Prerna Singh

Monday, November 29, 2010

Starting Up: Eko -- Your financial freedom

Village Laundry Service -- CHAMAK raha h ye service ...

Knowlarity Communications - solution for all the political party

Showcase - Talisman---a fashion designer way

Terracon India -- go green......

HyCa Technologies -- how bubble can do mazic.....



The Flag Company (in Starting Up) by Dalvir Nagi

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take A Look At Yourself And Your Success..

‘Knowledge helps you to reach your destination, provided you know what the Destination is’
When putting a plan together to work on line, deciding what motivates you and creating a compelling vision that moves you towards it, it can be a useful exercise to dedicate some time defining what success will look like for you. If you haven’t looked at a plan for yourself you might find my article ” A strong beginning builds the foundation for a great ending” useful. For a few years now success for me has always been about following my heart, making a difference and living with passion. As long as I am doing one or all three of these things I am successful. What will success look like for you?
If you have been fortunate enough to discover what you are passionate about, your purpose in life, then you are truly blessed. Look at how you can use this to generate passive income. Getting paid doing something we love really puts the fun in work! Brainstorm ideas! Just write them all down. Start by saying ‘I am successful when’ then make a list and see what shows up. Give yourself some time to create this list and then move on to the next stage of this process that will help you define success.
Once you have completed that exercise take a look at your list and rate them on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being not important and 10 being extremely important) rate your list and then select the top 7-10 (you can select as many as you like but I am using 7 as my example in this article)

Here’s an example for you :
I am successful when I am making people laugh (4 out of 10)
I am successful when I am making $10,000 a week (2 out of 10)
I am successful when I am doing something that inspires me (8 out of 10)
If you are unsure about which is the more important one, answer this question : If I can have x but I can not have y does that matter? So as an example, if I can have peace but I can not have money does that matter? Remember, this is a way of defining your success, so if doing something that inspires is more important then rate it higher than money; if not rate money higher. Go through each one until you have them in a 1-7 order.

Now create one or two sentences of what success means for you using your 7 key words in whatever order you like. So as an example if my key success words were:
1. peace
2. money
3. freedom
4. inspiration
5. making a difference
6. leaving a legacy
7. time for me

Defining success in this way is so very important because it is this definition of success that will keep you motivated when you want to give up. Once you have your definition of success the other thing you need is your business vehicle, the online business that will help you to achieve your vision. I discuss that in another article called ‘Driving the right vehicle to success’ and it is worth reading if you are still trying to figure out what business you want to use to run your internet based business.
So take action and create your definition of success because once you know what it is as long as your online business provides you with the opportunity to achieve it then you are successful. Even if you do not end up earning a six figure sum or becoming a ‘guru’ you are still successful in your own eyes. And they are the only eyes that really matter!

1. To become a good professional, the student should be very clear in his/her ambition and set appropriate goals for themselves.
2. The priorities for the day should be clear in the mind.
3. Proper time management is very essential (with proper time management a student can easily have 3 hours of relaxation per day and read for 5 hours per day).
4. Mind and body should be kept active. Priorities and ambition may be forgotten if relaxation (though important) is overdone.


MBA faculty IEC

Saturday, September 18, 2010

STRIKE'rs...............thodi frustration thoda fun..........

Hey !!!! I am Back again.....
The 'incident' that happens in my life in past few days compelled me to come back again and write this interesting blog (may be).... Basically,,, one of my very gud friend DEEPAK who is studying with me in my class inspired me to write this blog on this matter....
         So,,, here is the story begins now........
     Actually,,,, i want to relate this story with one of my favorite Game  'COUNTER STRIKE',,, which those people who know about this game enjoyed it more frequently,,,,,,, but don’t worry other people can also enjoyed it…… definitely……….
        This is the story about my college in which recently an event was organized by MBA department against the college management for HIKING OF FEE in 2nd year which is known as STRIKE…… it was my first experience to see a STRIKE IN MY Life…… Before that i only heard about this only with my friends that their college had been closed due to strike but I had never faced it…… so when our class leaders decided to do strike,,, I was very excited to saw that event…..
Next day around 8 ‘o’ clock we all had to assemble in front of the college gate….. There was around more than 40 students had been present over there... We all blocked the main gate of the college and restricted the entry of everyone..... Some fresher’s came over there to take admission but they were also unable to find the way......
       After sometime,,, our Director with other faculties came outside the college to make conversation with us..... But the result was that they denied to accept our demands.... and this process continued till few days.....
      “ I enjoyed this thing because i was free from that boring stuff (lectures & classes)....”
After 2 or 3 days the management accepted our demands because we involved very high authorities in this matter....... Then we started shouting happily and the thing came at that moment in my mind was “THE COMMANDER (management) IS DOWN”.... So our ‘changing of weapons’ like in counter strike was fruitful......
     One thing i would like to mention that those students who tried to absent from that protest,,, our leaders called them by phone and told them to came at the battle field...... it looks like to me that they asked “ NEED BACKUP,, NEED BACKUP”......COME ON BABY !!!!!!!
      But finally,,, the result was in favor of us and i enjoyed it so much......
So,,,that was the PSYCHO xperience for me which i can’t forget for whole life.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,’’’’’’’’’’’’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...............................

jayant singh
MBA 2nd year..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mutual funds (SIPs): Best for long term

It is probably the simplest way of investing that your money counts in the long run. Mutual fund is a fund managed by an investment company with financial objective of generating higher rate of return. Systematic investment plan or SIP in mutual fund category is one of the disciplined ways of investing one's money in order to take advantage of the volatility and diversification in the market. In it, an investor invest a prespecified amount in a scheme at prespecified amount in a scheme at prespecfied interval at NAV( net asset value).Yet, SIP that have easily outperformed key indices in long run are not especially helpful if you don't invested your money for at least 2-3 years.

With the SIP facility one can invest even Rs 500 on a regular basis for chosen period .The small but regular investment used to buy MF unit over the year slowly grows into a big corpus, enabling one to meet long term goals. Simply, it works on average costing of yours money. For example an investor invest Rs 500 per month in HDFC TOP 200. Then he will get 2.5 unit of that MF. Per months units are accumulate over a time of period. Investor gain units according the per month NAV of that fund. When investor want to redeem his investment, he will get the amount which is equal to the multiplication of total accumulated unit and that particular months NAV in which he is going to redeem the investment. If we are investing for longer term then units more or less on increasing pattern and that give higher rate of return.

But like any other investment idea SIPs too have their pitfalls and wouldn't give you much if you invest for a shorter period of time, or close to the market peak. Taking SIPs for short term would not be hugely beneficial, especially in a rapidly rising market. For instance during October 2007 and march2008 in Indian market, Investor lost their money.

Praveen Kumar Yadav


Fragrance of “togetherness”...Ek collage ka zamana tha

With the passage of time evrything changes,dresses, schoolbags,classes, friends etc…..and as we grow up we come across many phases which leaves a remarkable impact in our life. But the biggest tragedy is that past is past , it never turns back ,we can just feel it fragrance in form of remembrance.

For me the best part of one’s life is college life I think it’s the golden phase after 10 years sitting in an office thinking about the time spent with your loving friends, those days would never come back going down the memory lane we will think about the time when we almost cried and laughed together sitting alone was not our types that was only in bathrooms we sat

Alone jokes apart

That bunking classes and canteen gosips will be no more after the college life . The most fascinating part was that we eagerly waited for the collage off, and when it happened we use to come to collage just for enjoyment

We will miss our faculty, the dronacharyas who tried their level best to make us AARJUNA but their dreams never taste the reality it was our patient right to enter the staff room( as our teachers use to say this), which will never happen with the boss cabin.

I just remember this few line which can better represent my feelings:

Ek collage ka zamana tha ,Khusiyo ka khajana tha,

Chahat chand ko pane kit hi, Dil titliyo ka deewana tha….

Khabar na thi subaho ki , na shamo ka thikana tha

Thak haar kar aana collage se , par ghumne bhi jana tha.

Wo barish me bheegna , har mausam suhana tha,

Har jagah aapne sathi the , har rishta nibhana tha,

Gam ki jubaan na hoti thi , na jhakhmo ka paimana tha ,

Rone ki wajah na thi, aur na hi hasne ka bahana tha

Ab nai rahi wo zindagi…. Aisa apna collage ka jamana tha ………

So before this days pass away , just enjoy at the fullest…… go crazy……

Behave like mad …….do whatever ur heart says , live ur life upto the fullest mark , because once this days will pass , will never come back……

Wishing u all the best ……

Raj Tripathi

Mba 2nd year, IEC-CET

Friday, September 3, 2010

The next big in television market: go regional

Recently i was at home watching T.V. one thing that fascinate is the number of channel are higher than the last time i was at home. But the more interesting thing was the rise in the number of regional channel.

As i closely studied the market the number were alarming. The majority of channel are entering in the regional market. Few year earlier only zee TV used to have regional channel in Punjabi, Guajarati (which they have closed last year), Bangla and most important Marathi.

In my opinion what changed the thinking of the star and zee to explore more regional market was the phenomenal success of sun tv and its reach. Sun tv is most watched channel in the cabel TV in south, more than star plus and zee (at lest they do not watch melo drama of north).

And they hold at least 90% share of the market and they dominate the south market with great success. But recently zee challenged it by launching few channel in south where they have no presence previously. They launched the channel in Tamil, telgu and kannad. They are hoping to break even all the channel in this fiscal year. Going by report they are very close to reaching their target.

The question arises why....?

The answer is very simple because the type of regional audience. India has so many languages and so many states and all of them have their own state language. If we see the demand in the market then there is more demand of the regional channel. People in different states like Bengal which has history in literature creates huge demand of regional channel. At least 4 to 5 regional channel are still running in the state.

The economic slowdown has also forced the media industry and giants like zee and star to look for the new market and they feel the regional market is for the future and there is lot of potential to develop it into the full market like it is in south with sun TV. They have the perfect model to go regional. They have a such a packed distribution system that it is hard for new channel to survive in the market.

Still Marathi, Tamil market are having scope to develop and growth option for the company.

Saifi shahid

MBA 2nd year

I hate numbers ....But I still want it...

That day proved to be the toughest day for me , when reports cards were distributed, with a remark that they have to be submitted along with parents sign the next day. Initiating from the unit test marks to arithematical equations , number were the one I hated most, the reason was that I never got them as other and myself would like to be.

I still remember I was one among the toppers from downside during my school days , and it felt a little relaxed also as no teacher ever asked a question to me as they were fully assured of not getting the answer for me, it was wastage of time to ask and that wastage was reflected in numbers when the marks were used to be announced.

"Jinhe hum bhulna chahe , wo aksar yaad aate hai"

And the same proved to me regarding numbers the more I wanted to go away from numbers the more they followed me in my life.

With the passage of time , the mind changed and I started studying, it felt nice to give answers as it cater the girls attraction in the class, teachers started to recognize me, expectations arose, exams arrived and more time invested in studies but results were the same, numbers were still far away from me. As the time came when the importance of numbers in life increases but mine was going the opposite lane. it was declining, what I scored was just opposite to my friends (75-57).The biggest tragedy was that I scored the same numbers at two important milestones of my life and yet my friends where asking for party for those number as well and you know what hurts more that after my passing they started grading system.

After graduation I decided to fulfill the dream of my parents (not mine)to pursue post graduation (CANNOT MENTION COURSE)from a PREMIER INSTITUTE.

The good luck still followed me before the results were out I was counted among one of the studious students, later on the scenario changed.That baba( T P) also cant help me who was known as jack of all subjects ranging from logs to economics all was in vain.

By the time I have realized that numbers really holds an important position in ones life as companies are coming for campus placements and I am below the eligibility criteria….

Still in search of numbers………

Raj tripathi

Mba, 2nd year, Iec cet

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


IN this present PHYSICAL AND MATERIALISTIC world, lot of voice has been raised for Physical pollution or techno- generated maladies such as: Energy and natural resource depletion, Environmental hazards, Global warming, formation of hole in Ozone layer, Deforestation, Soil degradation, Nuclear proliferation, Arms and ammunition blind race etc: all these are man made problems leads to threatening the base, which is essential for the survival of life on this plane

We all On an another side of this we are facing intellectual pollution as: a dangerously growing threats of terrorism, criminalization of so called politics- which has been generated by us specially for the hard core social service for the betterment of general public, unethical practices in our daily life, large scale corruptions, Fraudulent in economic transactions, breakdown of relationships, Depression and loneliness, Suicidal attempts, Murders of our own family members just for the sake of some amount of money etc

So IN MY OPINION, we all as the stake holders of this society should assemble on the common platform and have a deeper brain storming session on this gigantic problem and its root causes, and should come out with the solution for deterioration of physical and intellectual environment as a whole.


Ritesh Gupta

Asstt. Prof. (Deptt. of MBA)

IEC-CET, Gr.Noida