Friday, September 3, 2010

I hate numbers ....But I still want it...

That day proved to be the toughest day for me , when reports cards were distributed, with a remark that they have to be submitted along with parents sign the next day. Initiating from the unit test marks to arithematical equations , number were the one I hated most, the reason was that I never got them as other and myself would like to be.

I still remember I was one among the toppers from downside during my school days , and it felt a little relaxed also as no teacher ever asked a question to me as they were fully assured of not getting the answer for me, it was wastage of time to ask and that wastage was reflected in numbers when the marks were used to be announced.

"Jinhe hum bhulna chahe , wo aksar yaad aate hai"

And the same proved to me regarding numbers the more I wanted to go away from numbers the more they followed me in my life.

With the passage of time , the mind changed and I started studying, it felt nice to give answers as it cater the girls attraction in the class, teachers started to recognize me, expectations arose, exams arrived and more time invested in studies but results were the same, numbers were still far away from me. As the time came when the importance of numbers in life increases but mine was going the opposite lane. it was declining, what I scored was just opposite to my friends (75-57).The biggest tragedy was that I scored the same numbers at two important milestones of my life and yet my friends where asking for party for those number as well and you know what hurts more that after my passing they started grading system.

After graduation I decided to fulfill the dream of my parents (not mine)to pursue post graduation (CANNOT MENTION COURSE)from a PREMIER INSTITUTE.

The good luck still followed me before the results were out I was counted among one of the studious students, later on the scenario changed.That baba( T P) also cant help me who was known as jack of all subjects ranging from logs to economics all was in vain.

By the time I have realized that numbers really holds an important position in ones life as companies are coming for campus placements and I am below the eligibility criteria….

Still in search of numbers………

Raj tripathi

Mba, 2nd year, Iec cet