Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fragrance of “togetherness”...Ek collage ka zamana tha

With the passage of time evrything changes,dresses, schoolbags,classes, friends etc…..and as we grow up we come across many phases which leaves a remarkable impact in our life. But the biggest tragedy is that past is past , it never turns back ,we can just feel it fragrance in form of remembrance.

For me the best part of one’s life is college life I think it’s the golden phase after 10 years sitting in an office thinking about the time spent with your loving friends, those days would never come back going down the memory lane we will think about the time when we almost cried and laughed together sitting alone was not our types that was only in bathrooms we sat

Alone jokes apart

That bunking classes and canteen gosips will be no more after the college life . The most fascinating part was that we eagerly waited for the collage off, and when it happened we use to come to collage just for enjoyment

We will miss our faculty, the dronacharyas who tried their level best to make us AARJUNA but their dreams never taste the reality it was our patient right to enter the staff room( as our teachers use to say this), which will never happen with the boss cabin.

I just remember this few line which can better represent my feelings:

Ek collage ka zamana tha ,Khusiyo ka khajana tha,

Chahat chand ko pane kit hi, Dil titliyo ka deewana tha….

Khabar na thi subaho ki , na shamo ka thikana tha

Thak haar kar aana collage se , par ghumne bhi jana tha.

Wo barish me bheegna , har mausam suhana tha,

Har jagah aapne sathi the , har rishta nibhana tha,

Gam ki jubaan na hoti thi , na jhakhmo ka paimana tha ,

Rone ki wajah na thi, aur na hi hasne ka bahana tha

Ab nai rahi wo zindagi…. Aisa apna collage ka jamana tha ………

So before this days pass away , just enjoy at the fullest…… go crazy……

Behave like mad …….do whatever ur heart says , live ur life upto the fullest mark , because once this days will pass , will never come back……

Wishing u all the best ……

Raj Tripathi

Mba 2nd year, IEC-CET