Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deepak "Rousa" IEC-MBA farewell poetry.....

Well I am at loss of word after again seeing this live performance of Mr. Deepak “Rousa”. Few months back he said to me, “saifi bhai please put my video in the blog”. But due to some reason or other I was not able to do it. Today I had nothing to do, just randomly pick up this and completed all the work. If you listen this video, it will start with long shout of “Bhagat singh huh tumhare sath hai”.
Well he has some good poems always reserved for us. Listen this end enjoy your day…J

“Mahul tere jaane se gamgeen ho gaya hai,
Ankho se nikla pani namkeen ho gaya hai”……


P.S.: This video is for all my dear friend Deepak and his these poems are for all the IEC MBA students....:)..

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Economics of Commerce Students

As a commerce student I used to always hate being compared to Science student. I never understand why we all compared to a science student to judge as intelligence. Either in marks or anything but anyway that the way education system of India has been science student oriented.

As a commerce student you quite early realize that you are not made for those chemistry equations and illogical spelling in Biology (I was terrible on both of them). You don’t want to go to arts, so by luck or by chance you arrive in commerce. Here world is quite different everything is not fixed as in science but not imaginary as in arts. It is a mix of both to teach you about the perfect blend of both. After commerce you have mostly left with little option for the carrier like CA (way to much study needed) and MBA (You are Idiot if you think you can join IIM after commerce graduation). But mostly you will find most commerce not opting for CA they go for MBA or either they do their own business.

Now the battle starts with science student in graduation. All those wana be engineers and doctors fail in their field so they do what, join any good commerce course to save their career. I am not against it but there should be some protection for the commerce student as there is for science student.  They come and take one seat in a good college from commerce student away, and the student who has worked hard for 2 years to reach this place will  not be notice because in exam all the question where from math’s and quant’s. So it makes them to go for a secondary college.  And all wana be engg. And Doc takes their places. What a bright future this country has.

It never ends here, after and BBA most of commerce student opt for either CA or MBA. Well for MBA you need to prepare for English, Quants and much more things. But who ask question of economics, finance or say business management. They we all realize it was all wrong studies we have done till now. In commerce we were all taught you can do anything but we realize we can’t beat engg. Students in quants because they are doing it for 4 years but can they beat us in economics or finance, my answer will be NO. At least give us the fair playing ground to compete with. Include these also part of it then see how things can be change for Commerce student.

Everybody see the rat race to get in the college but how we are getting in there and how unfair the system with some of the people. I don’t know but some time I think for commerce student it is unfair. Well at the end of day that is the way system is some time, unfair but most of time an old system in place.

P.S.: As a commerce student I always envy science student for only thing, they have a choice after 12 also to come in commerce but we don’t have choice to change.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Me and my boss

Recently I decided not to writer too much because I was feeling little but bored the way life was going on. I could not find any single thing which could excite me. In middle of that time I found few good lines which I love these days. Believe me if you are doing job and you will love this. This poem was give to me by some one whom i can't name because she is like getting more frustrated with his boos.

When I take a long time —
I am slow.
When my boss takes a long time
He is thorough.

When I don't do it —
I am lazy.
When my boss doesn't do it
He is too busy.

When I do something without being told —
I am trying to be smart.
When my boss does the same —
that is initiative.

When I please my boss —
I'm apple-polishing.
When my boss pleases his boss —
He's co-operating.

When I do good, my boss never remembers.
When I do wrong, he never forgets.

P.S.: One person whom you can never please in life is your life. Somehow they will find a way to find a way to get an edge over you in arguments. But still this time you will miss once you will be the boss.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Between two passing seconds .

Between two passing seconds I hit the paper with my pen
In an effort to capture the fleeting moments essence

What is the value of life
To be able to move my hand what does it signify
Every moment gone will never return
It is a cause for celebration or cry

While I stay ignorant, a drop of possibilities precipitates
And before I could taste it, evaporates
Waiting for a grand future, while you sit
A part of it silently trespasses into present and decimates.

Beleaguered by your small worries, you
Lay unaware of the moments in the dark
A pimple today gives you scare, one day stupid, your body will rot,
Sadly what happens before is what breaks your back.

With a broad grin today you say your hobby is to sleep,
What could be more idiotic
When you get time for hobby, you may not enjoy it
And your lips wont curve they will go static

Keep pushing things for the future,
For reasons you are not sure yourself
A future when formalizing, may take away
The thing, the reason and even the self

Kept things inside afraid of showing yourself
What shame it’ll be, you being hated for
What you aren’t, rather
What you really are

Ever unsatisfied you roam like a zombie
Peace evades you, life slips out of hand while you stand by
Grab the life, look for peace
Take dissatisfaction for granted but stay at ease

Do what you want and speak what you will
Don’t care for people who, are trying to please
For even Jesus with all his goodness
To people failed appease

Fear do not, hide not, decide
Which path to take
And don’t worry if it’s right or wrong
Run till you are out of breath

Take inspiration from smallest of things
Laugh hard on silliest of jokes
Claim your space in the world

Worry not, if to you, the fool show teeth or tongue.

By: Avinash Singh

P.S.: This poem is written by one of close friends Avinash. He is wonderful poet in my opinion. He is some one who is stuck in between for love for his writing and the hate for his job.  :).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thai Gobhi Parotha

I was in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, a small town about 80 kms from Kanyakumari last year. After working for more than 10 hours at a stretch, I was feeling like very hungry and I have to walk more than 2 mile to go to a good restaurant, because our apartment was not connected to the main road.
That was Shri Krishna Resturant. The time was 16:00 hrs. Almost every thing was finished. The restaurant wore a deserted look. Everyone was making the restaurant clean. I called a waiter. he came after 15 minutes and replied instantly, "puri, idli, dosa, aur rice khatm ho gaya hai, parotha milega.". We were visiting that restaurant daily, and he was the only waiter who knew Hindi, so he knew our orders and told that breaking news. It was the only restaurant open there in three km area due to Sunday.

I then asked for the menu.

Me: Onion Kulcha
Waiter: Khatam
Me: Kulcha
Waiter: Khatam

Me: Paneer Parothha
Waiter: Khatam
Me: Aloo Parothha
Waiter: Khatam
Me: Plain Parothha
Waiter: Alu ka Sabzi khatam ho gai hai
Me: OK this Gobi Parothha
Waiter: Ha wo mil jaega thoda wait krna padega, abi kitchen ki cleaning chal rahi hai.
Me: OK 2 le ao.

I was dying from hunger and that day I waited for thirty minutes for the Gobi Parotha watching a south indian drinking tea in their contemporary style.

After waiting for thirty minutes, he came with two medium sized bowls in his hand. Their was no one in the are excepting me, I thought may be someone will be sitting in the A/C lounge. And that two bowls he put in front of me.

Guys I was like: ye kya hai, aur.. aur Gobi Parotha kahan hai
(It was looking like a bowl full of mixed veg but parotha thing was invisible.)

Waiter: Yahi to hai Gobhi Parotha
Me: Ye to Gobhi ki sabzi hai, parotha kaha hai..
Waiter: Yahi hai saab
Then I called manger
Me: Ye kya mazak hai, mujhe bhukh lagi hai, mai thirty minutes se wait kar raha hu, mera parotha kaha hai r ye kya hai.
Manager: Wait Sir, I am calling the Chef (in their special South English)

Than came the inventor of this master piece which almost made me stand on my toes. A guy may be around 20-22. Waiter and Manager was also standing there. Waiter telling what I was saying to them
Bawarchi: What!!
Me: Parotha kaha hai tumhara wo Gobhi Parotha
Bawarchi: This is, This is Thai Gobi Parotha
Me: Gobhi Parotha Thailand kab gaya jo Thai ho gaya
Bawarchi: This is, This is Thai Gobi Parotha

I do not wanted to eat that thing but I had no other choice, I was dying from hunger. Somehow I managed to it that Gobi Parotha. I told waiter, take one, I will only eat one. Take another back. When I started eating that thing, it was like only a mix veg, and nothing else. I did not found any Parotha in that dish. Somehow I managed to it that Gobi Parotha.
That was a quite hilarious situation. There is more to come...

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Beautifull Mind... Depaak "Rousa"....part 2.... (Link of Part 1)

As I was not getting time to complete my interview with Deepak “Rousa”. Now I am presenting second part of the series…

I was enjoying my time with Deepak “Rousa”. It was one of the most beautiful evenings in the store.  Usually happen when two beautiful minds meets.

Question: And then you came in MBA, how diff it was from you BA College and how you adjusted?
Answer: This is an interesting question, when I was in BA; it was like I was more like to remain in my inner self. I had only 2 friends in my class. I used to have morning class in the first year of my college and then within 2 to 3 hour after class. In my college apart from my class I used to love to go Librerary. You know it is unique place between you and books with all the words.
But in MBA it was all together different. I used to be friend with most of class mates. I tried to brake those little shekels to come out of my secure zone. It was very tuff work for me in BA as no one can guess about me and my religion due to my Moustache but in MBA due to that only you all people gave me title of “Bhagat Singh”.

Question: In college you where one of those student who use to keep quite in class. Why those serious looks?
Ans: Well my answer might remind of raju of 3 Idiot. The expectation of my family and my teachers on me made me so. I want to meet all those expectation of my teachers and family. Doing MBA was my own decision and it was really expensive for a family of farmer trusts me. I really never wanted to break trust of those all who have trusted me.

Question: You are a Gujjar, but how it feels when they are stereotyped as a bad people. Whereas there are some good people who not mentioned as often. Why is that so and how you feel about it.
Ans: In every place there is all type of people lives but some time I think perception matters a lot. In my cast a lot of good people are like Dhayama panna, Sardar patel, Rajesh pilot and many IAS, IPS, IFS, farmers, Solders and lots of good social people. Last year Pooja awana a Gujjar girl passes IAS, IIT’ans. Nandita Gujjar of Infoysis is also the gujjar, this cast doing well and I am proud to be a gujjar and we always try to be making it a beautiful caste.
As I could capture the mood of Deepak, I knew he wanted to talk more about his college life.

Question: tell me something about you college life in IEC. How it changed it you and your friends.
Ans: Well some time I wonder how to answer this. But Life in IEC was beautiful and it was a place where I was at peace and relax. There are lots of memories like teachers, assignments, projects, nisheeth bhai, cool ha ha ha boy jayant, Sumit, HG, Raj, Vikas, Amit, Lazy Anil, Vicky, Ajay, Kapoor Sahab, Bagpat k sundeep and Ankur, apne chaudhary sahib and our own Michal Jackson.
Mayank, Body builder goswami, RP, Prashant, Ram Navar or bahut sari baato ke bich me saurabh gupta, saifi means you and lakvadorch or bhai mere pyare dosto ne do saal ko ek zindagi bana diya.
And even some time maharaja Somendra so serious stories make me funny.
It is not easy to forget those days with you all because “Zindagi pyar ki do char ghadi hoti hai, Chaye choti bhi ho ye umar badi hoti he”

Question: How did teachers helped in your life
Ans:"I dedicate this life on the foot of my teachers", Now that was short but best answer by Deepak.
We paused for few minute for coffey. I read some were a lot of good things happen over a coffey. This was pleasing to see one of close friend to open his heart out to us. And let us all know about him.

Question: You are a poet also, how you started that. Who influenced you most as a poet?
Ans: I stated writing poem from class 6 or 7. It was learning for me to play with words because I was never able to express myself to others. So it was all about the poems to me. My father influenced my most. He motivates me and let me tell you he is the only person who has listened all of my poems till date. After a pause Deepak said again.
I know what you want to know next why poem in hindi. “saifi Bhai for me jis bhasha me sochta hu wo hindi he...hindi mere dil k bhasha he or dil me har ak cheez bhut khash hoti hai”, the beautiful mind said to me.

Question: Any advice you want to give to your juniors about poerty.
Ans: Hmmm, Not only for poetry but for all the matters, "heart is the only real book with us from birth to last & we ignore its education, read it & then do or see from the real open eye”

Question:  finaaly any poem on your life, there had to be one And one person who inspires you every time you look at him.
Ans: All poems r my feeling and my pain of heart inspires me when I of my poems is 
very close of my heart few lines....


"Me nikal chla jis bhi path per,
mujhe kato ka bhandar mila..

path me dhur mili ghari,

har do pal me andhkar mila..."

P.S.: After speaking to me at this length I knew about him more than I am writing. Till next time, next person ready to open his hearth with me. it is bye from saifi.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life after college...One year after college

Let see life one year back. One year back there was farewell party in our college for our MBA batch. That was the last time we all friend met and enjoyed the day. What a beautiful day those where in the college. I often feel how our life has changed in the last one year, and when I noticed it the changed. It was very huge.

There is one or two group of friends in the college who met often and stay in touch but apart from that all of them have lost touch. Some of them often get in touch on facebook but that is also very less. Our facebook MBA group and page is also there but not that successful for staying in touch.

Now when I look back to those two years in the college, it often turns me nostalgic. There are few incidents which will always remain close to my heart. Either it is special strikes and the unity of the class for that. We used to present on the gate of the college on the time at right time for the strike. There used to lecture of finance in which I never used to get what digit used to say, The rata fication of subjects before exams, overload of assignments and in ever semester three times class exam and I used to never leave any exam even though only two exam was compulsory.

I enjoyed many things in those times. I learned a lot some new things and some old things. There are were some new concepts to me like love, care, friendship and respect to others. There were time of extra classes, bunking classes, road parties and friendship of my friends. All of this was wonderful experience, but today it is only a part of memory and after few years this will also fade away like a distant dream. For neither me it is nor good to left alone my friends who have careful hearts for me. I feel good when I find my friends with me and what about you?

If you are still in touch with your old friends then you are lucky one. Best of luck to everyone for there personal and professional life achievements they can get. I can’t forget you all because you all one of the special page of my book called “life”.

At last my few lines to u all:

Risto bhra ye pyara,
ahsas todna nhi...

tdpati rhe jo umrbhr,
dil pr ashi bat chorna nhi..

sab sath chor dete he mera,
tu sath chor na nhi...

andhero me bhatk kar reh zanuga,
tujse khi me kho jaunga...

hath me bdatha hu,
Tu hath chor na nhi...

sab sath chor dete he mera,
tu sath chor na nhi...

With lots of love...."Deepak Rousa"

P.S.: This is my 100th post in blog. And I am glad that it is blog from deepak and that to about college life. That was the original purpose of this blog to share about our college. thanks for reading our blog posts and sharing your comments for making it more wonderful. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Love ka the end..

Excerpts from a famous granth "Pyar ka punchnama" which tells us that all girls are mental and they don't care for  what they are saying...

Problem yeh hai ki woh ladki hai. aur kya problem hai
"Problem yeh hai ki main chahata hoon ki meri life mein koi problem na ho
Lekin agar meri life mein koi problem na ho toh yeh uski life ki
sabse badi problem hai

And bull shit she is worried yaar, Usse to celebrate karna chahiye tha She is in this exactly what she wants
Seriously yaar aajkal jab bhi wo muh kholti man karta hai muh me kuch stuff kardoon

Trust me yaar 6 mahino me I have had it all Sab dekhliya meine
Kaunsi pyaar Kaisi relationship? Kahin ki khushiya?
Relationship ka matlab ye rehta hai an end to your own happiness
Uske baad all you have to worry about is uski khushiyaan uska birthday, uske kutte ka birthday, Uska new year to kabhi tumhara
bhi new year tha

In ladkiyon ko na koi khush nahi rakh sakta
A happy woman is a myth 
Tu batman wali ki dekh le, Saala Jab tak saala batman nahi bana tab tak bolti rahi "tum toh 
kuch karte nahi ho, nakara ho, napunshak ho main tum jaise insaan ke saath kaise reh sakti hu jisdin bechara batman ban gaya
Us din boli "Tum toh batman ban gaye", Mujhe toh ek normal insaan chahiye tha Main tumhare saath kaise reh sakti hu

Sab saalan na in bollywood kahaniyon ka dosh hai, Bloody bollywood romantic masaala

Ek ladka ek ladki dono ko pyaar hua Dono saath saath Film khatam, Iske baad ka story koi nahi batata
Iske baad ki kahaani mein batata hoon, Iske baad ladke ne ladki ko do din hug nahi kiya To problem
Hug kiya to chape ho rahe ho Itna bhi achcha nahi lagta
Saale Shopping khatam nahi hoti, inki Pehle cushion laye fir curtain laye cushion, curtain se match nahi kiye toh aur cushion laye
Mere ghar mein mug itne hai ki unko bechne jaoon toh mahine ka kharcha nikal aaye 

Ek to jo cheez lena hai wo leke nahi ayegi do hafte dimag chatenge ki table lena hai table lena hai
5 ghante mall me bitake ek sadhi si chappal utha kar layenge aur fir agle do hafte dimag chatenge table lena hai table lena hai...

Office me kaam kar raha hoon, Phone aa jayega, Phone utathe hi bol deta hoon Baat nahi kar sakta
Kitna mushkil hai ye baat samajhna? Do minute karloge to kya ho jayega Are do minute karloonga to tumhe kya miledi meri maan
Thik se to kar paoonga nahi, Aur iske baad I love you bole bina phone kaata to naatak Sabse jyada dimaag ki dahi is mobile phone ne ki hai. Kitna ghatiya invention hai saala..!! Trust me I say patta hai saala patta.. ek toh ...inke ad bhi dekho lo ji 1 paisa per second aur phone karo aur phone karo..!! Aare  call sasti ho jaane se baat thodi na badh jati hai karne ko fir iska jawab unhe bhi do

Tumhare pass baat kyon nahi hai karne ko, You have lost interest in me Tumhe hoon hoon hi karna atha toh maine tumhe phone hi kyon kiya..??
Arrey meri maa mujhe kya pata tune mujhe phone kyon kiya???
Jaa ke bharti mittal se puch na, Tujhe main bata raha hoon..!! Uss ad mein kutta nahi kutia hai...seriously Main shart laga sakta hoon...

Tujhe kya lagta hai Columbus ko pata nahi tha wo India nahi jaa raha tha.!! Galti se  pahoonch gaya?
Usko to pata tha Wo bechara to kahin door jana chahta tha
Biwi ki chakkar me bolna pada India jaa raha hoon, Nah to das sawaal poochti

Kahaan jaa rahe ho, Kyon jaa rahe ho,Achcha tumhe pata bhi nahi kahaan jaa rahe ho? 
Seedhe seedhe kyon nahi bolte ki mujhse kahin door jaan chahte ho
Aaj tak bechare ka mazaak udati hai duniya

Office me kaam kar raha hoon, Sms aajayega, I love you..!! Thik hai mein bhi sms karleta hoon I love you too

Iske baad sms pe sms shuroo abey kaam kya karti hai office mein..?? Do sms ka reply mat karna

Turant Phone aa jayega, Phone mat uthaa. To dus min me message aa chuka hoga

I don't think its working anymore Dus min me Babu I love you to, I don't think its working anymore
And this is when they are not even down
Ab pata chala ye aadmiyon ko itne heart attack kyon aate hain
Aur yeh..!! Gay bande itne successful kyon hote hai??? Because they don't have a woman to  screw their happiness na

Log kehte hain na behind every successful man, there is a woman True..!! But koi ye nahi bataata ki behind every unsuccessful man,
also there is a woman
Aur ye to koi bhi bata sakta hai na Ki unsuccessful logon ka taadaath Successful logon se kayi guna zyada hai is duniya me

Saala Office me kaam kar raha hoon, Keh raha hoon late ho jaaonga, To khaana nahi  khayegi Phir bhooki so jayegi
Are mein keh raha hoon na khana khalo..!! Kya karoon naukri chod doon?

Saale ghar jaao Pehle Inhe manao inhe khilao, Uske baad khud ki bhookh to aise hi mar jaati hai

Is sab ke baad bhi insaan kisi tarah Kone me jaake shaanti se baitha hua hai chup chaap to gaya

Gadi gadi

kya soch rahe ho???
kya soch rahe ho???
kya soch rahe ho???
Are kuch nahi soch raha meri maa

You can also watch full movie, to increase your IQ level..

Friday, June 1, 2012

College life... the few question let unanswered..

As I look back to my college days, I definitely have some question which cannot be answered by many. I don’t want those question to be answered either just because some are question are best if they are unanswered.

But some time in life there are few incidents that will always haunt you. I think there have been ample of those incidents in my college life. Either it had been first crush or last bus rush, either it had been friends break up or in the end your own exam screw up. These incidents never ever leave you in life. It just makes you just more think about those incidents in life. My life has been always full of these types of incident. The biggest of them had been how people have changed in life, some time they are your friend and next movement they are your enemy. But as the thing stand in the end of the college there are no bad feelings towards about anybody (but except few whom we will never forget).

I think as the life stand today it has been good to me, either in college or in any other place. But why it has to screw us when we really need the good luck. And then you think it is all about luck only.

In the first semester all the class mates act as a good friend, they always try to only to good to all. But in the inner self are they really wanted to be like that? There equation with all changes depending on their need and the person ability. Every week you find the equation changing with all of them. Good thing for me was that I had a solid group from start because we all were from hostel. So I was fortunate but there were people who came in the group and left. I never denied we had a grouping in the class and it was evident in every event. 

But still I never hated any one and nor they. It was more like we were not able to get on with each other.
I always believed every individual is different but we have to something in common to be a good friend. But the thing gets difficult for you decide who is right and who is wrong. I have terrible in judging people but still I managed to get it right more often or so. But the matter of face is you wrong decision always haunt you rather than right ones.

In college life I have seen quite things. But those bad memories don’t last long as they never give you anything in life. I never sulked about it and never will just because I never wanted it to be like that. but then again you always expect others also to do the same. Then you learn in life the biggest lesson, if you are good with someone; don’t expect them to be good with you also.

You always end up thinking, why they hate me, why they ditched me or even some time you end up doing some nice analysis. But do we need that? We should be happy in our life or we should be more than unhappy due to some unknown reasons. It was more of memories in life which you can’t change.

Well I am now trying to move out of all those bad memories in my life because now all those memories are dying quite fast. I don’t have any time in life to think about past but yes still I don’t have lots of answer. I wanted them few time back but now I want to let it go.

P.S.: College you might have good time or bad time but one thing you should never change is yourself. In the end this will be the only thing which will be with you always in life.