Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life after college...One year after college

Let see life one year back. One year back there was farewell party in our college for our MBA batch. That was the last time we all friend met and enjoyed the day. What a beautiful day those where in the college. I often feel how our life has changed in the last one year, and when I noticed it the changed. It was very huge.

There is one or two group of friends in the college who met often and stay in touch but apart from that all of them have lost touch. Some of them often get in touch on facebook but that is also very less. Our facebook MBA group and page is also there but not that successful for staying in touch.

Now when I look back to those two years in the college, it often turns me nostalgic. There are few incidents which will always remain close to my heart. Either it is special strikes and the unity of the class for that. We used to present on the gate of the college on the time at right time for the strike. There used to lecture of finance in which I never used to get what digit used to say, The rata fication of subjects before exams, overload of assignments and in ever semester three times class exam and I used to never leave any exam even though only two exam was compulsory.

I enjoyed many things in those times. I learned a lot some new things and some old things. There are were some new concepts to me like love, care, friendship and respect to others. There were time of extra classes, bunking classes, road parties and friendship of my friends. All of this was wonderful experience, but today it is only a part of memory and after few years this will also fade away like a distant dream. For neither me it is nor good to left alone my friends who have careful hearts for me. I feel good when I find my friends with me and what about you?

If you are still in touch with your old friends then you are lucky one. Best of luck to everyone for there personal and professional life achievements they can get. I can’t forget you all because you all one of the special page of my book called “life”.

At last my few lines to u all:

Risto bhra ye pyara,
ahsas todna nhi...

tdpati rhe jo umrbhr,
dil pr ashi bat chorna nhi..

sab sath chor dete he mera,
tu sath chor na nhi...

andhero me bhatk kar reh zanuga,
tujse khi me kho jaunga...

hath me bdatha hu,
Tu hath chor na nhi...

sab sath chor dete he mera,
tu sath chor na nhi...

With lots of love...."Deepak Rousa"

P.S.: This is my 100th post in blog. And I am glad that it is blog from deepak and that to about college life. That was the original purpose of this blog to share about our college. thanks for reading our blog posts and sharing your comments for making it more wonderful.