Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deepak "Rousa" IEC-MBA farewell poetry.....

Well I am at loss of word after again seeing this live performance of Mr. Deepak “Rousa”. Few months back he said to me, “saifi bhai please put my video in the blog”. But due to some reason or other I was not able to do it. Today I had nothing to do, just randomly pick up this and completed all the work. If you listen this video, it will start with long shout of “Bhagat singh huh tumhare sath hai”.
Well he has some good poems always reserved for us. Listen this end enjoy your day…J

“Mahul tere jaane se gamgeen ho gaya hai,
Ankho se nikla pani namkeen ho gaya hai”……


P.S.: This video is for all my dear friend Deepak and his these poems are for all the IEC MBA students....:)..