Friday, June 1, 2012

College life... the few question let unanswered..

As I look back to my college days, I definitely have some question which cannot be answered by many. I don’t want those question to be answered either just because some are question are best if they are unanswered.

But some time in life there are few incidents that will always haunt you. I think there have been ample of those incidents in my college life. Either it had been first crush or last bus rush, either it had been friends break up or in the end your own exam screw up. These incidents never ever leave you in life. It just makes you just more think about those incidents in life. My life has been always full of these types of incident. The biggest of them had been how people have changed in life, some time they are your friend and next movement they are your enemy. But as the thing stand in the end of the college there are no bad feelings towards about anybody (but except few whom we will never forget).

I think as the life stand today it has been good to me, either in college or in any other place. But why it has to screw us when we really need the good luck. And then you think it is all about luck only.

In the first semester all the class mates act as a good friend, they always try to only to good to all. But in the inner self are they really wanted to be like that? There equation with all changes depending on their need and the person ability. Every week you find the equation changing with all of them. Good thing for me was that I had a solid group from start because we all were from hostel. So I was fortunate but there were people who came in the group and left. I never denied we had a grouping in the class and it was evident in every event. 

But still I never hated any one and nor they. It was more like we were not able to get on with each other.
I always believed every individual is different but we have to something in common to be a good friend. But the thing gets difficult for you decide who is right and who is wrong. I have terrible in judging people but still I managed to get it right more often or so. But the matter of face is you wrong decision always haunt you rather than right ones.

In college life I have seen quite things. But those bad memories don’t last long as they never give you anything in life. I never sulked about it and never will just because I never wanted it to be like that. but then again you always expect others also to do the same. Then you learn in life the biggest lesson, if you are good with someone; don’t expect them to be good with you also.

You always end up thinking, why they hate me, why they ditched me or even some time you end up doing some nice analysis. But do we need that? We should be happy in our life or we should be more than unhappy due to some unknown reasons. It was more of memories in life which you can’t change.

Well I am now trying to move out of all those bad memories in my life because now all those memories are dying quite fast. I don’t have any time in life to think about past but yes still I don’t have lots of answer. I wanted them few time back but now I want to let it go.

P.S.: College you might have good time or bad time but one thing you should never change is yourself. In the end this will be the only thing which will be with you always in life.