Saturday, March 29, 2014

विरासते तो बनती, उजड़ती रहती है.......


          एक कविता आप सभी कि नज़र..........

विरासते तो बनती, उजड़ती रहती है ,
इंसान कभी सुल्तान ,तो कभी फ़क़ीर रहता है l

मरते तो यहां सब ही है, मगर "रौसा " 
जीते वही है , जिन्दा जिनका जमीर रहता है....

और युं गम न किया कर,
टूटे झोपड़ो को देख़ कर l
इन महलों में कौन सा अमीर रहता है... 

मिलना और बिछड़ना,
तो सिलसिला है, चलता रहेंगा 
अपना साया भी उजालों तक ही,
करीब रहता है.......

और क्या ढूंढ़ता है उसको 
यहाँ - वहा , मंदिर मस्जिद
और हाथों कि लकीरो में,

तेरे घर कि चौकठ में ही
तेरा नसीब रहता है...

विरासते तो बनती, उजड़ती रहती है
इंसान कभी सुल्तान ,तो कभी फ़क़ीर रहता है…

दीपक "रौसा"

Friday, March 21, 2014

My English grammar sucks

It doesn’t take long to figure this part about my writing, my English grammar sucks. By the time you will finish reading this blog, you might even wonder why this person write so much with this kind of bad grammar and also spelling mistake. But that is what keep me going is my love for writing. I am open to write in Hindi to be better at it, but problem is that my computer doesn’t allow me to write in Hindi. This was one of primary reason why stopped my blog on any social networking site with my friends, because they always moan about my bad English. I don’t how to reply them, so I started avoiding sharing with them.

I started this blog around 2 year back, I almost update 5 blog on average a month, but still flow is missing from writing. I have not been able to master the flow which connects a story, somehow without knowing my blog goes from start to end in different note. They all start on good point but in the middle it all get mess up, maybe because as I writer patience is not my forte. I often want to write too much too soon but end up writing too less.  But once I read it again then the realization part arise about missing ingredient in my blog. If you ask me am I happy with my writing standard on my blog, I will always say no, because that is one thing which I am still learning to improve. May be because I never think as a writer where connecting part is very important, I still think as a just simple person where voicing a opinion matter no matter how you say it.

In English I often end up getting confused by this grammar, what to use after what, why we have to use it and why not. In writing if you start in past tense then you keep it like that. I keep making mistakes in these basic things, and often I don’t realize it also till the time I publish my blog. After that there is no looking back, I can edit it, but being lazy person I always avoid that.  After thinking a lot about it, I realize that I miss the editing part in my writing; there has been hardly anything which I edit from my original draft. May be because I like it that way, but lately I have realize that editing is the key to keep improving standard of writing and avoiding mistake in writing. If you can edit you blog then you can also thing about finding and cutting down the error. It is human tendency to make error, but editing part always allows us chance to find the error and eliminate it. May be that is one part which I can improve in my writing.

Well on the point of my grammar, I still think there is lots of scope on improvement. I keep reading more, writing more but in the end point am editing more to keep my mistake in minimum. This year I really want to put focus on my writing so I can improve.

P.S.: Don’t Judge me on the basis of what you read, just judge me by me effort sometime as well.. J