Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Chote pankho se lambi Udaan By Deepak “Rousa”

After writing some blogs I realized that I am missing something, and I was not able to figure it out. Then one day somehow thought of this poem came in mind and I know what I was missing. Before I start my poem I just want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and Happy new year to you and all your family.

Before I begin with my poem just want to give a brief you about the poem so you can understand it. As I am thinking about the nature and we learn from nature I think it’s quite a unexplainable thing. This poem us a part of that search and I hope you all like it.

"Chote chote pankho se, lambi udan hoti he.
Zindgi har kadam pr, ak imhtan hoti he.
Ankho se na bhene do inhe pani ki bunde samajhkar,
tumhari khusi bhi kisi ki zan hoti he.

Chote chote pankho se, lambi udan hoti he..
Har kar hosla,deh gya jo raho me.
Girta rha wo umr bhar, bas apni nighao me.
Itihas le jata he,
hr usko apni baho me.

manzilo pr jiski, zindgi kurban hoti he.
girne k der se agar, wo panchi ud pata nhi.
chorta na ghosla, to asma pata nhi.
bas smajhna hi to he, in hwa k jhoko ko.
jo kabhi dhimi mandi si, or kabhi tuffan hoti hi.
chote chote pankho se lambi udan hoti he.
zindgi har kdam pr ak imthan hoti he.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The EQUATION of my college days And Its PARAMETERS.........PART 3

There was one incident in my college life which change my whole college life. That incident was first semester result in which I topped. From a zero in Allahabad university to batch semester topper in IEC.

Frankly I was the last student expected to top the class. To be fair I was also never expected that result from myself. I screwed 2 or 3 papers in examination badly and still end up getting highest marks.

In my friends group I was with least attendance, my assignments were always late and apart from economics no other subject was my favorite. I hated organization behavior and stats, both papers I screwed badly. My aim was always to pass with decent marks not a single time this thought came in my mind. In my whole life I have always thought that scoring highest marks is not good for health. Maybe I never wanted to reach on top and I was happy in my own space.

After result it was whole new experience for me. Just everybody start thinking you are intelligent, which I am not. Friends and people who know you start thinking, how the hell he can top when he was least studying and one of the laziest persons in the world. I think they were right at that time. That made them think had he has been studying while we were sleeping. In reality I was the one sleeping most and studying less.

The most irritating part was when everybody started calling me SAIFI SIR. I used to think, hold on man, I am just 21 year old and SAIFI SIR Sound makes me feel like 31 year old. But to be franks I enjoyed every bit of FAME in that period. Now everybody knows me for right reason and in my whole life it has been rare.

My stint at top was short one but one of the memorable one. I didn’t deserve to be there just because I never that hard to be there. Others have work hard and believe me very hard. They all studied late night, attended full class. Where was I all that time, sleeping and relaxing?

But this incident taught me one thing. Never ever in life underestimate yourself in whatever you do. Some time underdogs also perform well and just believe in you. Yet I exceeded my all expectations.

Lastly I would like to thank all the friends because of whom I achieved that thing. Nisheeth bhai ( a bade bhai, roommate and one who know all about how I topped),  jayant ( he was one the deserving candidate of topping the semester and I toppes just because of his questions), raj( he has similar story to me just he topped from down), smita( only friend whom I have irritated most in first semester) and most important my family.

the EQUATION of my COLLEGE life and its LOST PARAMETERES.................PART 5

Writing next part of any situation or any story is always difficult just because it always demand a better motivation and more compelling story to tell. I hope I get this one right.

My college life has just ended. Just few formalities I have to complete and I will be free from all the papers and exams tensions. No more last night fight, no more copying of notes and assignment, no more waking up and thinking shit I missed the important practical or class, and the best we are free from college life now.

Let me tell you what has changed in last two years in my college life. Well matter of face everything have changed. It’s hard to believe that these all event had happened in last two years. Life has gone to 360 degree sometimes in these situations.

The change in name of university:  I never thought that in two year there will be so many name changes in university. I applied for UPTU, got admission in UPTU, give first semester exams in UPTU but then there was a change. It was changed in GBTU i.e. (GAUTAM BUDDH TECHNICAL UNIVERCITY). I was doubt in whole year that which university mark sheet I will get. Finally in 4th semester I received mark sheet of GBTU. But there is still a surprise for all of us. Our juniors are giving exams under MTU i.e. (MAHA MAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERCITY)  and believe me after seeing their examination paper I can say they are not loving it.

The teachers change: there has been more change than I have expected or say I wanted in my college life. The most teachers we liked left us in the midway. First ajay sir after first semester, then faiz sir followed him after second semester, vaishali mam in last semester and in between many more teachers. Personally I would pick faiz sir any day to back in the college just because he is a type of teacher who boosts you confidence to do all the things that you can only think. Like, we did in SAP presentation in the college.

Friendship equation change: this is the thing which cannot be defined. Personally my equation has not changed with my friend. My friendship with my friends are same be it kshama, jayant, ruby, nisheeth, neelam, raj, vikas, varun and mahaveer. My equation do not change with them, it only have grown in number. But there have been times when these people have been affected by some other people who do not deserve to be there friend. It could only be because they have given them too much importance but in reality they do not deserve that.

I have to admit that sometime nothing go according to your plan in life. It is most difficult part in life when you want to do something else and you end up doing something else. I have to edit my lines so many times so that it may not be actually have a feel of targeting someone. There are few people out there who always say that we all have changed as a friend and I do agree with them, but have they ever thought how much they have changed in life.

In my two year of college I have seen all the ups and all the downs to know how cruel life is sometime. Someday you are friend with someone and other day they turn out to be your enemy, the bitching part, the breakups between your friends and most depressing of all the changes you did not expect in your life. It stinks but I am getting use to it.

Hey but still good friend’s sticks together like my good friend have done with me. They stick to me ever though I am not that good. I love you all my friends to just being my friends without you all my life would have been not so good. Just stick with me as I hope I maintain my bag full of happiness..:)

My EIDEE and Happiness I found in it

As a Kid I always used to wait for Eid time to come around. It was the most celebrated festival in my house; it is the only time when you see everyone with brand new cloths and Eating lots of SEWAI. Personally speaking I used to wait for Eid day since the start of Holy month Ramadan. This was the only day when I use to get EIDEE form all the elders in house, family and relatives.

Those who are not aware of concept of EIDEE let me tell you. EIDEE is given to the children in family either in form cash or by any other way. Please note what I am saying may not be accurate but this was my interpretation as a KID.

I think now everybody would know why I used to wait for EID so much, simply because it was the only time when I used to get the money from all the elder people in my family and relative. I still remember my highest collection of EIDEE was around 200 Bucks but was the most cherished money I have ever collected in my life. Just to get involved in competition that who has the highest EIDEE in all of the cousins gives you a felling that you are most loved one among all. And being the youngest one in family always give you chance to get more EIDEE than the elder ones. But sad part is, it might be taken away from you by mom or any elder one you trust.  The pet dialog they will use is,” we will safeguard you money otherwise you will lose it”. And believe me you will never ever get the money back.

It was more about enjoying the spirit of the EID. As the time had passed, my love for EIDEE has dipped a bit but not gone. I still take EIDEE from my Nani and try to make sure that I do not spend that money for whole year.  Some time I have been successful and most of time I haven’t able to stop my tendency to buy something from that money.

Now in my family all of us do not meet often and the free spirit to celebrate is gone but still EID is same and so is EIDEE. It has been the best part of my life to live the EID in the best possible way and enjoy the movement in it.

For me personally last two EID has been different. Now I am also one of those who may have to give EIDEE rather than take it. How strange it may sound but that’s the reality that someone younger than me is now there in family. So it is time to give the EIDEE rather than take it and let them feel the same joy  that I used to get even in 10 bucks at my childhood. It is hard to forget those days. Maybe this EID will bring more happiness in life so we could just one again remember the good old days.

P.S.: All the elders please do not forget to give the EIDEE to all of your younger ones in this EID. Drop us mail if you want to share your sweet memories with us.

By: Saifi Shahid

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

“In My Memories: PART-1 (Deepak)"

Dear friends it’s a Monday night and I just want to tell you all about one of the most memorable incident of my life, which to be fare I can never ever forget. Maybe what I thought was not accurate but then also it sounds funny to me.

I just want to tell you all about an incident relate to my friend Anil. Now lots of people will immediately remember him and for those who have not, let me enlighten you all. Anil was our batch mate, full name Anil Gangwar. Now he was one of my good friends but still there is one thing in him that makes me think and laugh more about it. If you ever thought of a competition about Lazy guy I think he will be perfect for it. He is one of the laziest guys I have ever been with.

I still remember the first day I saw him college. It was our first day in college and introduction class was going on. He was giving his introduction in front of the faculty and what he said I am trying to recollect from my remaining memory. He said, “I belong to a business family and I have a big business”. But as I analyzed his body language and his way of speaking was different. He even makes most smart student sound dumb with his style. He takes time to speak but when he speaks I think even he don’t know what he is saying. I remember one time even made one of our teachers to say, “It is better to sleep rather than to expect you to speak and act fast”.

As I was one his friend one day he called me up in the weekend and said he wants to visit my Village. I was amazed and told him to come any time. He made me wait 1 ½ hour for him on nearest bus stand for my village, which is far away from village. I thought he was very excited to visit my village and his expression said it all to me.

He sounded quite happy when he entered in my village. While entering in my village he saw a buffalo and asked me about it. So he asked me what this is. I thought he might not know about it so gave him a brief introduction about the buffalo. He lived few days with me and it was quite nice experience to live with him. As the last day arrived and he was ready to leave I just had one final question for him. I asked him, “Tell me truth about your business, what you do?”

He remained silent for few minutes and then he answered. Even today I remember each word of his answer and maybe I will never forget that answer in my life. He said, “My father is also farmer and we also purchase and sell buffalo”.

P.S.: Never ever judge a book by its cover, there may be more content inside rather that what you perceive.

Written by: DEEPAK KUMAR

Monday, December 12, 2011

Love : "End of perfect story"

Last Sunday I watched “Rockstar” and it was super movie by Imtiaz Ali. Sometime I feel he is the only one who has been able to define the changing face of romance in Indian cinema. Well let’s go back to my original point, “the end of perfect love story”.

In the 80 and 90’s there was a time when a love story used to be perfect in movies. Whatever you do in 2 ½ hours of movie it didn’t matter but it should always have the happy ending and right should win. I am not saying it was wrong but my point is doing all the time same thing make it boring. Does the entire love story have to perfect then only we can call them as love story?

I don’t think so and most of would agree with me on that point. I like Mr. SRK to fight all the odds in DDLG to win his love in the film and I think that was the last perfect love story I have seen on the big screen. Now we are seeing change in the movies, every one life and even in love story.

If you look at now day’s cinema I think it has left behind the days of perfect love story. Look at All the movies of Imtiaz Ali they all have not been perfect love story. Let’s take the example of Rockstar it was unusual love story. Both were unexpressive about their love, they know about their love, likes and dislikes but still they were not ready to believe in it. I don’t know how people realize it love but I do know either its love or it’s not. It didn’t mean love is all about getting what you want sometime you also love someone whom you cannot get in life. There is also love for my friends, family and others also.

Love is not measured on the time they spend together; they care for each other but something beyond that. I know it is not a perfect definition for love story but yet it is quite close. If you love someone you are more than happy to see her or him happy even if that make you cry. I know it sound filmi and bookish but that’s how love works in the end. You will never know the reason.

I know some people might be upset by the end of the perfect love story but I am happy. Now love story is beyond the things you want to do. It is more about the thing you like to do in the end. In my life I have seen quite few love stories as a perfect love maybe one day I will find that. But still I think one day the trend of perfect love story will come back.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What about Online retails store, FDI opponent.....

Yesterday night I was watching some English news channel and a quite aggressive debate was going on FDI in retails. I know everybody has his own opinion and they are entitled to have it. But justifying it with wrong answer is not correct.

Let’s check out the major argument against FDI in retail sector. The first argument is it will kill the kirana shop in the neighborhood, they will monopolize the retail and it will affect our economy. But nobody noticed the increasing size of online retailers. I will give you a small example, I used to go to my neighbor shop for mobile recharge but now I do it online myself because I can recharge my mobile and also I get the free discount coupon of same amount of various Brand like Mcd, pizza hut etc.

There are distinct advantages to couch shopping – and forget about the kirana shop, even the largest brick-and-mortar retailers are affected. “You don’t have to camp out in front of the stores itself only to be trampled upon the minute the gates open by eager shoppers who like you are trying to get the best bang for their bucks. Worse, you run the risk of being pepper-sprayed by a ‘competitive shopper’, just like what happened at a branch of Walmart in Los Angeles.
Second, no long lines at check-out counters no matter how many items you buy. All you have to do is click, click, click. Third, you save on gas and on precious time,” says News Veteran.
None of the discussions that one has heard and seen on TV or read in newspapers, magazines and websites has debated or discussed the increasingly important role that e-commerce is playing in India.

The Internet and e-commerce has already made the traditional ‘mom-and-pop’ travel agency redundant in India – and they’re making others redundant as well.

“Ecommerce portal has said that the website’s consumer electronics products are expected to contribute as much as 50 percent of the company’s revenue run rate of Rs 500 crore for financial year 2011-12. The company also expects electronics and appliances to contribute around 30 percent of its total revenues in the next two quarters,” says Alootechie.
That’s Rs 500 crores of revenue which, hitherto, went to mom-and-pop and Indian (organised retailing) corporates with brick-and-mortar bookshops, appliances shops, electronics shops and so on.

And that’s just one company, Flipkart. “According to the study titled Indian Digital Consumer Industry by financial services firm Avendus, the number of people transacting online is expected to touch 39 million by 2015. The estimated online transaction will further boost the Indian e-commerce market which is estimated to grow to $24 billion by 2015 from the current $6.3 billion. Currently 8-10 million people in India transact online, which is about 11 percent of the 80 million internet users in the country, which represents a penetration of 7 percent of the population and 17 percent of the urban population,” reports Jagran.

All this business (the majority, admittedly, from travel) has moved away from traditional retailers. The major factors that spur the growth are the price, the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home or office and convenience of delivery.

So what will retail FDI opponents do about this phenomenon? Ban e-commerce in India? Reserve e-retailing for Indian companies only?

Why haven’t they done so already? Any Indian can be shopping on 100 percent foreign owned sites such as, to name but one site, legally and there’s nobody asking for a ban on amazon.

Why not? Perhaps because there’s no political dividend?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Raj ko RAAZ rahne do… (Part 2)

Yes this is quite true that most of people want to know about raj but the “hero” raj want to away from lime light. But as usual who has a friend like us (who always do opposite what your friends want) so how he can remain away from lime light. So raj don’t be angry just because other wanted to know about you that’s why I have written.

As in my last blog for raj, I tried explain how good a person he is (all of that was lie and he paid me for writing it). So let me tell you that he has not paid me this time so I don’t have to say all good things about him. We all know raj is famous for his Sher and Shayari. Now lots of people don’t know how he came to this Sher-O-Shayri world.

So as per my secret agents (I.e. Jayant and Khare Sahab), Raj as all know was very famous among girls from his time of school. I am talking about a time when there was no FB, less internet, No mobile Phone and even land line was rare. That was time when giving Archies card to a Girl was biggest thing and the boy thought as a gentleman by the girls. So as per our sources raj used to go there and used to spend hours in Archies to select a card (only who as has done shopping with his will know why I am focusing on time). He used to go there to just hear Ghazal there and his taste for Sher-O-Shayri improved. Now the Archies card might not be so popular among girls anymore but 
Raj Sher-O-Shyari is still quite popular.

That is the reason why he is been hated by so many boys and loved by so many girls. A good voice, handsome hunk (means on looks not on size), more beautiful than girls (Girls only hate him for being more beautiful than them), ready to share everything “except few” (Even he share his train seat with girls only of course not with boys). But I and Jaynat hate him for few other things which are not mention here. Girls use to give gift to him and we use to think, “Humara number kab aayega”, Girls use to write his assignment even if they had a breakup or big fight with their Boyfriend last night but for our assignment they never use to give the assignment to even copy it. But then again over a time of period we realize Raj is Raj, so stop complaining about it.

But again only raj knows these helps or it become more difficult for you to live. I know some of his friend still thinks that just because of raj there breakup happened but do really because of raj that happened. That why I said Raj ko Raaj Rahne do. My advice to him is, it’s not easy to be nice to all persons and you don’t need to be. Just let them deal with their own problem and realize who have lost what. Oh by the way I remember that raj favorite serial is BIG BOSS, you know why? “Gorakhpur connections”. I think Jayant knows why.

Waise Raj ko maine Raaj h rahne diya h still.................................

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Indian Agriculture ..A big scene behind it...

In India I feel the biggest problem is not corruption but the development. As a developing nation I do not find enough thrust in the nation most reliable and one time base of economy .i.e. agriculture.

The agriculture field has been always been neglected in India either in the name of development or by the name of modernization. Believe me they have nothing to do with agriculture growth and its development. Have you heard a word of modernization in the agriculture field by the government, for surely I have not heard that, have you?

In India where still half of its population is dependent on agriculture, where is the next revolution in this field. Farmers are killing themselves not because they are not able to take risk but they know that it is impossible to come out of this never ending debt circle. As I have been living in a village for over 20 years I know the exact problem of them. They do not want the subsidy for the agriculture but they demand few things from the government.

Firstly they need basic infrastructure, it is easy to say in India agriculture is not up to standard but are we giving them fare chance. Look at ground reality Electricity is not available in the villages for almost 12 hours; water is a problem and if the entire problem is solved then also there is fight for the timely fertilizer from the govt. believe it or not it never ends, even if you pass all these tests then the biggest is to get the market for your product. Which is basically a place where only farmers are exploited nothing more. They sell their product on 10 Rs but it end up in market with just double price.

Bizarrely we all blame govt. for all suffering but a framer never does that simply because he even not aware what are policies that govt. has for them. They will sell their crop at cheaper rate then set by the govt. because at ground they need money to stay alive and survive another day.

When govt. set Rs 32 as minimum required for the living there was huge cry from the middle class people and all those who say they are intellectual. But the next time they will went to a shop of fruits or vegetable they will bargain for half hour for one Rs and might not purchase from there. They will happily buy same product on higher price from Relience fresh just because it is a BRAND.

That is the reality in India, for farmer there is only one thing in India i.e. sympathy. Hope it may change soon let’s hope. Let’s hope that farmers get there due and get the right infrastructure to work and grow.

Friday, October 28, 2011

That i am your friend...... F R I E N D

This is the poem i have written for all my friend as thank note for tolerating me for soo long, Thanks for being my FRIENDS......

One day I might let you down,
By my silly acts,
One day I might make you feel boring,
By my talks or with my silence,
One day I might make you angry so much,
You wana hit me hard,
And let me know your anger,
One day I might make you cry for,
No reason,
And still say to you, I didn’t did it,
One day i might make you feel that, I am too selfish,
Mean and not worth your friendship,
And you want to walk away from me,
With all the love and hate between us,
One day....
That day will be the day....
You need to forgive me for only reason....
That i am your friend......
F R I E N D.................

Monday, October 17, 2011

You were my friend….till I became the best(this one for is for you)

“FRIEND is just a word until u find some1.To gives it definition”

Before I start just want thank my Didi who inspire me or secretly advice me write this blog. I don’t know from where to start about her but where ever I start it will not have any end.
She had a unique dialog for me which I miss these days very much, “Tum mujhe dealing bahut dete ho”. Why she used to say this is a mystery to me also. Maybe because I always used to do things which I used to say I would not do for certain. But still she is simply the best.

As a friend I would rate her 10 out of 10 just because I don’t want to get killed by her killer looks. Her caring factor was always the best thing .She used to call me and wake me up in time for internal exam were I was usally late in college, She forced me to attend the classes because my attendance was always in the negative and best was to sit me for hours and listen my all the craps story. I still remember how you used to force me drink the juice and I used to hate u like devils but just because of that now I am not allergic to juices and all (My Mom was almost shocked when I refused coke and ordered Juice).

We are never on the same page. Either be on shopping, going to any place or be it a small burger. We fight for single piece of toffey and 5 Rs ice cream (I just remember one ice ceram is pending on you). It’s not like only you did the better I to did some of it. Like giving you always wrong advice (I still remember how I took you to mani PG and took you in wrong route), always saying,”Jo marzi ho who karo” (when it means you have to do this as I mean it) and the best is While talking in night always go to sleep and you just keep on telling me story (just you realize I am sleeping and the way you just used to give me angry looks ahhh I miss it yaar).

She had made me better person, a better friend and above all a better idiot. I used to be a dumb idiot but I am still idiot but not dumb. The things you stalled are hard to go by but even harder are to think a world without you. I am amazed how we used to fight in night and next day it used to be normal and more rocking.
To make her angry is quite but to be friends again you always need chocolates. It’s not easy to find a friend like you in this unlucky world. So please just start taking me seriously and make sure you would not loose me. but still I ever had chance to make sure what I want most it would be your friendship for whole life. After all you agreed to become my mentor and my future company CEO. So be ready and work hard because you do not like lazy person like me.

After reading this please do not be sentimental just because friends are always needed to not to be senti and make sure next time giving me better party. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ghaili Basantaaa (Jayant Singh)…………….Ye aaram ka maamla hai

I was thinking of so much about this situation that ultimately my keyboard just helped me to tell you all the infamous story of Jayant and his buying habit.

To start with, He is a typical Indian consumer whom you will find in every street and corner, that is most simple line in which I can define him as a consumer. In last two year I have done enough shopping with him to know what type of consumer he is. His fashion statement was redefined by his one of Ex- roommate i.e. Mr. Aman Kapoor. He was the one who told him that brand matters, so after that day he decided that he will only wear branded cloths. Even his socks are branded (Addidas) but don’t dare to see them.If you are thinking why? I think you will only know once you will smell it and after that I can surely bet you will never ever try to smell even the washed socks of our thapa bhai. It sucks man, and an advice from Khare Sahab,”Please, get some new pair of socks bro”.

Let’s get some more insight about our Thapa Bhai Exclusive Brands.His cap(Addidas), his shoes (Nike) and the even he has a woodland brand (I don’t know what to call it). Believe me this guy is really cool in term of cloths. I think last time he purchased was some trouser form PROVOGUE (ye aaram ka mamla hai) I know it is misfit but it fit on out Thapa bhai.

But he has a weakness as well, his phone. I really don’t know why he has kept that garbage phone for so long. I still remember one time I was scared to listen that ringtone in it (close to heart attack situation was that) so after that he deiced that his phone will always be on SILENT. But phone he will not change reason he has some fond memory with this phone. I know he will kill me after reading this but who care. The secrete is his ex-GF messages are stills on the phone and he just read all those message each day before he finally fall to sleep ( as told by my reliable agent Raj and Khare Shahab).I nearly cried after hearing such a emotional story of love. So next time your phone is not picked just remembers his phone is always on SILENT.

And who can forget his love for food. If you ever think of organize a party and Jayant is also invited be assured that he will order only one thing. The food that has the most cost in front of it written in menu, the last time Jayant did this was in college in some party. It turn out to be disaster for him because he was also not sure what he was easting (might be some ulta puta dish form some other country) but he finished it and in the evening Jayant was missing from room, Vikas told me he is in bathroom from evening and believe me I was laughing like mad man. For next 2 days he just avoided all the food to but later in evening he came up with better solution, that he will start exercising form the next day. For those who think he start hitting the ground running forget it, he slept next day more than any other day in year just because of mental pressure of exercising.

But still Jayant the consumer remain the same. Oh, have I told you about story of his latest laptop. Maybe next time but indeed the most interesting one is still up in my sleeves. I hope people will now recognize him as HEERA because BRAND matters for jayant

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Friendship.....A mystical feeling..

Relationships………really a mystical word…..containing the essence of whole world  in itself…….father , mother , sister , brother and friends……the list continues  on …..and everyone is holding an distinct place in one’s heart ….or in one’s life …….and beyond all these there are some relations whom we cannot give a name ….they are nameless….but most important….because I think naming a relation is bounding it in some sort of boundaries …… it limits the way u can treat  other person……

One of my friend have the opinion that …you are very close to your father …good ….but when ur father becomes  your friend ….that’ s the best part of  your life ……you are very close to your brother …but when he becomes  your friend …..That’s the best moment of your life …..the same applies to sister , mother ….uncle …and all earthly relations ….
Concentrating ….i found that one thing was common in all ….

That was …..FRIEND …….this reflects that friendship is something which is distinct from all these earthly relations …..Something   which has special fragrance in itself …..This takes it beyond limit …….something which is most trustworthy……holding maximum sacrifices ……and major compromises …..

From my prospective it is the most beautiful relation found ever in this world ……but it had a darker side too……i.e when this relation breakes ….it break the person from internally…..physically as well as mentally….but then also a soft corner remains or that friend …….

Being someone friend is as quite easy as saying hello to anyone  because it is the base which starts this relation…..but  maintaining  and sustaining friendship in its full dignity and respect is an tough task to perform…..writing this had put me in a sort of confusion ….i always believed that …..friendship  is the most pious relation but with the passage of  time measuring my  friendship…..i found myself as an biggest looser……always tried to make everyone happy….but no one was …..Was it my fault …..? Or they actually didn’t deserve my friendship? Was It wrong choice of friends….? And the questions still remains unanswered…..and now I have stopped searching answer for it …..

But ya in this span of time only, there were some jewels who were and who are still standing with me in all my conditions …..they doesn’t know slightest part  of me ….still delivering  full care …full devotion  accepting me as I am….without any expectations….and I wish that I enjoy the privilege of having their friendship till the last breath o my life ……aameen…..

This whole article is dedicated to my those  stupid friends …whose continuous  torture and  threat  to write something  forced me to write  this……who know who they are ….just friends ……

With lots of love …and care too…..

Your simply …..Just friend …..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Jagjit Singh: Ghazal lost its last King

Today god have taken away a beautiful soul on his arms from us. The king of Ghazals Jagjit Singh.
On 1941 in Rajsthan he was born in a Sikh family but the introduction of his life is not complete without his beautiful Ghazals.
Jagjit Singh was the voice of many Sayers of urdu & hindi poetry including Ghalib. He was the bridge of ganga jamuni tahjib. Who link the equality, not caste and made his music as religion to his lover.
But Time......!!!
Just can only say his famous Ghazal lines:

Admi bulbula he pani ka,
Or pani ki sathe par....
Tutha bhi he,
Dubta bhi he,
Fir ubharta he.
Fir se bahta he.
Na samunder nigal ska isko,
Na tarikh tod payi he.
Waqt ki mauz par sada bahta,
Admi bulbula he pani ka...

¤ I dedicate few lines for him...
zindgi ki tanhaio me,
ghir k jab tanha hua..
dard k pamano me dub kar,
jab jab bahe..
tab tab teri awaj sunkr,
dil se bas itna kha..
"A Dile nada tujhe hua kya",
"gam ka khajana tera bhi he mera bhi"

¤Bhari ankho se-Chalta hu
Deepak kumar “Rausa”

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Few words, few feelings will be left unsaid......

Last night I was just checking some old blogs and photos I have updated on my Facebook profile and I realized how things remain unsaid or left unexpressed at some level. You either cannot say the way you feel or you cannot respond to someone feeling because at some level you never understand those things at that time.

As you take a look back at your life, you can see all those incidents where you have to say something but you were not able to do so. Either it had been your first crush of school or the first and most important farewell day in school. We miss all those chances to express our feeling. Funny thing is for first crush we do not say something to him/her just because somehow in our heart we start believing that we will be rejected.  

But school farewell is totally different from all the other feeling. I never saw the end coming after the farewell, just always thought it will be new beginning where all friends will be closer and will always be together. But after few months you realize, it doesn’t go always the way you think. So now you are all alone with one or two school friends because everybody else has to make choices for themselves and they have chosen what would be best for them. There was many school friends whom I never met afterwards, just heard about them or a little piece of news. Few months later I stopped following them or tracing them but I still want to know about few of them whom I never get chance to so good bye. I still think if you love or hate someone do let that person know or you will carry that thought all your life on your heart and shoulder with all the life.

Life moves on and you become so busy in your own life that who cares about school friends who are lost. I met few of them randomly in few place but over the time the connection have been lost. Even the phone, facebook or the emails cannot match the bonding that you used to have in school.

I hope one day my all school friends have a reunion party. I don’t know what I will do but surely this time I will thank all of them to be my friend when I don’t know what a friend means to be. I will spell few secrets and take few blames but in the end I will let them know what I thought about them. I don’t know why I realize it now that “those days where best days of my life”………….

And yet few things, few words, few feelings will be left unsaid…………….

 "Thanks you all for being my friend....."

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kavio ki zindagi kharab hoti h.....By Deepak Kumar

After months of running behind Deepak Bhai, finally He has written something for my blog. The title you may say is Inspired from his life experience and i feel poem is also. Aur agar koi kavi hindi me likhta hai aur aap usse padhte hai to aksar baatie bahut aasaan lagti hai aur lgata hai ki ye to hum bhi likh sakte the but belive me its never easy to write a single word when you know it will be seen by others, even i cannot write so good poetry. I am big fan of Urdu shayari but i think after Deepak poem my taste for Hindi poem might become better and thanks for writing a sweet poem on my blog. So its over to Deepak poem.  

Kavio ki zindagi kharab hoti h
Bahar taliya,
Ghar me galiya,
or khali parat hoti hai.

Gala faad faad kar,
dard bya karta hai.
sab ek baar marte hai,
ye baar baar marta hai.

aakash se patal tak,
fir patal se aakash tak.
rukta nahi roko isse,
juba iski bemisal hoti he.

kavio ki zindgi badi khrab hoti he..

Ek roj kahne lagi,
maa meri mujhse hi.
chor de ye lay banana,
duniya dekh,
kuch kam kar.

dohora diya maine wo sher
Zindgi ka kya pta
"Let, Kar aram kar"

jabse pita hu ma ke chimte se,
ye ankhe na jagti he na soti he.

kavi ki zindgi bdi khrab hoti he...

khush ho iss bat par,
shadi meri hui nhi.
varna aadhe saayro ki to,
bibya maha kaal hoti he.

kavio ki zindgi badi kharab hoti he.

By: Deepak Kumar 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kuch Alfaz....

First of all to Dear Saifi---
"friends are like page in book of life,every page with different subject but best friends are the index page, covering every subject as u "

Don’t feel ki maska maar raha hu...
From the end of 3rd semester of MBA, I wished to write something on your blog but somehow it got delayed aaj..kal..parso.Finaly aaj ankhe kholi or likh diya...

Ur last note "searching result…. we'll let u know..Was honestly nice..Yes it is true fact what you have written about hr & finance. As I have also gone through the same felling. 

My few lines or you can say a small poem which i dedicate to your last blog, Raj and me.

tufano me maana faase hai ham,
jakhmo pe apne haase bhi hai ham.
umid hai sahara jarur milega,
hamko kinara jarur milega.

ladkhdate hai kabhi kadam manjilo pe,

presaniya na lenge ham dilo pe.

himat se ye aakas,ye parvat hilega,

hamko kinara jarur milega.

chalta hu…

Deepak Kumar

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Searching Job.........Result We will let you know!!!!!!!!!!!

This note is written for all those who are still searching the job and I think they deserve a bit of recognition in the end of the day, for hanging in there for so long and still going strong with full confidence.

Let’s go back to the 4th semester, you go to any college campus and ask any student of final year either studious or the one who are not serious about studies. They all come alive when the season of placement start in the college. They all start buzzing about their future and start cursing college for not getting good placement. Our college was also one of them but the problem was that more strikes  were happening in the college then the placement. Even some strikes also happened for the placement.

Even though some company do came into the college but they all were all for the marketing and marketing. So the HR and finance student were left high and dry without placement. There was very little hope that we will get placement from the college. I hardly visited my placement cell. Even though I stop bothering about placement but still you want to come out of college with placement in some organization. I was no exception to that rule; I tried in first company that came in the campus. It was some software selling company,the profile was I have to call and sell the software to UK or US client. I cleared the written but GD proved to be more tough to clear. When I heard the topic I was dumbstruck, The topic was "Black and While", All the time every body was saying about black is bad color and white is good color. "I like black and it is good color" but by the time I realized or get back in GD to something, The GD was near to its end and I didn’t said a single word. All I was doing was seeing faces of each other.

So I was out of the next round but my misery didn’t end here.The next company for which I tried in the campus it also had a GD round. This time I decided to take initiative and started the GD but again bad luck struck, I was the one who was doing most of talking and not giving others enough chance to say anything. I was just like bullet whose break has been failed. But again I was not selected because of talking too much. So after that time I stopped sitting in college campus and decided to enjoy my day of this campus placement circus.

Well leave my bad luck, Maynak got placement from college but he didn’t join that org. he joined some other org. but the best part was his slogan "I am Graduate, I am Post Graduate and I have Job but Still I am SINGLE...Shame on you Girls" (see even photo to verify it), for others either they were not interested in job or already got some Jugad for placement. I was not interested in the campus placement procedure anymore but others were. In off campus also some joined the insurance selling, some joined some HR company. And rest off like us were more of struggler at that time.

"Mayank with his All time hit slogan on his tsirt"

The best part comedy happened when one of the companies came for placement in campus and only 2 students wanted to sit on the placement procedure. But they too didn’t join because they were offering 2 year contract for the job and no was ready to sign it. I stop thinking about job at that time rest I need to say is History.

My friend Deepak even updated few line for our situation at that time which I think is famous with lots of student these days:
Nateeja ek hi nikla meri kismet me nakami,
Kabhi kuch kah ke pashtaye kabhi chup rah ke pashtaye…….

I hope I will continue writing these types of things, but please see only the funny side. Earlier everyone was fighting for the job but now the situation is different they all are looking for the job change. Not everyone is happy with their job I think.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Equation and reactions........

When I was a student I used to hate that day when some of national festival or holiday happen to be Sunday. I am still the same, I hate it. Why you lose your one extra holiday just because it is Sunday. I know lots of people will agree with me but most of might not agree with me. Choose the either side you want to be, I am happy to be back the way I was.

Let’s hope next time this doesn’t happen with us. Please god does take care of it from next time onwards. For me last month has been great on all the fronts. Let me tell life after college makes you think and realize how much you miss college life.

I think of the past few months and I realize life has changed dramatically. The late night parties have stopped, phone call is limited to few people, SMS I have stopped sending just because ever TRAI have not more than 100 message( even govt. has turned against student). After college I have lost contact with most of classmates. Even they don’t seem to come on Facebook.

Even then also, I get the updates regarding all the new breakups and linkups of our classmate. Believe me there have been few. Even though I was told to not write this part but who cares.  After all that is what we want to hear from friends. Leave the gossip part but still you get to know a lot from all the friends. I still remember my time in hostel when we used to speculate about all the happenings in the college even if we were related to it or not.

And at last I got back my hunger for writing. I hope it continue for some time and get some time from my office. On a good note I do want tell you all that our STARTUP is selected in top 20 STARTUP in NASCOM. Hope we get more recognition very soon. Do like indeed.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The equation of my college life and its Parameters...........

As my college comes nears towards its end. My affection toward college has increased but toward classes has decreased. I do not know how to explain it but just you can say classes are sound like hangover time.

It is just that when your first semester starts you see classes as a time to learn and to be comfortable in new world. You always see this is your chance and you should make best use of it. Teachers seem to be your friend and you try to hear each and every word said by them. You go library in search of the entire new book related to you subject to gain advantage over other student. You always ask the difficult question in the class, even if it not directly or indirectly related to your subject. You don’t bunk the class or even try to do it.

The first semester of any MBA college seems to be so scoolish, but that’s what it is all about. After the first battle, then comes the second semester.

This is always different from first semester. You attendance dips a bit. The last bench is booked by few good fellows of class (like I used to have one for myself). Even though you know the answer, you are not first to raise your hand. Visit to library decreases like temperature in winter but it is replaced by canteen visits. Your assignments are either copied or submitted late. You even stop making subject wise note. New funda is to just get a photo copy of your friend notes.
In second semester you are more interested in which of you senior is placed where instead of focusing on your own summer internship. You are more worried about your job prospects even if it is one year away.

How could I forget, the new bonding in class. Some love birds are found and some jolly good friends. Friendship has an all new meaning in life. Living 24/7 is just becomes part of your life. Late night parties, some drinking and dancing all seems so good. Expenses surpass your bank balance. Phone bill rises to a new level and yet you think you talk so little in ratio of others.

Hey, still I am missing so many things. I think this will continue to come in. after all I can now only remember my college days like this.

Finally I want to just dedicate this note to all the student and faculty member of MBA in IEC. But the person who told me to write about college life and incident, I want to especially thank him. One of my friend DEEPAK.

A sher in my style
Likhne ke ek tum h ustaad nahi ho “SAIFI”,
Kahte hai issi zamane ek “DEEPAK” bhi hai……

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Simply friends………………………part 1

When you enter into the last phase of your college life, only thing you want that it should go on. It should never end. But the reality is totally different. Every good thing comes to end one day. Either it is good food, movie, life or in my case college.

There is so much to write about from my college life and from my hostel life. On which surely I am working. But my part I want to dedicate to all those friends who made my life so easy and so wonderful that I could not ask for more from god.

It is so hard to explain you feeling about all of them. How much you love your all friends and how much you hate them. Mostly hate part is easy to say. I have never been good in saying that how I feel about anybody. Every one of them has played a different role and important one to help me out and make me what I am today.

The list is long but still some names are worth mentioning in my edition. Nisheeth bhai, jayant, raj rajeswar mani tripathi, arun, vikas, varun, smita, mani, ruby, neelam and at last Kshama. These all have made my life so beautifull that I just wanted to say thanks to all of them.
Now some line which I just written for these people. Hope all of them like these lines.

These line are dedicate to all those friends who are my friends.....

One day i might let you down, By my acts,
One day i might make you feel bore, By my talks or silence,
One day i might make you angry so much, You wana hit me hard,
One day i might make you cry for, No reason,
One day i might make you feel that, I am too selfish,
One day.....
That day will be the day....
You need to forgive me for only reason....
That i am you friend......
F R I E N D.................

So this is it for today. I hope I didn’t offend anybody. Till next time this is saifi shahid saying to all of you SIMPLY FRIENDS………………………………

BY: Saifi Shahid