Monday, October 17, 2011

You were my friend….till I became the best(this one for is for you)

“FRIEND is just a word until u find some1.To gives it definition”

Before I start just want thank my Didi who inspire me or secretly advice me write this blog. I don’t know from where to start about her but where ever I start it will not have any end.
She had a unique dialog for me which I miss these days very much, “Tum mujhe dealing bahut dete ho”. Why she used to say this is a mystery to me also. Maybe because I always used to do things which I used to say I would not do for certain. But still she is simply the best.

As a friend I would rate her 10 out of 10 just because I don’t want to get killed by her killer looks. Her caring factor was always the best thing .She used to call me and wake me up in time for internal exam were I was usally late in college, She forced me to attend the classes because my attendance was always in the negative and best was to sit me for hours and listen my all the craps story. I still remember how you used to force me drink the juice and I used to hate u like devils but just because of that now I am not allergic to juices and all (My Mom was almost shocked when I refused coke and ordered Juice).

We are never on the same page. Either be on shopping, going to any place or be it a small burger. We fight for single piece of toffey and 5 Rs ice cream (I just remember one ice ceram is pending on you). It’s not like only you did the better I to did some of it. Like giving you always wrong advice (I still remember how I took you to mani PG and took you in wrong route), always saying,”Jo marzi ho who karo” (when it means you have to do this as I mean it) and the best is While talking in night always go to sleep and you just keep on telling me story (just you realize I am sleeping and the way you just used to give me angry looks ahhh I miss it yaar).

She had made me better person, a better friend and above all a better idiot. I used to be a dumb idiot but I am still idiot but not dumb. The things you stalled are hard to go by but even harder are to think a world without you. I am amazed how we used to fight in night and next day it used to be normal and more rocking.
To make her angry is quite but to be friends again you always need chocolates. It’s not easy to find a friend like you in this unlucky world. So please just start taking me seriously and make sure you would not loose me. but still I ever had chance to make sure what I want most it would be your friendship for whole life. After all you agreed to become my mentor and my future company CEO. So be ready and work hard because you do not like lazy person like me.

After reading this please do not be sentimental just because friends are always needed to not to be senti and make sure next time giving me better party.