Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Searching Job.........Result We will let you know!!!!!!!!!!!

This note is written for all those who are still searching the job and I think they deserve a bit of recognition in the end of the day, for hanging in there for so long and still going strong with full confidence.

Let’s go back to the 4th semester, you go to any college campus and ask any student of final year either studious or the one who are not serious about studies. They all come alive when the season of placement start in the college. They all start buzzing about their future and start cursing college for not getting good placement. Our college was also one of them but the problem was that more strikes  were happening in the college then the placement. Even some strikes also happened for the placement.

Even though some company do came into the college but they all were all for the marketing and marketing. So the HR and finance student were left high and dry without placement. There was very little hope that we will get placement from the college. I hardly visited my placement cell. Even though I stop bothering about placement but still you want to come out of college with placement in some organization. I was no exception to that rule; I tried in first company that came in the campus. It was some software selling company,the profile was I have to call and sell the software to UK or US client. I cleared the written but GD proved to be more tough to clear. When I heard the topic I was dumbstruck, The topic was "Black and While", All the time every body was saying about black is bad color and white is good color. "I like black and it is good color" but by the time I realized or get back in GD to something, The GD was near to its end and I didn’t said a single word. All I was doing was seeing faces of each other.

So I was out of the next round but my misery didn’t end here.The next company for which I tried in the campus it also had a GD round. This time I decided to take initiative and started the GD but again bad luck struck, I was the one who was doing most of talking and not giving others enough chance to say anything. I was just like bullet whose break has been failed. But again I was not selected because of talking too much. So after that time I stopped sitting in college campus and decided to enjoy my day of this campus placement circus.

Well leave my bad luck, Maynak got placement from college but he didn’t join that org. he joined some other org. but the best part was his slogan "I am Graduate, I am Post Graduate and I have Job but Still I am SINGLE...Shame on you Girls" (see even photo to verify it), for others either they were not interested in job or already got some Jugad for placement. I was not interested in the campus placement procedure anymore but others were. In off campus also some joined the insurance selling, some joined some HR company. And rest off like us were more of struggler at that time.

"Mayank with his All time hit slogan on his tsirt"

The best part comedy happened when one of the companies came for placement in campus and only 2 students wanted to sit on the placement procedure. But they too didn’t join because they were offering 2 year contract for the job and no was ready to sign it. I stop thinking about job at that time rest I need to say is History.

My friend Deepak even updated few line for our situation at that time which I think is famous with lots of student these days:
Nateeja ek hi nikla meri kismet me nakami,
Kabhi kuch kah ke pashtaye kabhi chup rah ke pashtaye…….

I hope I will continue writing these types of things, but please see only the funny side. Earlier everyone was fighting for the job but now the situation is different they all are looking for the job change. Not everyone is happy with their job I think.