Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ghaili Basantaaa (Jayant Singh)…………….Ye aaram ka maamla hai

I was thinking of so much about this situation that ultimately my keyboard just helped me to tell you all the infamous story of Jayant and his buying habit.

To start with, He is a typical Indian consumer whom you will find in every street and corner, that is most simple line in which I can define him as a consumer. In last two year I have done enough shopping with him to know what type of consumer he is. His fashion statement was redefined by his one of Ex- roommate i.e. Mr. Aman Kapoor. He was the one who told him that brand matters, so after that day he decided that he will only wear branded cloths. Even his socks are branded (Addidas) but don’t dare to see them.If you are thinking why? I think you will only know once you will smell it and after that I can surely bet you will never ever try to smell even the washed socks of our thapa bhai. It sucks man, and an advice from Khare Sahab,”Please, get some new pair of socks bro”.

Let’s get some more insight about our Thapa Bhai Exclusive Brands.His cap(Addidas), his shoes (Nike) and the even he has a woodland brand (I don’t know what to call it). Believe me this guy is really cool in term of cloths. I think last time he purchased was some trouser form PROVOGUE (ye aaram ka mamla hai) I know it is misfit but it fit on out Thapa bhai.

But he has a weakness as well, his phone. I really don’t know why he has kept that garbage phone for so long. I still remember one time I was scared to listen that ringtone in it (close to heart attack situation was that) so after that he deiced that his phone will always be on SILENT. But phone he will not change reason he has some fond memory with this phone. I know he will kill me after reading this but who care. The secrete is his ex-GF messages are stills on the phone and he just read all those message each day before he finally fall to sleep ( as told by my reliable agent Raj and Khare Shahab).I nearly cried after hearing such a emotional story of love. So next time your phone is not picked just remembers his phone is always on SILENT.

And who can forget his love for food. If you ever think of organize a party and Jayant is also invited be assured that he will order only one thing. The food that has the most cost in front of it written in menu, the last time Jayant did this was in college in some party. It turn out to be disaster for him because he was also not sure what he was easting (might be some ulta puta dish form some other country) but he finished it and in the evening Jayant was missing from room, Vikas told me he is in bathroom from evening and believe me I was laughing like mad man. For next 2 days he just avoided all the food to but later in evening he came up with better solution, that he will start exercising form the next day. For those who think he start hitting the ground running forget it, he slept next day more than any other day in year just because of mental pressure of exercising.

But still Jayant the consumer remain the same. Oh, have I told you about story of his latest laptop. Maybe next time but indeed the most interesting one is still up in my sleeves. I hope people will now recognize him as HEERA because BRAND matters for jayant