Friday, November 30, 2012

Why aadhaar based cash transfer is not a good idea for Poor

Last year when I was in my home town, I had met few people whom I know personally and they all work under the NAREGA. They make their livelihood not through that but yes it is a welcome thing for them to get an extra work and some extra income as well.

Most of them before this NAREGA thing didn’t have the bank account. As bank is around 8 to 10 KM away from our village. So every NAREGA benefiters has to go bank to open his or her account. They went with the pradhan and opened there respective account. Most of them are not able to read or write so they use their thumb as sign, but them our Mr. Pradhan ji decided that every passbook should be kept with him as he will guard it otherwise if they lose it they will not a get a penny. All of the believed that pradhan ji is saying right and deposited there bank passbook to him.

They kept working for whole of the NAREGA project. One fine day Pradhan ji said tomorrow be ready we will go to the bank and take your money from there. All of them became happy, finally after so much talk they are getting the benefit of government policy, their own hard earn money. Next day everyone went with pradhan ji to the bank. Everyone collected their money from bank, after that there was the surprise. Pradhan ji took the money from and there passbook, in return he given each of them the 50% of the total amount which was withdrawn from each person account. No one protested, they all gave up easily. You may ask question why? Because he is in the dominating position in the village, he is pradhan, he has power, man and other sources. Who will go against him in the village?
No one, it will be like the same in the village. They will take the benefit of villagers in lure of more money. And our corrupt system will always support them because they have the means and power to proof everything they want.

Well I am not sure why government wants to process ahead with the ADHAR related cash transfer to account, because it will never end the corruption. Which start from the top and end in the bottom? Yes certainly it will increase more fight and also more control over the villagers activity. \


I know it is good way to stop the leakage at the middle end but who will make sure that in the people who is the real beneficiary is getting the entire amount and nobody is harassing him. Well government has more intelligent people than to consider that thing, but sometime they forget the practicality of the subject. Creating some law is good, but implementing it and also to make sure it is implemented in right way is different thing. I hope this scheme be a game changer the way people receive the benefit from government. But with short notice that it might also increase more fight and corruption in the lower lever rather than in middle level.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Friends ex girlfriend

It has been exhausting week for me. If you plan a week holiday in your hometown especially at the Diwali time, you will be exhausted. You need to plan holiday in advance, at least 3 month so you can get a reservation of your home town for a return journey, which generally is not case even if you miss it by one day. After reservation, the journey is also the most painful part because the Sleeper class seems to turn out a General class, you can’t move out of your seat as there will be no place to put you foot even in the train. Welcome to journey in the Indian railway in festivals.

I was in Allahabad waiting for my train; it was late for about 30 min. which for me was a normal time. I was looking at the platform number 1, I could see lots of familiar face. The station was full of people, I don’t how could so many people turn up to board the train. Thank god! I have the confirm seat, well the last time I say the waiting list it said 560 something. It is India anything can happen; here rules are less knows to people then Jugaad. Everybody tries to find her own jugaad to get seat in the train.

“Is this you, shaan”, somebody broke my thought process with her voice. I looked back at the direction of voice which just came from my back. She was standing there, smiling at me.

“Soz, what a pleasant surprise by you, It has been long time since school we have met”, I replied back to him in a warm manner. I look at her in a surprised manner, We shook our hand and I offered her seat with me to sit down. Let me tell you who Soz is, she was my best friend ex girlfriend that is the best how I can describe her. Other than that, we have been class mate in school for 2 years; she used to sit just behind me in the exams.  Our friendship was always has been of Hi and hello just because she was girlfriend of my best friend. I never liked her but never hated also, I was always natural to her. But after her breaking up with Salmaan, I hated her and never talked to her. But here she is in front of me and I don’t know how to react.

“So, Shaan what you have been doing these days”, she asked. I don’t know how to reply, I don’t want to talk much to him but somehow I replied to her, “Well as you know all commerce student case, Did my B. Com and after that just doing My MBA from Greater Noida college, what about you, where you have been. No news of yours after that ….”  I stopped; It has been 4 years of that incident but I still feel bad about that, I don’t know why?

“Well, shaan. I left the city and moved to Delhi after school you know, And just started to do CA. Right now I am doing my training and final exam preparation, just have no time to other thing at this time”, she replied with such an ease. She continued, “I have been seeing you updates on orkut and facebook, you did some good things in life and especially your music rocks big time, I became fan of you guitar playing”, she finished with her eyes looking at me and ever smiling face. What just she said, she followed up me on facebook on orkut. I have been so mean to her in last few years and yet she followed me. That was strange for me because I never wished her birthday wishes also.

“Well thanks for following up, you know I love the music as always but you never send me any request on facebook”. I replied to her. She said, “Well because I was not sure about that you will accept my request or not”. Her answer was so true, if she would have send request few years back I would have rejected it.

I continued, “So any one from school whom you are in touch with”. She replied, “Nops, I just not have been in touch with anyone. Even on facebook also there is no one added on my account”. She smiled after answering this question. She continued, “you should have been in touch with most of them I think, that has been your nature ever since from school to keep tracking you friend.”, I knew what she want to say. I replied, “Sort of you can say, just on facebook and orkut. Only few have been in touch with me over phone”.

A railway announcement broke our conversation, my train Shiv ganga has been again delayed for 30 min. it seems to me those kind of day, where all things are coming to be as unexpected.
“Well seems we have more time to talk, thank god we met otherwise It would have been hard to spend time in this station”, she given her opinion. I looked her at once and thought why someone could fall for her. She was not that beautiful, only her eyes seem to be so much expressive and her smile makes it more beautiful. Her hairstyle suites her more now, she was better in term of dressing and also her voice has become much sweeter since last time we talked. Wait a minute, am I falling for her. No, that can’t be possible. I can’t fall for my friend ex girlfriend.

“You hairstyle seems to suit you more now, shaan. And your eyes seems so intense now, I never noticed you have brown color eyes. It so much suited you.” she broke my thought again. She is flirting with me, or I am thinking too much on this matter. I was not able to decide with her wrong single and my mind still stuck in the past. I replied, “Well thanks; I think you are first one to compliment me about my eyes”.

It was becoming a strange night; I am talking to the same girl whom I used to hate few years ago. Life is so strange, I used to hate her, now I think she likes me or I like him. You should not be falling for your friend ex girlfriend, that can’t happen but why I can’t control myself.

“Ok shaan, look like my train has arrived so it my time to leave. It was nice meeting you again after a long time. Well take my phone number, so you can call me any time in Delhi”. After saying this she gave me her number and walked toward her train. I looked toward her and saved her number on my phone and send SMS on her phone.

My mind only had one question at that time can you fall for your friend ex Girlfriend?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The unbeaten run of East Bengal..

I am writing this thing and hoping I am not going to curse it. 

Last year East Bengal didn’t win I-league. They missed by a very thin margin in the end of the league, which prompt lot of speculation about the team coach and also the famous drama of striker. Well in the end the sense prevailed in the east Bengal management they let striker go and kept the coach. Traver Morgan, well yes that’s the name which have changed the way east Bengal have been doing there business in last few years. Here the management needs applaud, they have kept the belief in the team even they have missed the title in last few years. 

East Bengal has been unbeaten in last 31 matches. Believe it or not they still not lost the match this season and they have already played Dempo. It is not easy to maintain that kind of consistency in the Indian football circuit, where there is not fixed fixture schedule and every Kolkata club have to play in Kolkata league as well. When I looked at this team, it has been all together a very different from all the team which has been builds over the time in Kolkata. There are no star player, only star player there stiker is now in opposite direction of team.

This season, east Bengal has done simple things. They have replaced a prolific striker with two three good player. The best thing about this team right now is they are not dependent on any one. Last few seasons they have been dependent on mehtaab but now even without him team is winning. They are winning and in a ruthless manner. There defence is holding in a better way than any other team even after losing Nirmal chhetri. They have become a unit which is well behaved; they know how to perform their task.

The only concern I have about this team is, how they will play once they will be involved in AFC cup as well. They have done badly in last few AFC cup, but the thing is they have been regular over there and most of team is the same. I have feeling this year they will do better in AFC cup because of the squad dept they have. I know it is too early to predict, but I have a feeling this might be year of East Bengal to clean sweep the board of trophy.

P.S.: Only team I fear is Mohan Bagan as they will play with heart in the darby. J

Monday, November 26, 2012

पास आया करे....

अपने आँखों के काजल से कहो,
मेरी नींद को ना चुराया करे,

अपने चेहरे की शोखी को कहो,
मुझसे यू ना शरमाया करे,

अपने हाथो की लकीरों को कहो,
कभी मेरी लकीरों से भी मिल जाया करे,

अपनी जुल्फों से कहो,
कभी मेरे सर पे भी साया करने आया करे,

अपनी खनकती आवाज़ से कहो,
कभी मेरे कानो में आके गुनगुनाया करे,

अपनी पैरो की पाजेब से कहो,
कभी मुझे भी नींद से जगाया करे,

अपनी शोखियो से चुपके से कहो,
कभी मुझे भी यू ही हसाया करे,

अपने आदाब करने के अंदाज़ से कहो,
हमको भी कभी आदाब सिखाने आया करे।

Monday, November 19, 2012

Freedom of Expression: A dieing thing in India..

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

The freedom of speech and of the press does not confer an absolute right to express without any responsibility. Lord Denning, in his famous book Road to Justice, observed that press is the watchdog to see that every trial is conducted fairly, openly and above board, but the watchdog may sometimes break loose and has to be punished for misbehaviour.[11] With the same token Clause (2) of Article 19 of the Indian constitution enables the legislature to impose reasonable restrictions on free speech under following heads:

    I. security of the State,
    II. friendly relations with foreign States,
    III. public order,
    IV. decency and morality,
    V. contempt of court,
    VI. defamation,
    VII. incitement to an offence, and
    VIII. sovereignty and integrity of India.

This is what our consitiuation says about our freedom to speak and express. But I don't think India is any way near such freedom, we are a regressing country in term of freedom to speek. Why I am saying all this if you are asking this questin? take a look at this news

This girl was arrested for posting, ""Her comment said people like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a 'bandh' (city shutdown) for that". It is her personal opinion, and worst was the girl who like this comment was also arrested. This rings alarmbell in my ears, What next, tomorrow might be I also get arrested for any comment on my blog, or any post like this on my blog. but what this mean to our society or police.

The police has again became the real hero in this case, the should have provided the protection to the girls who have been threatend by the Shiv Sena member but they arrested the girl. Now that was the act of real heroism. take nothing away from police, they will do it again and blame it on the some time politician, some time media and rest of time to public.

I don't what that girl must be facing, she might stop using facebook, but will she be able to stop talking to anyone with the fear of hurting to someone. Personally I felt this was really show why we Indian still shy away from saying the truth because we know sometime it will land us in big trouble. I never felt like reading about Late Mr. Bal Thakrey, but he was cartoonist himself whould have created so many cartoon which might not be the public sentiment but it was his personal freedom of writing and expression.

Hope Indian will have a better sense of humor and better sense of undersatnding rather than just following what other are doing. Kisi sayar ne kaha hai..
" Ghar se maszir bahut dur hai chalo yuu kar le,
Kisi rote hue bache ko hasaya jaye"

P.S.: Personal opinion, Nothing official about it. But seriously I support the girl post and the girl who liked the comment.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Off the tracks

I am almost done with my packing, my bags are packed and all the essentials are put in the needful place before I start my journey. It will be a short trip to my home for the Bakreed (Eid-ul-Adha), Well still I have to do the shopping for Bakreed and also the work that is pending at home.

Well the first part that starts my planning for Journey is the reservation of Railway ticket. My home town is Allahabad, so it is always one of the busiest routes of Indian railway. I am not sure how many people daily travel from New Delhi to Allahabad and vice versa, but one thing is for sure you will not get reservation in Train easily these days. Well half of the train will give you a long waiting list and you are not sure that you will get ticket in tatkal or not given the state of corruption of Indian railway. Well before I plan any trip to home I prefer to book a return ticket rather than wait for last min. rush. Well those things I used to do when I was in college travelling in sleeper in Waiting list but now I am no mood to do those antics anymore. TICKET IS MUST.

Even if the very essential ticket is booked then also can’t be sure about the train. Indian train never be on time, as I know again this time. My train, Anand Vihar and Gaya which was due on 11 PM was late for about 2 Hr and came at about 1 AM. The people waiting for the train first accused Mamta Banarjee that she makes sure all the Bihar train run slow and Kolkata train run faster, One more gentleman came with one more theory that due to winter the trains are late, well it is start of winter and there are no fog in the sight still people believe these theory. Well waiting in station is always fun because you always tend to meet new people, learn some new theory about country and more political drama in the view.

Even in this process, one person who remains always in cool, person who sits in the Information counter. Even thought he knows nothing about the train timing exactly, he will always tell you with surety that when train will come and when it will leave. That is called confidence of the person in the railway. He will tell you train will arrive in 10 Min. and believe me train will arrive after 30 min.

I was happy atleast there is no sight of the fog, otherwise it could have been lot more delay in the departure time of our train.

P.S.: Always keep you phone full charge and keep a book for reading with you in journey, Because you never know when you will need it.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

To Forhat … With love

Few days back one of my Junior Mr. Forhat who was leaving India, included me in his thanks note. It was special for me because of the fact that he still remembers me even though I have left college way back. I came to know him when he was enrolled in the college; you can easily figure him out in the junior batch as he was from Iran. His looks were different and those days he used to talk less to anyone in the college.

I think our first interaction was during the fresher time. You and Ghassan was there asking me about something about college and MBA life. You both where little skeptical about how you both will be able to pull it off. Ghassan left the course and returned back but you stayed and completed the MBA. What made you different from other was the hunger to learn, I have met lots of people who ask me about how to do thing and what to do but nobody really mean that. I remember the first time you asked my help was for Accounts and even came to my Room for studying the accounts. You came and tried to learn that was the main part, hunger to learn and I think if you keep your hunger for learn alive you will go a long way in life.

I hope you reach new height of success of life and even come back to meet us. Some time you often wonder how life would have panned out if things where have been different, I hope you and Ghassan are still in touch. Just say my Hi to him also, and keep in touch.

Forath... Well I picked this one from ur facebook :)

P.S.: Some time you need to say a simple word to people “Thank you” for the contribution of their in your life. We often forget the simplest part of life and we try to do the harder one.