Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The unbeaten run of East Bengal..

I am writing this thing and hoping I am not going to curse it. 

Last year East Bengal didn’t win I-league. They missed by a very thin margin in the end of the league, which prompt lot of speculation about the team coach and also the famous drama of striker. Well in the end the sense prevailed in the east Bengal management they let striker go and kept the coach. Traver Morgan, well yes that’s the name which have changed the way east Bengal have been doing there business in last few years. Here the management needs applaud, they have kept the belief in the team even they have missed the title in last few years. 

East Bengal has been unbeaten in last 31 matches. Believe it or not they still not lost the match this season and they have already played Dempo. It is not easy to maintain that kind of consistency in the Indian football circuit, where there is not fixed fixture schedule and every Kolkata club have to play in Kolkata league as well. When I looked at this team, it has been all together a very different from all the team which has been builds over the time in Kolkata. There are no star player, only star player there stiker is now in opposite direction of team.

This season, east Bengal has done simple things. They have replaced a prolific striker with two three good player. The best thing about this team right now is they are not dependent on any one. Last few seasons they have been dependent on mehtaab but now even without him team is winning. They are winning and in a ruthless manner. There defence is holding in a better way than any other team even after losing Nirmal chhetri. They have become a unit which is well behaved; they know how to perform their task.

The only concern I have about this team is, how they will play once they will be involved in AFC cup as well. They have done badly in last few AFC cup, but the thing is they have been regular over there and most of team is the same. I have feeling this year they will do better in AFC cup because of the squad dept they have. I know it is too early to predict, but I have a feeling this might be year of East Bengal to clean sweep the board of trophy.

P.S.: Only team I fear is Mohan Bagan as they will play with heart in the darby. J