Thursday, November 1, 2012

Faking news of gauri Bhosle

It could have only happened in UP.

Well if you don’t know about what I am talking to, here is full story for you. Recently on ABP news and on other places as well there was news flashed as, “ Gauri Bhosle NRI girl is missing, We will keep you updated about it”. This was a marketing strategy by the Star TV to get there show much more eye balls and also let the people talk about before it go on the air. It was a simple AD, but our UP police took it really seriously (Often people say they don’t work) look they have reached one step ahead and yesterday claimed they have find the missing NRI Girl as well. 

Indian express took this photo from facebook to put in on news... Could you believe it..

Not to forget our Media, some out news paper such as the Hindu, Indian express and mail today as publish this report with all the details.  The Indian express even used the actress facebook photo is there news; I am not sure how this has been done. But this shows how in our country news channel, News paper runs. They never check the authenticity on news, but they just want to sell the news. Yesterday I thought this was again a marketing thing done by Star tv by putting up this news so that it generate more interest among the user.

Today morning I came to know the actual story, when I read the TOI, Now it is came to light that girl is from Bengal not from London as police claimed, and police never claimed such thing about this girl.

How in India our police, media and public are all running after something which is not even there. Well then you remember the song, “Desh mera rangrej re babu”…I am not sure what to make up this news.

About Media: Well they sell news rather than telling news. What Arvind kejrival is saying is know to every media house from long time but they will not report on that.

About UP Police: Well they are still in some periodic century. They will first find the person, and then see in which case he/she fits in. Case solves. (Actually it is done opposite right)

About US: We all love these kind of new, which has tragedy, emotion and drama as well. But will never go beyond that. Well I call it a S**t story. ( Sorr
y for foul language but that what it is in reality)