Thursday, November 1, 2012

The random thoughts in life

There has been period in my life in last one month, where I have been struggling to do things I want to do in life. It has been frustrating time in the life, I was unable to react the way generally I do but I could not find a valid reason for that. I was at a loss to find any reason. I looked exhausted and more so cup full with all his old thought so there is no scope for new thoughts.

Whenever I wanted to write anything, I had idea in my mind and yet I was unable to write in my laptop or in my diary (Writing dairy is much more complicated then writing blog). I could not understand why it is happening to me, and no answer was there.  I went on to read lots of new blog and also tried to get in touch with more new people so I can see got know how to write more new topics. But after all my efforts there was no response coming from my inner self. I questioned myself, my inner motivation and also to my belief of my thought process. 

It happens to most of time to any person when he starts repeating itself in his own work. I have been doing that for long time in my writing and also in my work. I have always tried to take a safer view rather than the view I have to publish. It all had lead to a mental block in my head which I was not able to overcome. I felt trapped and also totally bored in the way I took that thing. Personally it was a good thing to happen to me as it opened my eye up a little bit.

Life is strange; you never know what will motivate you and what will not. You always keep on re inventing yourself in thing world. Well people say it’s hard to be remaining a kid then how could our thinking be same all the time. How could we like the same thing and same thing will motivate me again. But sometime you can’t answer the entire question as some answer is best answered by TIME.