Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Am Heartless: A Real Confession

“This is not only a story rather it is real confession of a lover”

The story revolves around VIREN who is a day dreamer, an egoistic, a hopeless romantic and an attention seeker afflicted with a bizarre madness and arrogance engulfing him. It is the story of his life which encompasses love, dedication, eccentricity, friendship and overall his discovery of his true love and also the anguish of losing it due to his obstinacy and self-centeredness. It is a repertoire of moments coated with velvetiness of love and bruised by the thorns of betrayal. It highlights the situations which ultimately turn him into a devil, who wants to annihilate the whole world with his impiety, consequences being the least he cares about; and eventually loses his happiness, identity and even himself in this process.

I could neither speak in words, nor could ever write it down

The loneliness, the emptiness your absence left behind....

Those moments spent in the warmth of your cuddle Still linger in a cruel heart...... in a guilty mind!!!

Whenever I dream, I see you so tranquil Can I trace the reason of my going away and getting back never?

If by closing my eyes I see you happy sweetheart, I promise I shall close my eyes FOREVER!

About The Author
Vanit K. Bansal, born in Tohana (Haryana), is fond of reading, writing and composing stories since childhood. He earned his Masters degree from Kurukshetra University and was bestowed awards both at college and university level. He continues to nurture his dream of writing till today and has succeeded in giving shape to his thoughts in this book. As a voracious reader and an avid writer, his vision extends to the realm of social service too. In his own words, “I derive inspiration from India's former President, Prof. APJ Abdul Kalam.” At present, he is working with the State Bank of India in Delhi and loves to pen down his thoughts whenever he finds time.

You can get in touch with him at: or find him on facebook and twitter. Website:

Review of one reader of book:

After a long time I came across something original and fresh in the name of love. There has been numerous stories of chasing and finding one’s love but Vinit Bansal’s ‘I m heartless’ is different as it’s a story of finding one’s true love and then loosing it in ignorance. If finding a true love is a blessing then loosing a true love is equally catastrophic. Sometimes true love is just around but we fail to recognize it and by the time we acknowledge it...its too late. Words coated with deep felt emotions are spreading their fragrance throughout the novel and what makes it class apart is the honest treatment of events and characters. Protagonist of the novel, Viren, seems so real that anyone ends up finding a shade of his/her own self in his character. In other words it’s a deep psychological postmortem of present day youth which is often charged with aimlessness, confusion, wrong priorities, a lost generation but in essence a never understood generation. It peeps into the minds of new generation through its characters how they think, how they react in certain circumstance and how they take life. Vinit has successfully portrayed the damaging effects of guilt on a human heart.
Set in the backdrop of a university this another heart-touching campus novel proves that love naturally finds its place midst of books and pressure of exams. The awe-inspiring narrative is so beautifully encapsulated that any student can find the reflection of his/her own campus in the novel. The captivating plot didn’t allow me to leave the story for a second or third sitting. It needs to be gulp-down in one go to relish the intoxicating taste of love to the fullest. Hope this mix bag of velvetiness of love, true love, betrayal, hatred, guilt and innocence will keep thrilling the readers for long.

To buy this book: click here on flipkart...:)

P.S.: Source flipkart and other online places...and my suggestion read it only for last chapter. It is worth it..

Monday, July 30, 2012

UPTU Realty....89% MBA seats vacant in UP B-schools

In yet another indication of the deteriorating standards of education in the state, nearly 89% of the total MBA (Master of Business Administration) seats in the state are left vacant. Be it the supply outstripping demand, lack of basic infrastructure or few placements, students who participated in the state entrance examination (SEE) counselling have in no way opted for the B-schools in the state.

Sample this: Out of 28,000 seats offered by 421 colleges, around 3,300 have been filled. And as far as Lucknow is concerned, the figures are shocking. The state capital has nearly 55 management colleges, 29 failed to get a single admission from SEE counselling. Single admission has taken place in another 13 colleges while in two colleges, two students each have taken admission. The figures show that there are nearly 45 colleges where the total admissions have not exceeded the five digit mark. Last year, only 4,373 students were enrolled in MBA as against 32,228 seats.

Only six colleges have shown some satisfactory results. Of these six, three are government institutes, while three are private colleges. In Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), a government college, all 60 seats for MBA have been filled up. Similarly, in Institute of Co-operative, Corporate Management, Research and Training, and Indira Gandhi Sahkari Prabandh Sansthan, only 10 and four seats are left vacant respectively. Besides, three private colleges where the situation is better includes BBD National Institute of Technology and Management (nine out of 102 seats vacant), BBD Northern India Institute of Technology and Management (50 out of 102 seats vacant) and Ramaswaroop College of Engineering and Management (46 out of 151 seats vacant).

The dipping figures are however, not new to the education officials. SEE 2012 coordinator, Prof VK Singh said, "Not more than 15% MBA students get placement after they finish the course. This is due to the lack of industries in the state. Also, the mushrooming of colleges with inadequate facilities is keeping students away."

In the past five years, the management colleges have increased by more than four times. While there is no check on quantity, the quality of education suffers badly. Seeing the drop in number of students in B-schools across the country, the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has also imposed a blanket ban on opening of new management colleges. Now, the colleges are only relying on management quota to fill some more seats.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The girl who once loved me... Part 1.....

“Tere dar par sanam chale aaye, tuu na aaya sanam hum chale aaye….”

I am only listing this songs these days.

I knew she is far away from me, but still why I can’t try to meet her? I have been asking this question from myself since the day she has left. But still I can’t gather the courage to go and meet her. She never gave me his new no. and I knew few of her friends but they also not helped me. Only way to keep tracking about her was facebook. Funny how she used to hate facebook and don’t use to update his facebook profile. But now this is the only place where I can find her. Her new update, new photo and other source, I kept seeing all those picture daily, reading his update daily but still have not gathered the courage to update my comment on it.

It has been almost one Month since I have seen her, heard her voice and yet nothing has changed in my life. The emptiness she let in me can’t be filled by any other one. She always knew that, then also she never bothered to call me once or at least send me SMS. Why things has changed so much in last one month even I could not answer to myself. We always knew things will end but never knew it will end this way. The day she left the college I kept planning how we can be in touch thought facebook, twitter or skype but nothing of that sort of thing happened. How can you keep in touch with a person who does not want to be in touch with you?

Time kept flowing away as fast it could; I got busy with my placement plan and as far she was concerned I still knew nothing about what she is up to except he random facebook update. I was always thinking about her and could not plan anything except her. My friends tried to get me out of her syndrome but I did not helped, I found myself feeling odd in her party. This entire thing again reminded how good she used to make me feel, she was only one whom I was more comfortable being myself. Slowly everyone stopped calling me in the party and again I was left with me and her memories. Whenever I felt like missing her, I visited the places we used to be together. From library, canteen to every other random place where she used to take me, now I could easily relate with everything. I used to hate visiting all these places with her because of his habit of not purchasing anything but still keep looking after things for hours. But now I easily go to shop to pick up thing she used to like from books to songs. But does this all affect her any way or anyhow.

 “Zindagi pukarti rahi, hum peche bhagte rahe,
Bus tera sath na mila aur hum kudh ko manate rahe”….

Is that how the college love stories end. I could not find the answer of my pain. It is because I am too much in love with her or it is because she does not remember me anymore. This thought shaken me up and start saying to myself, she love me but don’t get time to call me. My only wish was to meet her once to know what she is thinking about US. I hope I met her once more to tell without him I am so alone in this big world.

To be continu……..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Girl I Last Loved: The Girl Who Never Loved Me Back

Love is all about flowers, gifts, movie nights, first kiss and then many more. Or is it? Then what about one sided love...

Being friends in spite of knowing your true feelings...
The incapability to read eyes...
Don't frustration, pain and loneliness lie on the other side of love?
Meet Akash, an over achiever, who aims to conquer it all but is unable to love.
Kasam, a girl beyond his reach.
Though destiny keeps bringing them together, their world seldom collides.
When he was a nave geek, she was the Style Diva.

And now when he is a corporate junkie, where faces are masked. She is a professional motivator, who sees even beyond the faces.

Two people.
Single love story revisited three times.
Four proposals.
A ten year journey of finding and losing love.
Countless moments of serendipity.
Yet not a single moment of confession.
He lived all his life fighting love...
Will he ever fight for love?

About The Author
Smita Kaushik became author by chance and is now pursuing it by choice. Her first novel Lets Get Committed not only created waves among the young generation but also pitched some notes with others as well. Though her forte lies in romance with hint of comedy, she sometimes tries to lay hands on philosophy. An ex-DPSite, she did her graduation from KIIT University and is currently based in Hyderabad. Always a creativity inclined person, she has excelled in different art forms like contemporary, madhubani & warli and has won many national level art competitions. For fun she likes to watch rom-com and read novels.

You can order this book from here.. I am expecting this book to be a rocker....

Raj ko Raaz rahne do....Part 1....

I did not wanted to write this article but I did not have much option because I am running out of ideas my dear friend RAJ. it is from our GANG side.

I want to put a curious case of RAJ. As far as who know him more than me if u disagree please just mention it in the end of the note.

I think the RAJ I met first time in college is totally opposite of what he is today. I still remember he used to always come late in class usually 20 min. late in first class or in second class. He used to sit with his best buddy in the first bench of right hand side. He used to dress up in formals and the best part was his specks. He used to wear specks and he used to look studious. Only Raj dares to ask the economics question in Shefali mam class. As Raj used to ask the question from Shefali mam, the whole class used to think “lo ab to kewal RAJ h economics samajh payega”.

This is period when we know him as a classmate with longest name i.e. RAJ RAJESHWAR MANI TRIPATHI. Oh sorry this is not his full name add MAALIK in starting. MAALIK was removed from his name just because there were not enough blocks in the 10 class registration form.

Then JAB WE MET, It created an everlasting LEGENG in the IEC HISTORY. I, Raj, Jayant, Nisheeth became best buddies in a span of few days. There was something which clicked between all of us and created the everlasting memories of our life. The thing changed when he became friend with us was surprising. He got his most popular name “JAADOO” given by someone whom I donot want to mention in my blog. He stopped asking question from Shefali mam. He stopped using specks, he changed his parking from first seat to back bench which was controlled by us. He was different Raj now, Raj which we all love till now and will love till he leaves this world.

The funniest thing he did was in the first and most challenging presentation of our MBA life. He was the sutradhar of our presentation. He has to say opening line but in front of audience and Director he forgot everything. He called jayant as saifi and the worst part I was forgotten and my name was given to someone else but still I admire the courage to get ready for presentation in 5 Min. when all the so called Biggies of our class backed out. To stand there on stage was his achievement and he will acknowledge it.

He has such a depth in his voice that will make you to listen what he is saying and sayari in his voice will make you go gaa gaa. I think we have shared lots of his sayaris in his soulfull voice.

Few words which he made common or say Raj special are. For example let’s say “JUST FRIEND”, almost all of us will agree that this is Raj original. If you are curious what is just friend. I have answer but I do not want to tell you. It is a friendship stage where you never complain and never explain. I am confused is this FRENDSHIP or what.

ITC, I mention this because he will give his entire business example from this organization. Sometimes I wonder if he knows about ITC more than even its managers. 

Before I wind up this part I want to say something to Raj. You are one of the best humans or friend any one could have. The people who have you as a friend are lucky blokes. You may not be perfect and nobody is in this world everybody has his own weakness. But to be like you is not every one capability. You never have to be asked for help just because you are always there to help out your friend. But still people do not understand Raj, the do not know what it is like to RAJ. I do and I do not want to be like you.

This is first part of RAJ AISA KYU HAI. It’s not easy to define all about Raj in just one part. So till the next time wait and enjoy.

for RAJ ...
Izaatie, nafratie, Sohratie aur inayatie
sab kuch ek sa nahi rahta
aj main ho jaha kal koi aur tha
 ye b ek duar hai aur woh b ek daur tha.

Ramzan Timing 2012 for Mumbai

Note: These timing is for only mumbai, even if you in near by places please check the timing diff. from mumbai then only go ahead with Sher and Ifrat. This sehr iftar timing is only for Mumbai.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Main aisa kyu ho

What I really want to be in my life? Well this is the question which I have been asking from myself since I was in class 3 but there have been no answer. I get only more confusion and with more question. Let me tell you about this confusing story.

When I was kid in the class 3rd, I was so impressed with my one teacher that I only wanted to be teacher. For me at that age it was the best profession, you don’t have to take care of anything except teaching and you have the power of pass and fail any student in the subject. For me that was one of the most powerful jobs. I liked my teacher more than the job I realized later. But after few years I realized I could not teach those shouting kids in school and I have to look for new profession for myself…

At that time there was one anuty in my mom office, her son was selected for the MBBS. My mom always wants us to be something like doctor. At that time in 6th class I pushed for the science, I tried to learn how to draw diagram of difficult insect and also the most difficult thing in biology spelling and scientific name of all the tree, animal and human being. Slowly I realized that this science is not the subject for me. Well the best incident I had at that time was when my science teacher enters in the exam room and gives us brief on the errors in the paper of chemistry. I could not understand what the original mistake in the chemical equation was. Well before even passing my 10th exam I announced in my home, “I am done with science, I will going to go for commerce”.

Well that decision do changed my life quite a bit. Now I can’t be engineer, doctor and even scientist (Well that last one was not even in my consideration).

In between one day between my 10th exam and 11th admission I went with my mom in one of cousin weddings. There one of my uncle met to him and he was more interested in my career that any other thing.

“So saifi what you have decide to do in life”, my uncle asked me.

“Well uncle, I have decided to join commerce and let see after that I have not deiced anything”. I replied to him. But his next question was more difficult for me to explain. He asked, “So, you will engineer or doctor. You know Mr. Khan sahib daughter is now joining MBBS. I hope you make us proud us also”.

Well I don’t know how to answer that question, more so I don’t want to explain him that what diff. between commerce and science was. So I replied, “Let’s see uncle”. After reaching home I decide to never go to mom parties.

I was sure about my next step of joining commerce in 11th, but somehow there is also some twist like it has been in my whole life. That I will explain in next part.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rajesh Khanna.......An Pious Homage To The FALLEN STAR

 Gila  maut se nai hai ….Use  zindagi ne mara…..

He got it after his death , for what he died every moment in last 20 years. He was an live example who portrayed the instability of time. His life was full of up's and down. Born in a medium class family, adopted and raised by a high class relatives. Enjoyed the highest peak of his carreer and stardom, became the only superstar  of largest film industry ,then almost got forgetton by the industry and again got famous by his death. Some say's that he was friend of friends , down to earth person.  Some say's he was proudy , arrogant . But what I personaly belive is  that,  reaching at that heightof popularity & stardom  any one  would have behaved in the same manner he did….

 Flashing back I remember that  once in an public interview …Rajesh Khanna, addressed to the public  that …MERE JAISA SUPERSTAR NA TO HUA HAI  AUR NA HI HOGA ……This was the level of his faith in his stardum……at that time AMITABH BACCHHAN was at his  struggling phase with a series of flops in a row..
 ..With the passage of time  AMITABH BACHCHAN  emerged as the mega star of the century and RAJESH KHANNA  was somewwhere lost  in his stardom. And he was left alone . ( Na kami thi dosto ki kami thi dushmano ki...kai dusmani ne loota ..kahi dosti ne mara ....)
It was an very emotional moment when he was honoured with IIFA  LIFETIME ACHEIVEMENT AWARD and that too by      Amitabh bachchan….where he said that ….

                         AAJ MAI HU JAHA …..KAL KOI AUR THA …..
                           ARE YE BHI EK DAUR HAI …AUR HUMARA BAHI EK DAUR THA …..

He almost died  every moment for his lost stardom he enjoyed earlier (mere fans mujhse koi nai cheen sakta ) his pain was reflected by this recent ad….what I feel that the love and affection which the public showed now , if it would have been earlier ..his soul  would have actually rested in peace.
These line very much suits him..that …
                     MAUT NE AAGOSH ME LIYA …..
                                     AUR ANMOL KAR DIYA ….

 Strange but true his death reaveled this better truth of this world that when a thing is no more …its real value is being realized…

By: Raj.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chitrakekha...A Eternal love story..

Last night I was read this book written by Bhagwati charan verma .I am sure it is one the best book.I had read this book  many times & every time I had got a new idea. It is a novel which indicates a story at the time of King Chandragupt Morya

It is the love story between a Samant Bijgupt & a Dancer Chitralekha. I like the character of Bijgupt due to his scarification for his servent.

Writer beautifully described the basic theme of his novel by the medium of two students ,to whom their teacher send one student for the service of a Samant & another  for the service of a yogi Kumargiri when the student want to know the definition of sin.

In this story writer present a lovely difference between stable feeling of love & temporary feeling and attraction of human.In the last of story Samant Bijgupt left his sheet of samant and make to his servent his legal son & also samant with all his assets and he left city as a beggar. Here Chitralekha request to go with him, who had temporary attracted with kumargiri without understanding the love of Samant Bijgupt. 

After the practical of life both students meat to their teacher & they describe sin as they saw & feel. Writer strongly presents his views “Accept me or not, it doesn’t matter. We are doing as per the situation so it may be good or bad. Human is not his master but he is the slave of situations.”
Hope you will read it. One more thing this book is also in the syllabus of Bachelors degree’s programme. 

P.S.: to order this book from flipkat. Read this classic Hindi book the book which made Bhagwati Charan Verma.

Thank You!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Delhi – Ramzan Time Table 2012

                                     SEHAR TIME(A.M)      IFTAR TIME   (P.M)
                DAY        DATE     Hour      Minute  Hour      Minute
1              SAT        21           4              01           7              22
2              SUN       22           4              02           7              21
3              MON     23           4              03           7              21
4              TUE        24           4              03           7              20
5              WED      25           4              04           7              20
6              THU       26           4              05           7              19
7              FRI          27           4              06           7              19
8              SAT        28           4              07           7              18
9              SUN       29           4              07           7              18
10           MON     30           4              08           7              17
11           TUE        31           4              09           7              17
12           WED      1 AUG   4              09           7              16
13           THU       2              4              10           7              15
14           FRI          3              4              11           7              15
15           SAT        4              4              12           7              14
16           SUN       5              4              13           7              13
17           MON     6              4              14           7              12
18           TUE        7              4              15           7              11
19           WED      8              4              16           7              11
20           THU       9              4              16           7              10
21           FRI          10           4              17           7              09
22           SAT        11           4              18           7              08
23           SUN       12           4              19           7              07
24           MON     13           4              20           7              06
25           TUE        14           4              20           7              05
26           WED      15           4              21           7              04
27           THU       16           4              22           7              03
28           FRI          17           4              23           7              02
29           SAT        18           4              23           7              02
30           SUN       19           4              24           7              01

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Calculate Sehar and Iftar Time for DELHI/NCR
Gurgaon (Haryana):Please add one (+1) Minute to the Sehar and Iftar Time in the above time table if you are living in Gurgaon (Haryana) you will get the Sehar and Iftar Time for Gurgaon.

Ghaziabad (U.P) & Faridabad (Haryana): Please subtract two (-2) Minutes from the Sehar and Iftar Time in the above Time Table if you are living in Ghaziabad or Faridabad ,you will get the Sehar and 
Iftar Time for Ghaziabad and also for Faridabad.

Noida (U.P): Please subtract One (-1) Minute from the Sehar and Iftar Time in the above Time Table
if you are living in Noida (U.P) you will get the Sehar and Iftar Time for Noida.

Ramadan a Holy Month for Muslims

What is the history of Ramadan?
Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. The term Ramadan literally means scorching in Arabic. It was established as a Holy Month for Muslims after the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in 610 CE on the occasion known as Laylat al-Qadr, frequently translated as "the Night of Power.
Observance of Ramadan is mandated in the Quran, Surah 2, Ayah 185:
“The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey - then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful.”

What are the dates of Ramadan?
Because the cycle of the lunar calendar does not match the solar calendar, the dates of Ramadan shifts by approximately 11 days each year. In 2011, Ramadan began on August 1st. In 2012 Ramadan is likely to begin on July 20th.
The ending of Ramadan is marked by the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr, which takes place either 29 or 30 days after the beginning of the month. On Eid ul-Fitr, morning prayers are followed by feasting and celebration among family and friends. This year Eid ul-Fitr will most probably fall on Sunday, August 19th.

What are the daily fasting requirements?
During the month of Ramadan, most Muslims fast from dawn to sunset with no food or water. Before sunrise many Muslims have the Suhur or predawn meal. At sunset families and friends gather for Iftar which is the meal eaten by Muslims to break the fast. Many Muslims begin the meal by eating dates as the Prophet used to do.
This ritual fast known as, Sawm, is one of the five pillars of Islam, and requires that individuals abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual intercourse.
To find the specific times for Ramadan fasting, click over to this helpful tool provided by IslamiCity that allows you to calculate prayer schedules -- including sunup and sundown -- by entering your city or zip code.

What are the expectations towards charity?
Charity is an important part of Ramadan. The fast emphasizes self-sacrifice and using the experience of hunger to grow in empathy with the hungry. During Ramadan, Muslim communities work together to raise money for the poor, donate clothes and food, and hold iftar dinners for the less fortunate.

What scriptural study do Muslims take part in?
Many Muslims use Ramadan to read the entire Quran or read the Quran daily. Many communities divide the Quran into daily reading segments that conclude on Eid ul-Fitr at the end of Ramadan.
Can non-Muslims participate?
Non-Muslims are free to participate in Ramadam. Many non-Muslims fast and even pray with their Muslim friends or family members. Non-Muslims are often invited to attend prayer and iftar dinners.
Those wishing to be polite to someone who is fasting for Ramadan may greet them with Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem, which mean Have a Blessed or Generous Ramadan.
What is the 'goal' of Ramadan?
In general, the practices of Ramadan are meant to purify oneself from thoughts and deeds which are counter to Islam. By removing material desires, one is able to focus fully on devotion and service to God. Many Muslims go beyond the physical ritual of fasting and attempt to purge themselves of impure thoughts and motivations such as anger, cursing, and greed.

Do all Muslims take part in Ramadan fasting?
Most Muslims believe Ramadan fasting is mandatory, but there are some groups that do not. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, people who are seriously sick, travelers, or those at health risk should not fast. Children that have not gone through puberty are also not required to fast during the month Ramadan.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The small things for Happiness

I am opening up myself once again after a gap of long time on my blog. It has been almost a month since I have written something about my life in my blog. In between I tried a lot to write about lots of thing starting from college life to someone social life, from our friend’s love life to our college cruses but I could write any one of them.

I asked myself thousand time’s what has happened to you saifi, how are not able to write anything?

I noticed a pattern which was scary in me. I was fed up with all the daily routine of office and home. It didn’t leave the time for me which I loved to have. Usually whenever I start to read the novel I finish in 2 to 3 days. But now I have been reading, “Second chance” for almost a month and still I am in the same chapter. Does I lost the appetite for the reading, oh come on how could I. it was the inner conflict which I could not decide which thought was right and which was not about myself.

With each day things were getting worse for me as I could not able do the things that once I loved most. So I came so close to quite all things I love from blogging to listening to music and also sometimes reading lots of blog.

Then one day there was rain in the city and from my office window I saw outside there was few kids playing in the rain. They all were so free spirit and enjoying the rain. It has been so long since I have enjoyed the pure drops of water from god. I thought in my inner self why? But no answer came.

I sat down to clear my head. The few thoughts that came in my mind were something like this:

I need to meet more often to my friends whom with I enjoy spending time
I need to start again following the blogs I love to read, football that I love (Chelsea club need to followed), start eating all kind of food which I missed in last few months

Most important was to start putting up my blog once again on the map. I don’t want to lose this part of my life in which I have invested so much of time. J

Well these all thins I decide about last week and this in my 3rd post in last 3 days. It is nice feeling to doing what I wanted to do. I hope to not go on the same lane once again but some time you life become so bore that you need to show life that “I AM ALIVE, LET ME LIVE IT MY OWN WAY”……

P.S.: Well if in your life there are two ladies from which one motivate me and other motivates me to not do that things. Well then it always tough because you know you can’t say NO to either one…:)