Monday, July 16, 2012

The child Inside us..( Saifi and Jayant)...

Well this video is proof that some time we all have child inside us (Especially this is for me and Jayant) as we are the most innocent and cute boys you would ever see. 

This is a video of last year when we were in last days of our college days. One day we decided to skip usually routine and go to Dhaba near the reliance fresh in Greater Noida. After dinner in that night we returned around 10 or 11 PM to our flat. There was park just behind our flat but we were not able to enjoy free time in Jhoola because of some kids who think we are too old for these things. After you get saved yourself from kids then there will aunty who will shout at you for the simple thing like, “See yourself, you will broke this thing”.

They all tried to give us the feeling that we are too old for all these things. At the night time the whole park was empty. You could only see the stars in the sky, and that day child inside me and jayant got chance to play.

This video was shot by Vikas and raj without telling us that they are preparing video, but today when I see this video it remind me lots of good thing that I did at that time of year. It was one of the times that I had or might have in my life. I don’t know why I like this video this is one of the best time we had with the child we are losing in our self.  

 P.S.: Some time we all need to go back to see what we where when no body knew us....