Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It is not the destination but the journey that counts

What was MBA for me? 

For me this is what an MBA is all about. We might use all the heavy MBA jargon as we plough through from one term to another, but the interaction with others as diverse as the colours of the rainbow and the learning they bring to our lives is really what the MBA programme is all about.

At the end of the day, the results do not matter, the outcome does not matter, what matters is the journey, what value did you bring to people’s lives and what value did they add to yours.

When we all join MBA we all dream of getting good job in the end of college life. We all work hard for that only one goal and it leave us totally drained within first semester in college life. While no body realize that journey is more important rather than thinking about destination. If you have a good journey than in the end you will reach your destination.

In my time MBA I knew that I am not as good student as there were others in the class. They all were better student, better committed towards program and also towards life. I learned lots from them, from soft skill to hard skill it was never in course. The journey I had with them was some of the best thing that happened to me in past few years. I met people from all kind of places but the thing that most interested me was how they think about their life and how they live it.

I was always a spoilt kid in my family because I was youngest but when I met people in MBA; I realize I had it so easy in life all the time. How people have struggled with time, fought with family, arranged money to get here. They all have a plan for life and how they want to go about things. I always interesting to meet self made people, they will tell you about the exp they have still they will not force you to accept it.

In my journey I found few good friends, few good memories and also in the end of a job where I learning a lot. Though some time I feel like choking with time, deadline but then that’s fun of doing job in STARTUP.

It is the journey that will make you realize what you really want from life. Some time your target might change after few years down the line but the exp. You will have from your journey; never lost it because that is the best learning any one can have in life.

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