Friday, July 20, 2012

The small things for Happiness

I am opening up myself once again after a gap of long time on my blog. It has been almost a month since I have written something about my life in my blog. In between I tried a lot to write about lots of thing starting from college life to someone social life, from our friend’s love life to our college cruses but I could write any one of them.

I asked myself thousand time’s what has happened to you saifi, how are not able to write anything?

I noticed a pattern which was scary in me. I was fed up with all the daily routine of office and home. It didn’t leave the time for me which I loved to have. Usually whenever I start to read the novel I finish in 2 to 3 days. But now I have been reading, “Second chance” for almost a month and still I am in the same chapter. Does I lost the appetite for the reading, oh come on how could I. it was the inner conflict which I could not decide which thought was right and which was not about myself.

With each day things were getting worse for me as I could not able do the things that once I loved most. So I came so close to quite all things I love from blogging to listening to music and also sometimes reading lots of blog.

Then one day there was rain in the city and from my office window I saw outside there was few kids playing in the rain. They all were so free spirit and enjoying the rain. It has been so long since I have enjoyed the pure drops of water from god. I thought in my inner self why? But no answer came.

I sat down to clear my head. The few thoughts that came in my mind were something like this:

I need to meet more often to my friends whom with I enjoy spending time
I need to start again following the blogs I love to read, football that I love (Chelsea club need to followed), start eating all kind of food which I missed in last few months

Most important was to start putting up my blog once again on the map. I don’t want to lose this part of my life in which I have invested so much of time. J

Well these all thins I decide about last week and this in my 3rd post in last 3 days. It is nice feeling to doing what I wanted to do. I hope to not go on the same lane once again but some time you life become so bore that you need to show life that “I AM ALIVE, LET ME LIVE IT MY OWN WAY”……

P.S.: Well if in your life there are two ladies from which one motivate me and other motivates me to not do that things. Well then it always tough because you know you can’t say NO to either one…:)