Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Corporate Journey....Part 1..

From past few days I have tried to write something but nothing to think or see that what to write. Then suddenly, I got a chance to visit in company and I observed certain things. These things I observed earlier also when I used to give interview for my 1st job but at that time I didn’t have enough time to optimize things in a blog.

Well, certain things I want to discuss with you and still find an answer also of them, I have observed. Those certain things are:

1. Why the guard of that company sees you as a culprit when you are going to enter in the campus?
2. Why everything to be entered in their registers like Name, Address, Mobile no. , blah-blah in such a screamy afternoon?
3. Why the receptionist showing you that attitude “like, she is responsible for the effective working of this company”?
4. Also, when you ask with her regarding to inform the concern person whom you meet, she is giving you the time limit for 10 minutes and waiting you up to 40 minutes?
5. Why the guard playing the double role in the company but getting the salary for a single one, i.e. Security and Receptionist( during lunch hour for 30 minutes or 1 hour, whatever will be the duration)? And also, receptionist trying to take the illegal advantage of this thing by the help of his innocence.
6. Also why that receptionist giving you a weird look if you can ask with her regarding Restroom.......(P.S.: If we have the only option of receptionist to ask this thing, then what should we do at that new place)
7. Also, the condition of meeting place in that particular office is just like the Public Toilet in which you can spend time in a limited amount ( not just like that in a coffee shop) because others also in queue outside for using that bullshit conference room with 1 table and 4 chairs.
8. Sometimes no hospitality can be there and even for a glass of water you have to ask at least 2-3 people for drinking water area to satisfy your thirst.
9. Also, this is the best thing that I have ever seen, means in almost every company you can easily see a guy with a tummy of almost 12 months completion moving freely in the campus with his 2-3 personal assistants kind of fellows.
10. Receptionist continuously put his eyes on Desktop that provided to her to pretend before others regarding how much she is busy.

So, these are certain things that I have observed during my corporate visit. Perhaps, you people can also observed this but probably I am the first one who shows the dare to write these things…………… LOL

P.S. Mr. Jayant is finally back on the blog with bang. He is going to write his corporate exp. in this new series... Wait for more and till then keep asking him question either in blog comment or drop a mail at