Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raj ko Raaz rahne do....Part 1....

I did not wanted to write this article but I did not have much option because I am running out of ideas my dear friend RAJ. it is from our GANG side.

I want to put a curious case of RAJ. As far as who know him more than me if u disagree please just mention it in the end of the note.

I think the RAJ I met first time in college is totally opposite of what he is today. I still remember he used to always come late in class usually 20 min. late in first class or in second class. He used to sit with his best buddy in the first bench of right hand side. He used to dress up in formals and the best part was his specks. He used to wear specks and he used to look studious. Only Raj dares to ask the economics question in Shefali mam class. As Raj used to ask the question from Shefali mam, the whole class used to think “lo ab to kewal RAJ h economics samajh payega”.

This is period when we know him as a classmate with longest name i.e. RAJ RAJESHWAR MANI TRIPATHI. Oh sorry this is not his full name add MAALIK in starting. MAALIK was removed from his name just because there were not enough blocks in the 10 class registration form.

Then JAB WE MET, It created an everlasting LEGENG in the IEC HISTORY. I, Raj, Jayant, Nisheeth became best buddies in a span of few days. There was something which clicked between all of us and created the everlasting memories of our life. The thing changed when he became friend with us was surprising. He got his most popular name “JAADOO” given by someone whom I donot want to mention in my blog. He stopped asking question from Shefali mam. He stopped using specks, he changed his parking from first seat to back bench which was controlled by us. He was different Raj now, Raj which we all love till now and will love till he leaves this world.

The funniest thing he did was in the first and most challenging presentation of our MBA life. He was the sutradhar of our presentation. He has to say opening line but in front of audience and Director he forgot everything. He called jayant as saifi and the worst part I was forgotten and my name was given to someone else but still I admire the courage to get ready for presentation in 5 Min. when all the so called Biggies of our class backed out. To stand there on stage was his achievement and he will acknowledge it.

He has such a depth in his voice that will make you to listen what he is saying and sayari in his voice will make you go gaa gaa. I think we have shared lots of his sayaris in his soulfull voice.

Few words which he made common or say Raj special are. For example let’s say “JUST FRIEND”, almost all of us will agree that this is Raj original. If you are curious what is just friend. I have answer but I do not want to tell you. It is a friendship stage where you never complain and never explain. I am confused is this FRENDSHIP or what.

ITC, I mention this because he will give his entire business example from this organization. Sometimes I wonder if he knows about ITC more than even its managers. 

Before I wind up this part I want to say something to Raj. You are one of the best humans or friend any one could have. The people who have you as a friend are lucky blokes. You may not be perfect and nobody is in this world everybody has his own weakness. But to be like you is not every one capability. You never have to be asked for help just because you are always there to help out your friend. But still people do not understand Raj, the do not know what it is like to RAJ. I do and I do not want to be like you.

This is first part of RAJ AISA KYU HAI. It’s not easy to define all about Raj in just one part. So till the next time wait and enjoy.

for RAJ ...
Izaatie, nafratie, Sohratie aur inayatie
sab kuch ek sa nahi rahta
aj main ho jaha kal koi aur tha
 ye b ek duar hai aur woh b ek daur tha.