Saturday, July 28, 2012

The girl who once loved me... Part 1.....

“Tere dar par sanam chale aaye, tuu na aaya sanam hum chale aaye….”

I am only listing this songs these days.

I knew she is far away from me, but still why I can’t try to meet her? I have been asking this question from myself since the day she has left. But still I can’t gather the courage to go and meet her. She never gave me his new no. and I knew few of her friends but they also not helped me. Only way to keep tracking about her was facebook. Funny how she used to hate facebook and don’t use to update his facebook profile. But now this is the only place where I can find her. Her new update, new photo and other source, I kept seeing all those picture daily, reading his update daily but still have not gathered the courage to update my comment on it.

It has been almost one Month since I have seen her, heard her voice and yet nothing has changed in my life. The emptiness she let in me can’t be filled by any other one. She always knew that, then also she never bothered to call me once or at least send me SMS. Why things has changed so much in last one month even I could not answer to myself. We always knew things will end but never knew it will end this way. The day she left the college I kept planning how we can be in touch thought facebook, twitter or skype but nothing of that sort of thing happened. How can you keep in touch with a person who does not want to be in touch with you?

Time kept flowing away as fast it could; I got busy with my placement plan and as far she was concerned I still knew nothing about what she is up to except he random facebook update. I was always thinking about her and could not plan anything except her. My friends tried to get me out of her syndrome but I did not helped, I found myself feeling odd in her party. This entire thing again reminded how good she used to make me feel, she was only one whom I was more comfortable being myself. Slowly everyone stopped calling me in the party and again I was left with me and her memories. Whenever I felt like missing her, I visited the places we used to be together. From library, canteen to every other random place where she used to take me, now I could easily relate with everything. I used to hate visiting all these places with her because of his habit of not purchasing anything but still keep looking after things for hours. But now I easily go to shop to pick up thing she used to like from books to songs. But does this all affect her any way or anyhow.

 “Zindagi pukarti rahi, hum peche bhagte rahe,
Bus tera sath na mila aur hum kudh ko manate rahe”….

Is that how the college love stories end. I could not find the answer of my pain. It is because I am too much in love with her or it is because she does not remember me anymore. This thought shaken me up and start saying to myself, she love me but don’t get time to call me. My only wish was to meet her once to know what she is thinking about US. I hope I met her once more to tell without him I am so alone in this big world.

To be continu……..